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Recap: Burn Notice S 2 E 2 Turn And Burn
Michael helps a DEA agent named Sophia with a case. She's working in a bar undercover to try and bring down a cartel but one of the memebers named Raoul is obsessed with her. Michael pretends to help Raoul by posing as someone who can expedite his drug smuggling. Mike then uses Raoul's obsession with Sophia to get him to leave at a crucial moment so it looks like Raoul was trying to assasinate his boss Campos. Faced with certain death, Raoul turns himself in and offers to make a deal only to be confrionted by Sophia.

Meanwhile in the Burn Notice plot Carla asks Michael to counterfeit a security card. Michael finds a Tunisian named Nefzi to do the work for him. He gets the copy made and asks Nefzi if he knows what the badge is for. Nefzi offers to find out. Michael is leaving but gets a bad feeling when he notices he is being watched. He goes back in to find Nefzi dead. He steals one of the earlier attempts at cloning the badge.

He meets Carla to give her the badge and warns her not to kill anyone else. While they are talking he tricks Carla into speaking Arabic and learns she speaks it with a Kurdish accent. He hopes he can use this to find out more about her.
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