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    Turnabout Target 

Part 1-1 - Beginning

Di-Jun Huang, the President of Zheng Fa, is giving a speech at Gourd Lake about how the smuggling ring in the previous game was destroyed. As he talks about how the war against evil still isn't over, someone fires a gun at him. Panic reigns, the crowd stampede, and a call goes out to Miles Edgeworth. If anyone can solve this case, he can.

Edgeworth and Gumshoe arrive at the scene, learning that the President is currently in his plane, being attended to by paramedics. An enthusiastic reporter tries to ask Edgeworth a few questions, but he ignores her, and gets an overview of what happened from Gumshoe. The detective mentions that the park was sealed off following the shooting, leading Edgeworth to suspect that the assassin is still nearby.

After talking to Huang's bodyguards, he deduces that the assassination attempt was planned in advance, in order to avoid the heavy security around the President. Edgeworth then investigates the right side of the stage, discovering a Zheng Fa flag and a large Steel Samurai balloon, both with bullet holes in them. He suspects that both were pierced by the same bullet, but he can't be sure until he knows how many shots were fired.

The reporter - whose real name is Nicole Swift - is still trying to make herself known, so Edgeworth decides he might as well question her about the shooting, but she refuses to talk unless Edgeworth tells her about the case. Edgeworth's not willing to do that, and so we get our introduction to Logic Chess, Edgeworth's equivalent of Phoenix's magatama and Psyche-Lock breaking. Edgeworth begins by questioning Nicole about her job, prompting Nicole to get defensive for a bit. Edgeworth suggests that it's surely a reputable one at least, prompting Nicole to admit that she's yet to write any articles. Edgeworth jumps on this, and Nicole admits that she's a reporter. Edgeworth guesses that she may have information about the case.

Edgeworth asks Nicole if she witnessed the shooting, but she refuses to talk, claiming that information's her livelihood. Edgeworth warns her that she may put herself in danger, but Nicole assures him that she isn't going to be scared by a couple of gunshots. Edgeworth points out that if she heard gunshots, she had to have been present at the shooting, and Nicole admits that she came to Gourd Lake to write about Huang's speech. Edgeworth deduces that Nicole still has her original research material, and asks her to show it to him, but she claims to have not found anything newsworthy. Edgeworth argues that surely she would have gathered something on the speech, to which Nicole claims that she can't just share her information with anyone. Edgeworth then asks about her job, and Nicole states that she tries her best, and always carries a tape recorder around, leading Edgeworth to deduce that she recorded something on her tape recorder.

Nicole gives in, and shows Edgeworth her recording. At first it's Huang's speech with Nicole's commentary over it, complete with a mention of declining approval ratings, but then there's a conversation between the two men stood in front of Nicole, before we get to the shooting. There's two gunshots. From this, Edgeworth deduces that one bullet hit the President, and the other hit both the flag and balloon. With this in mind, he guesses that the assassin was stood on the left side of the park's audience area, based on the trajectory of the second bullet.

Edgeworth, Gumshoe and Nicole disperse the crowd in the left audience area - Nicole mentioning that she'll deal with the subsequent mud stains on her parka by simply turning it inside out - and they begin their investigation. Gumshoe finds a dark blue bag in a bin, within which lies a plan of the President's security detail, including the positions of his two main bodyguards, Rooke and Knightly. Edgeworth notices that they're not from Zheng Fa, and Nicole explains that Huang uses a private security firm, supposedly because he doesn't trust the Zheng Fa Police. Edgeworth wonders how such a sensitive document could end up amongst the public, before Gumshoe discovers something else in the bag: a gun with two fired bullets and an attached laser pointer, the former of which leads him to suspect it was used by the shooter. Edgeworth has a fingerprint test carried out on the gun and bag, but it fails to find any prints, even when the gun's bullets are checked.

Edgeworth then discovers none other than Winston Payne, who attended the speech with the chief prosecutor, and was one of the people in the private conversation recorded by Nicole. Noticing a TV crew nearby, Edgeworth tries to get some footage from them, but learns that their camera was destroyed in the chaos. It's at this moment that Kay Faraday makes her return, with an offer of help. After pleasantries are exchanged, Kay reveals a photo she took during the shooting, depicting Huang looking shocked, and Rooke and Knightly in action. Edgeworth notices that Huang has a rather prominent red spot on his forehead, that doesn't appear in any other photos of him.

Edgeworth deduces that the red spot is actually the light from the gun's laser pointer. Everyone wonders why the assassin would risk drawing attention to themselves by using a laser pointer, before Kay reveals that she took two more photos. The first is a selfie of Kay with the crowd and President in the background, taken before the shooting, and the second is a photo of the panicking crowd, taken just after the shooting. Edgeworth checks the first photo, and discovers a person in a red hoodie aiming a laser pointer at Payne's back. He deduces that this person is the shooter, and discovers them in the third photo, fleeing through the crowd towards the right side of the crowd area.

After having the area cleared, Edgeworth heads over. He discovers a red raincoat hidden under a hot dog stall, and a discarded red button. Noticing that the coat's right sleeve is inside out and missing its button, he guesses that the assassin was in a hurry to remove the jacket. But that doesn't explain why the left sleeve wasn't the same. Edgeworth looks at the raincoat further, and discovers a bloodstain on the inside. He deduces that the assassin had an injured left arm that prevented them from putting it in the coat's sleeve, and bled onto the inside.

Based on these details, Gumshoe goes to search for the assassin. He returns with an ice cream salesman who'd look very familiar to everyone who completed Justice for All, although oddly enough, Edgeworth and Gumshoe don't recognise him. They do notice the bandaged left arm and the bloody wound on it, however. The man gives his name as John Doe, and claims to not recognise the raincoat, before giving his testimony. He agrees that the raincoat's owner is the likely culprit, but insists that there's no proof that the wearer was injured. Edgeworth squashes this claim, pointing out the bloodstain on the coat. He suggests comparing it with Doe's blood, before demanding the man confess.

Doe admits to owning and wearing the raincoat, but denies shooting the President, insisting that he was just at the park to listen to Huang's speech, though he adds that he saw the bodyguards react to the shooting before it happened. Edgeworth presses this point, showing Doe the security plan with the names of the bodyguards, and Doe shows a particular interest in Rooke, even going so far as to refer to him by his full name, Ethan Rooke. Edgeworth points out that only the bodyguards' last names are on the security plan, and demands that Doe explain how he knew Rooke's first name. Doe claims to be an acquaintance of Rooke's, and states that his name is one he'll never forget. Edgeworth suggests that they ask Rooke to validate this claim, but Doe remarks that even if he's proven to not be an acquaintance of Rooke's, it won't prove he was the assassin.

Edgeworth asks Doe why he removed his raincoat if he wasn't the assassin. Doe claims that he saw another figure wearing a red raincoat, who was aiming a laser pointer at the President, and realised that he'd be mistaken for the assassin if he didn't remove his own coat. He didn't bother mentioning this earlier because he didn't think anyone would believe him, and adds that this figure was stood behind Payne during the speech, as shown in Kay's selfie. Doe argues that there's a contradiction in the photo Edgeworth has missed up till now, and Edgeworth is shocked to discover that he's right: Nicole was able to record Payne's voice on her tape recoder, but she admitted earlier that she was stood right behind Payne when she did so...the exact same place the assassin is stood in the selfie!

Edgeworth asks that Nicole testify. She claims that she wasn't stood in one place the whole time, but was moving through the crowd while taking her recording, and suggests that Kay's photo was taken before she recorded Payne's voice. Edgeworth quickly shuts this down: Huang can clearly be seen raising his fist in Kay's selfie, and Nicole specifically mentioned him doing so in her commentary. He remarks that, contrary to what everyone thinks, she's not missing from the selfie; she's the person in the red raincoat!

Nicole insists that she never wore the raincoat, and Edgeworth agrees; the bloodstain and unworn sleeve prove the raincoat is John Doe's. He argues that Nicole was instead wearing her parka when Doe saw her, since she revealed that it was reversable earlier, and the other side of it just so happens to be red. Nicole insists that she's been wearing it the same way for the whole day, so Edgeworth asks to examine the red side of it, explaining to the very reluctant Nicole that since it was raining earlier, the red side of it should be bone dry if she's telling the truth. Nicole's claims to innocence have effectively been reduced to fake news.

Nicole denies being the assassin, but admits that she hasn't told the whole story. Before she can do so, the group is interrupted by Horace Knightly - second-in-command of President Huang's bodyguard unit, wearer of a prominent neckbrace and a spouter of chess and gun metaphors - emerging from Huang's plane. He reveals that Huang's unharmed, but Rooke - the head of the bodyguards - is dead, having bled out from a bullet to the chest. Knightly asserts that Rooke was shot while trying to get Huang to safety, making Nicole, the one who apparently shot at Huang, the murderer. Edgeworth asks that he be allowed to examine Rooke's body and talk to the President, but Knightly refuses, stating that the Zheng Fa police will be taking over the investigation now, and orders Nicole to come onto the plane with him for questioning. Nicole insists she's not the killer, and pleads with Edgeworth for help. Edgeworth admits to himself that they still don't know the whole truth behind the case, and that he could lose it if he stands by and does nothing...

...and then things suddenly escalate. Doe puts a knife to Knightly's throat, reveals himself to be Shelly de Killer, admits to attempting to assassinate Huang, and demands that Knightly return investigative authority to Edgeworth. Edgeworth goes along with it, seeing it as a way to continue his investigation. He gives Gumshoe instructions to set up a perimeter around the plane, and the group move onto the aircraft.

Part 1-2 - End

Edgeworth, Kay, Nicole, Shelly and Knightley are all in Huang's cabin on the plane. With little other choice, Edgeworth and Kay investigate Rooke's body. They observe that the bullet that killed him exited his body and is currently unaccounted for, and take note of the bulletproof attache cases Rooke and Knightley had with them, as well as Rooke's gun. Knightley mentions that the bodyguards' guns all come from Zheng Fa, and Edgeworth notes that it's the same model as the gun he found in the trash can.

Edgeworth then notices a set of security monitors in the office, discovering that one of them appears to be missing, and that there are glass shards and a stuffed toy in the alcove. He also checks the office desk, discovering a bulletproof vest worn by the President, with a bullet embedded in it. Kay argues that that doesn't match up with the number of gunshots they heard, and Edgeworth suggests that one of the bullets killed Rooke and hit the President's vest. To that end, he requests to examine the bullet and get its ballistic markings, but Knightley reveals that the bullet was flattened when it hit the vest, making getting the markings impossible.

Also on the desk are some files, including the President's security plan from last week. Oddly enough, Rooke and Knightley's positions are swapped around in the earlier plan. Knightley explains that two days ago, Shelly attempted to assassinate the President - putting Knightley in the neckbrace in the process - and might have succeeded if Rooke hadn't put a bullet in Shelly's arm. The fact that Rooke managed to do that earned him Shelly's respect, to the point that he really wants to know how he died. Knightley adds that the injury he got from Shelly left him unable to turn his head to the right, necessitating the swapping of his and Rooke's positions.

At this point Shelly becomes impatient and threatens to kill Knightley if Huang doesn't show his face and help Edgeworth. Huang does nothing, even with one of his subordinates in trouble, and Shelly decides to take his leave, though not before knocking out Edgeworth and claiming to have seen "the truth". Edgeworth wakes up to find Gumshoe on the scene, and Shelly nowhere to be found, though the assassin did leave his calling card. The prosecutor wonders what Shelly meant with his last words.

With Shelly gone, the musclebound and lionlike Huang, who seems amazingly calm for someone who was nearly killed, chooses this moment to appear. Though grateful for Edgeworth's help in the Yatagarasu case, and impressed with his investigative ability, he reminds Edgeworth that the Zheng Fa police will be taking over the investigation. Edgeworth asks for an explanation, but Huang refuses to give one, and Edgeworth is forced to hand over all his evidence. Huang and Knightley them move to detain Nicole, who desperately insists that she's innocent. By this point, Edgeworth is convinced the President is hiding something. Time for some Logic Chess!

Edgeworth first asks for confirmation that the Zheng Fa police will indeed be taking over the investigation. After a great deal of attitude, Huang confirms it, and remarks that being on the presidential plane is tantamount to standing on Zheng Fa soil. Edgeworth again asks for an explanation of why Huang wants him off the investigation, and Huang again refuses to tell him. Edgeworth remembers Huang's earlier remark, and deduces that the President wants to claim extraterritorial rights. Huang goes pale and refuses to answer the claim, and Edgeworth realises he's right. Huang admits that he indeed wishes to claim extraterritorial rights, but insists that it changes nothing about the current situation, prompting Edgeworth to try and challenge that claim. He suggests that Huang's being a bit too forceful in arresting Nicole, but the President replies that it's not a matter of forcefulness, but authority. After all, Nicole did fire a gun at him while he was giving his speech earlier. With that in mind, Edgeworth asks if Huang's claim of extraterritorial rights is actually valid. Huang reminds Edgeworth that the presidential plane counts as Zheng Fa territory, and Edgeworth reminds Huang that, as he himself said, the shooting took place when he was outside the plane giving his speech. Therefore, extraterritorial rights do not apply here!

Huang is forced to concede defeat and allow Edgeworth to investigate. Edgeworth gets his evidence back, and he asks that Huang testify about the shooting. Despite a protest from Knightley, who argues that that sort of thing should be left to the courts, Huang grants Edgeworth's request. He claims that he was on the stage when Rooke and Knightley moved to cover him, with the first gunshot being fired soon afterwards, hitting a red balloon. Rooke and Knightley attempted to get Huang onto the plane, but then the second shot hit Rooke and Huang's bulletproof vest. Kay questions why Huang would want to interrupt the investigation into his own assassination, and Edgeworth remarks that there's a dark secret to this case that Huang and Knightley are trying to protect.

Beginning his rebuttal, Edgeworth points out that the balloon in question was shaped like the Steel Samurai, and asks how Huang could fail to notice that. Huang is taken aback by this, having assumed that the balloons were ordinary red ones, as depicted in the security plan, and Knightley explains that they were forced to use the Steel Samurai balloon - or more specifically its red hakama - as a last minute replacement. Edgeworth asks how Huang could have failed to notice that the balloon had been changed. After a slight hesitation, Huang claims that he was unable to see the balloon because a strong wind was causing the Zheng Fa flag to wave in front of it, obscuring his view of it.

Edgeworth thanks Huang, declaring that the President has helped him find a huge contradiction in the case. If the flag wasn't still, but was actually waving between Huang and the balloon, it would have been impossible for someone stood in the audience area to hit the flag and balloon with one bullet. In fact, they'd have had to be stood on the stage. And based on the bulletholes, the only person on stage who was in position to make the shot was Knightley! Huang and Knightley deny the idea of Knightley being the assassin, and the President demands evidence that the flag was waving about during the shooting. To which Edgeworth presents Kay's photo of the shooting, which clearly shows the flag flying. He agrees however that Knightley isn't the assassin; his shot was fired in the opposite direction of the President. Knightley asks why he would fire such a wayward shot, and Edgeworth realises that the answer to that question is tied to the reason Rooke and Knightley's positions were switched around.

With a bit of logic, he figures it out; with his neck injury preventing him from looking right, Knightley would have been unable to shoot either of the balloons in his original position, hence the change. Edgeworth remembers Knightley mentioning that the change came on the President's orders, and realises that Huang therefore knew a balloon was going to be shot, meaning in turn that he knew of the assassination attempt beforehand! It explains everything; the assassin managing to get a gun past tight security, the assassin wearing a conspicuous red hood, the use of the laser pointer, the President's calmness in the aftermath of the shooting, and last but not least, Huang's attempt to usurp the investigation from Edgeworth: the entire thing was a set-up!

Edgeworth reasons that Knightley fired off two gunshots to make it look like someone shot at the President, and that the bulletproof vest was prepared in advance to reinforce that myth. Though Huang insists that he was shot, Edgeworth suggests that they examine the bullet embedded in the vest; if the President's story is true, it should have Rooke's blood on it. That shuts Huang up for a bit, but he tries to point out the figure in the red hood who shot at him. Edgeworth reminds him that Knightley was the only one who could have made the shot in question, and guesses rightly that Nicole was in on the plan; she wore the red hood, stood in the crowd and pointed the laser at Huang. Once the panic from the shooting started, she would flip her parka around and drop the gun and security plan in the trash, making it look like the "assassin" had managed to flee the scene. The entire assassination was, in Edgeworth's own words, " asinine publicity stunt from a lying president!" Huang has been impeached, and he goes from a blustery, musclebound lion of a man to a flabby, snivelling pup of one.

At this point, Knightley objects (seriously, he gets an Objection! voice clip and speech bubble), pointing out that if he did fire his gun, someone in the audience would have seen him. Edgeworth has an answer; the bulletproof attache cases of the bodyguards. In the photo, Knightley had his open and covering his right hand; he could have hidden his gun behind it, fired, and the audience would be none the wiser. Knightley responds by arguing that Edgeworth still has no evidence supporting any of his theories, remarking that if only he had one of the fired bullets, he could determine whether or not Knightley did the shooting.

Nicole then admits that the fake assassination scheme was indeed real, and that she took part in it in exchange for an exclusive interview with Huang. She can't explain where the gun in the trash came from however; she just used an ordinary laser pointer and was told to come to Gourdy Park in a red hood. Regardless, Edgeworth has testimony supporting the fake assassination scheme, and Huang confirms it as well, admitting that he wanted to boost his low approval ratings. Kay asks about Shelly, and Huang suggests that the plan was leaked to the assassin, leading Edgeworth to deduce that he took advantage of it to get close to the President by posing as the red hooded figure.

Huang then brings up the question of why Rooke was murdered; his death was never part of the plan. The President admits that he regarded Rooke as the best of his bodyguards, and adds that Rooke had wanted no part in the fake assassination. In contrast, Knightly disparages Rooke; his death meant nothing in the grand scheme of things, and he was apparently too much of a coward to get involved in the fake assassination. He adds that with Rooke's death, he's now the head of Huang's bodyguards, and bitterly remarks that if Rooke hadn't died, Shelly would have had no reason to help Edgeworth continue his investigation and ultimately spoil his plan. He then argues that while he fired the first bullet, hitting the samurai balloon, the bullet that hit Rooke was fired by Nicole.

Knightly testifies that after shooting the balloon and getting Huang in the plane, he led the President into the security room while Rooke waited in the cabin. When he returned, Rooke was dead, having been hit by Nicole's bullet while getting the President inside. He argues that Nicole used the gun found in the trash. Edgeworth points out that said gun was fired twice, contrary to the number of recorded gunshots, and suggests that it was planted by the real criminal to throw off suspicion. Since they proved that the gun in the trash wasn't fired at the flag and balloon, Edgeworth can't help but doubt whether it was used to kill Rooke as well.

Knightley tells Edgeworth to go ahead and say what's on his mind, and Edgeworth does just that, accusing Knightley of murdering Rooke. He could have used the fake assassination as a cover, and was alone in the cabin with Rooke after putting Huang in the security room. In addition, the soundproof walls of the plane would prevent anyone outside hearing a third gunshot. Kay points out that Huang was in the room next door, and he claims to have not heard a third gunshot. In addition, he didn't have the security feed on, and was cowering under his bed; he hates the sound of guns, you see. Edgeworth argues that this gave Knightley plenty of opportunity to murder Rooke without Huang becoming a witness.

Knightley again tries to blame Nicole, suggesting that her gun had been fired prior to the day of the shooting. Edgeworth thinks that if he could just find the bullet that killed Rooke, they'd have all the proof they needed. He argues that the bullet's somewhere in the cabin; now that they know that the damaged bulletproof vest was prepared in advance, that bullet's currently unaccounted for. Edgeworth points out the missing security monitor and suggests that the bullet hit it, prompting the killer to hide it somewhere in the cabin to make it look like the bullet hit the vest. Huang gives permission for the cabin to be searched, and Gumshoe discovers the monitor and the bullet hidden within. A forensic report confirms that the bullet hit Rooke, and that the gun found outside has Knightley's fingerprints on it, presumably from when he confiscated the evidence earlier. According to the ballistic markings however...the bullet was fired from the gun found outside!

Nicole's in deep shit, and Knightley declares that, since the guilty gun has been determined, and he couldn't have fired it since he was on stage, all the evidence points to her being Rooke's killer. Though Edgeworth's doubtful that Nicole's the culprit, he has to admit that all the evidence points in that direction, to which Kay suggests that perhaps he should doubt the evidence. Taking this advice, Edgeworth realises that while the bullet couldn't have been tampered with since it was only just discovered, Knightley had access to the gun when he confiscated all the evidence earlier. He could have easily swapped the laser pointer between the gun and his own one. With that in mind, he accuses Knightley of doing so, stating that the gun used to kill Rooke was Knightley's, and that it was the gun Knightley gave Edgeworth when he returned all the evidence, the bodyguard anticipating that Edgeworth would want to check for ballistic markings.

Knightley argues that it's just a coincidence that both guns are the same model, and points out that there's no proof that he switched them around. To which Edgeworth presents the gun, explaining that if Knightley did indeed swap the guns, he would have had to load another bullet to disguise the fact that it had been fired three times; twice on the stage, and once to kill Rooke. Meaning that his fingerprints would be on the gun's bullets, something that should not be the case if he only confiscated and returned the evidence. The forensics officer confirms that Knightley's fingerprints are on the bullets, and Knightley is well and truly checkmated.

Knightley bitterly claims that he should have been the head bodyguard. As he's being taken into custody, Knightley warns Edgeworth that this game isn't over yet. Edgeworth replies that the game will continue in the courtroom.

Everyone meets outside of the plane, where Huang - now back in his "public" persona - thanks Edgeworth, and apologises for his earlier deception. Edgeworth warns Nicole that she will face police action over her part in the fake assassination, and she too apologises for her actions. Edgeworth also notes that Shelly is still at large, and has yet to kill Huang.

The events at the park make big news, and Edgeworth remarks that, despite all the furore, no-one noticed that "the game had only just began"...

Behind the Turnabout

Horace Knightley was an ambitious member of President Huang's bodyguard unit, who came up with the idea of faking a presidential assassination attempt in order to boost Huang's low approval ratings. Though Ethan Rooke, the head of the bodyguard unit, wanted no part in the scheme, Huang agreed to it, and aspiring reporter Nicole Swift also participated in it, in exchange for an exclusive interview with Huang. The plan was for Nicole to pose as an assassin by showing up to Huang's speech in a red raincoat and aiming a laser pointer at his forehead, in order to simulate someone aiming a gun at him. From Huang's stage, Knightley would then fire a shot at one of the red balloons set up for the speech to make it look like someone had shot at the President. In the inevitable chaos, Nicole would cast off her raincoat, making it look like the "assassin" had disappeared.

A few days before the plan could be carried out however, Shelly de Killer attempted to assassinate Huang for real, and injured Knightley's neck before being stopped by Rooke. The injury left Knightley unable to turn his head to the right, forcing his and Rooke's positions on the stage to be switched around in order to allow Knightley to play his part in the fake assassination scheme. But it also drastically increased Knightley's jealousy and resentment towards Rooke, and he made plans to murder him while using the fake assassination as a cover.

Prior to Huang's speech, he left a bag with a diagram of Huang's security detail and a pistol with an attached laser scope in a bin near Nicole's position, in order to incriminate her as Rooke's killer. Then, after executing the scheme and escorting Huang into his security room aboard the plane, Knightley shot Rooke in the chest, knowing that the gunshot wouldn't be heard through the soundproof walls of the room, and that Huang would be cowering under his bed with the security feed off, owing to his dislike of hearing gunshots. It was too bad for Knightley that Edgeworth got involved, and that Shelly considered Rooke enough of a Worthy Opponent to want to investigate his death...

As to the question of who hired Shelly to kill Huang, that's a story for another time...

    The Imprisoned Turnabout 

Part 2-1 - Beginning

Two days after the last case and the day before Knightley's trial, Edgeworth, Gumshoe and Kay are at the detention centre, hoping to talk to Knightley. He doesn't show up, and the trio soon learn that Knightley has inexplicably been found dead within the adjoining prison. A guard leads the trio to the prison workroom, where Knightley's body was found. He's sporting a bloody neck wound, and there's a portable chessboard, a pink glove covered in mud and a length of rope lying nearby, In addition, his body is partly covered by a muddy sheet. Edgeworth wonders how Knightley ended up in the prison, given how suspects are held in the detention center until their trials.

Edgeworth examines the body, and deduces that Knightley died instantly from his neck wound. He also discovers small bruises on his head and notices that his clothes are stained with dirt. Looking at the glove, Edgeworth notices that one side is covered in blood, showing that it was dropped after the murder, into the pool of blood around Knightley's neck. Deducing that the glove's owner at least discovered the body, Edgeworth questions a guard about it, learning that the gloves are used by the prisoners for labour, but are also strictly regulated. Examining the inside of the sheet, Edgeworth notices a ring on Knightley's hand that was previously hidden by the sheet, and that the sheet's also covered with blood. He notices a stack of similar sheets in the workroom.

Edgeworth remarks that they have yet to find the murder weapon, noting that such a thing would not be easy to obtain inside a prison, before a rather laid-back man enters the room. Edgeworth recognises the man as Raymond Shields, but the two of them don't appear to get along well, with Ray ribbing Edgeworth over his connection to Manfred von Karma, and remarking that he hasn't forgotten about Edgeworth's "betrayal".

Ray turns out to be a defense attorney, and Knightley's lawyer. Edgeworth and Ray talk, with both men mentioning that they were planning to meet with Knightley, to which Ray expresses his surprise that Edgeworth would meet with a defendant, given his former belief that they were always guilty. Edgeworth assures him that that's a thing of the past, but Ray isn't convinced. Ray mentions that he met up with Knightley yesterday - the two of them bonding over a mutual dislike of Edgeworth - and adds that he's been regularly visiting an old acquaintance at the detention centre.

Back to the case, Edgeworth talks about the workroom. Ray informs him that prisoners carry out job training here as part of their rehabilitation. They also learn from a nearby guard about the prison's security; all of the prisoners are given electronic bracelets, and the door to the workroom - along with a few others - is equipped with sensors that look for the bracelets. If a prisoner tries to go through a door without a guard, the bracelet emits an alarm, and eventually shocks the wearer. The guard adds that no-one has used the workroom for the last few days. Edgeworth finds a contradiction; if both those things are true, there shouldn't be a prisoner's glove inside it.

Edgeworth asks the guard if there's anyone other than the prisoners and guards who can get into the workroom, but it's Ray who answers. He reveals that the prison is home to a number of animals whom are given to the prisoners to raise as pets - another part of their rehabilitation - and all of them can pass through the sensors whenever they please. Gumshoe argues that an animal would have no reason to drop a glove in the workroom, but Ray states that the possibility still exists. Once this point is explained, the group are interrupted by a large black dog with a small bell on its collar, who barks at Edgeworth for a bit before walking off. Edgeworth notes that the dog seems different from the other animals, and seems to have it out for him.

The group then decide to question people, and start with a nearby prisoner; former boxer and exercise-obsessed Jay Elbird and his pet polar bear cub Rocky. Elbird's reluctant to talk, however, so it's time for some Logic Chess!

Edgeworth first asks about Elbird's movements. Elbird tells him to get into his stance if he's looking for a fight. Edgeworth declines, and remarks that Elbird's constant bobbing and weaving must be tiring him out. Elbird claims that he didn't do a heavy workout today, but just rested quietly in his cell, prompting Edgeworth to ask why he's covered in sweat if that's the case. Elbird tries to duck the question by claiming to be getting tired, to which Edgeworth points out that that can't be the case if he just sat quietly in his cell earlier as he had claimed. He's definitely hiding something.

Edgeworth then asks Elbird what he was up to during the incident. Elbird claims that he was sleeping as part of his exercise, to which Edgeworth acknowledges that sleep is an important part of training. This earns him Elbird's approval, the boxer even referring to him as "Mr Prosecutor". To which Edgeworth points out that he never told Elbird that he was a prosecutor; the only way he could have found out is if he overheard Edgeworth talking earlier, meaning he couldn't have been asleep then! Elbird admits that he lied about being asleep and was actually exercising, but states that it makes no difference, and Edgeworth keeps his remark in mind. He then asks Elbird if he noticed anything unusual during the time of the incident. Elbird says nothing at first, before claiming that he was asleep, prompting Edgeworth to call him out on the lie and demand he just tell the truth. Elbird tells him to calm down, or he'll frighten the animals again. "Again?" Edgeworth asks, figuring that something definitely happened to scare the animals earlier.

Elbird throws in the towel, and he admits that he heard a scream earlier. Before Edgeworth can question him on this, Ray suddenly interrupts. He informs Edgeworth that he'll be observing him closely, and reporting his findings to "that person". Kay tries to ask who this person is, but Edgeworth insists she doesn't need to know; Ray can do whatever he likes otherwise. Ray tells Edgeworth that "that person" will be interested in learning how he's lived since abandoning Von Karma's teachings, adding that he'll expose Edgeworth's mistakes and not let him disappoint them any further.

That settled, Edgeworth questions Elbird. The prisoner testifies that he returned to his cell at 10AM and began his exercise, before hearing someone scream about being stabbed. Since he was unable to leave his cell, he ignored it and went back to his training. Before beginning his rebuttal, Edgeworth learns that Elbird got all of his exercise equipment from someone known as "The Supplier", a figure who provides the prisoners with stuff from outside the prison.

Edgeworth then starts his rebuttal by pointing out that Knightly died instantly upon being stabbed, and so he couldn't have screamed. Elbird is surprised upon hearing this, before admitting that the one who heard it was actually the prisoner next door. Edgeworth questions this prisoner, who states that the scream actually came from the man who discovered the body. Edgeworth still has a problem with Elbird's testimony however, namely the fact that he didn't hear the scream. Upon being questioned about this, Elbird accuses the group of suspecting him, and the mood turns ugly when Elbird and his fellow prisoners point out that they couldn't have committed the murder because they were all stuck in their cells.

Then all of a sudden, a woman in a black dress and a priest's cloak, accompanied by a very young man in a blue uniform, enters the scene and quells the riot. She wastes no time having Elbird dragged off to the disciplinary room for the night, stating that he'll be enjoying the blessings of the "Goddess of Law", before she introduces herself as Judge Justine Courtney. She informs Edgeworth that she came to see him as a representative of the "Prosecutorial Investigation Committee", a group made up of eleven people from the legal world that is dedicated to investigating and policing prosecutors, with those considered unfit for the job being sacked. Specifically, she's here to take Edgeworth off the investigation, which will now be handled by Sebastian Debeste, a rookie prosecutor and the young man accompanying her, who by this point has established himself as an arrogant, egotistical, ditzy and inexperienced prosecutor.

Edgeworth requests an explanation, and Courtney informs him that he overstepped his authority with some of his actions in the last case, namely boarding President Huang's plane and ordering a search of his staff. Edgeworth argues that, regardless of the legality of his actions, they still allowed him to discover the truth, but Courtney replies that the end never justifies the means. Edgeworth tells Courtney that he can't agree with her supporting the rules above all else, and Courtney has him, Ray and Kay removed from the crime scene. Before Edgeworth leaves, he informs Courtney that they'll meet again, and Ray reminds Edgeworth that he'll be informing "that person" about him.

Part 2-2 - Middle

The next day, Edgeworth and Kay are gathered in Edgeworth's office, Kay still fuming over Courtney and Sebastian's behaviour yesterday, Edgeworth more concerned about the P.I.C's actions. He's not going to give up on this case, but before he can decide on what to do, he gets a call from Gumshoe, who tells him that Sebastian's already arrested a suspect in the case.

Edgeworth and Kay head to the detention center and meet the suspect, a timid, wimpy-looking young man by the name of Simon Keyes. Edgeworth tries to talk to him, but finds himself unintentionally intimidating the poor guy, so Kay has to step in. Simon tells her that he was a friend of Knightley's and had come to visit him at the detention center two days ago, after Knightley had requested that Simon bring him his portable chessboard. Edgeworth presents the chessboard he found in the workroom, and Simon confirms that it was Knightley's, sadly remarking that it would be just like him to carry a chessboard till the end of his days.

Kay observes that Knightley must have been close to Simon, and Simon admits that he thought so too, until he learned that Knightley was capable of committing murder. By this point, Kay refuses to believe that Simon's the culprit, and Edgeworth admits that he can't see a motive here. He questions Simon on why he was arrested, but Simon says he doesn't know; Sebastian and a cop just barged into his house and arrested him this morning.

Gumshoe shows up at this point, just as Simon's fretting over being questioned by a burly detective. With Kay convinced that Simon's innocent, Edgeworth asks him if he murdered Knightley. Simon confirms his innocence and Edgeworth agrees to help him prove it. He's got a personal stake in this case, after all. He still lacks investigative authority, so Gumshoe suggests that he borrow a defense attorney's badge again, Kay shutting this down on the basis that it would never work. Kay and Gumshoe then leave, but before Edgeworth joins them, he warns Simon that he'll show no mercy if he's proven to be the killer, though he assures him that he's on his side until then.

Edgeworth meets Gumshoe and Kay in the detention center corridor, where they run into none other than Ray, who's just taken on Simon's case. Edgeworth decides that if he can't investigate, he'll join forces with someone who can, and requests that Ray appoint him as a subordinate, but Ray refuses on the basis that he doesn't take sidekicks, especially ones who were like sons to Manfred von Karma. Edgeworth assures him that he's changed for the better since then - with Gumshoe and Kay both vouching for him - and points out how strange the P.I.C's actions have been, suggesting that there's something else hidden behind this case.

Seeing a humbled Edgeworth practically begging for his help surprises Ray, and he agrees to take the former Demon Prosecutor on as an assistant; he wants to know what's going on in this case, and what brought about this change in Edgeworth. Edgeworth admits, in a nutshell, that it was probably his experiences in the courtroom and the influence of his old friends (presumably Phoenix). Ray adds that "that person" will also be surprised by Edgeworth's change.

With the hatchet buried, Ray reveals himself to be the head of Edgeworth Law Offices. This understandably confuses Kay, so Edgeworth explains, and we learn that Ray was an assistant to Edgeworth's deceased father, Gregory. Who's also the one Ray's been referring to as "that person". Ray explains that he took over Gregory's firm when he died and kept the name out of respect for him. He warns Edgeworth that he still doesn't trust him entirely; he'll have to prove he's changed. He claims that it's what Gregory would have wanted as well, and Edgeworth accepts.

That settled, Ray asks Edgeworth what they should do now. Edgeworth recalls that the scream the prisoners heard yesterday came from the first person to find Knightley's body, and suggests that they have a word with him. Before leaving for the prison with Ray and Kay, he instructs Gumshoe to assist Sebastian and pass on any useful information he finds. "I'm really good at leaking investigation reports to defense attorneys!" Gumshoe assures him.

Edgeworth, Ray and Kay enter the prison, where they encounter a woman in a large fur coat and guard's hat. She wastes no taking up Ray's offer of an introductory hut - even going so far as to kiss him during it! - before introducing herself as Patricia Roland, the motherly warden of the prison. Edgeworth asks her if she was at the prison yesterday, and she informs him that she was attending an animal show held at the prison courtyard during that time, which Edgeworth remembers Elbird indirectly referring to. Patricia adds that the show lasted from 8AM to 10AM, the same time Knightley's body was discovered, leading Edgeworth to deduce that anyone who watched it has an alibi for the time of the murder.

Patricia leaves, and Edgeworth decides to resume his search for the prisoner who found the body. After questioning a nearby prisoner, Edgeworth is directed to the workroom, where he finds none other than Frank Sahwit, the first witness many of the series's fans will have cross-examined, and the first criminal they'll have caught. After a slight slip-up over the fact that he's not working as a prosecutor right now, Edgeworth begins his questioning by asking Sahwit where he was during the murder. Sahwit explains that he's currently training as a pet groomer as part of his rehabilitation, and was practicing his trade in the workroom. After saying this, he becomes visibly agitated, insisting that that's all that happened and there's nothing more he can do to help. Edgeworth immediately becomes suspicious at this, and decides to bring out the Logic Chessboard in order to find out what Sahwit's hiding.

Edgeworth quickly notices that Sahwit has far better control over his emotions than his previous opponents, and decides to look at how he phrases his words instead of his body language. He begins by asking if Sahwit's involved with the case. Sahwit says he isn't; he's an upright, model citizen who would never dream of getting involved in a murder plot. Edgeworth points out that he wouldn't be in prison if that were true, and demands he tell what he knows. Sahwit angrily denies knowing anything, before remembering himself and calming down. Nevertheless, Edgeworth doesn't press the point, and Sahwit apologises for the outburst. Edgeworth in turn apologises for his rudeness, but remarks how odd it is that Sahwit knows nothing about the murder, and Sahwit nervously claims that he's not the one who found the body. To which Edgeworth points out that he never told Sahwit that they were looking for that person. He asks again if Sahwit was involved in the case; the man, visibly shocked at being caught out, claims it was just a hunch he had.

For his next move, Edgeworth decides to ask about Sahwit's movements during the murder, remarking that there should be no problems if Sahwit's claims of not being involved with it are true. Sahwit claims that there was a lot going on at the prison during that day, and Edgeworth asks what he was doing during that time. Sahwit claims that he was practicing his pet grooming, as he mentioned earlier. Edgeworth asks if the murder caused a panic, but Sahwit claims it didn't, mentioning that he was able to hear someone's voice. Edgeworth guesses that it was a scream, before insisting once again that Sahwit knows something about the murder. To which Sahwit responds that while he heard someone's voice, he doesn't remember it very well. Keeping this in mind, Edgeworth goes back to the subject of what was going on in the prison, this time asking what the state of the facility was. Sahwit claims to not remember, but Edgeworth points out that he had admitted to hearing someone scream earlier. Sahwit again claims to not remember the voice well, and argues that he could have been mistaken. "Enough with your lies!" Edgeworth exclaims, prompting Sahwit to briefly get angry as he denies lying. Edgeworth says nothing, and Sahwit states that in any case, he was busy with his animal grooming. Edgeworth asks about his grooming skills, and Sahwit replies that he's very good at handling the animals, to the point that he was able to calm them down after they got frightened. Edgeworth asks why they were frightened, and goes on to suggest that the scream was responsible. He asks why Sahwit's trying so hard to hide this fact, and the agitated Sahwit admits to hearing a scream, but claims he's not trying to hide it.

Edgeworth asks Sahwit when he heard the scream, and Sahwit suddenly remembers (sound familiar?) that he was attending the animal show, and therefore didn't hear the scream. Edgeworth points out that that completely contradicts everything he's said up to this point. Sahwit almost snaps again, and Edgeworth keeps silent, prompting Sahwit to mention that he found the Animal Show enjoyable. Edgeworth asks what kind of animals were performing in the show, and Sahwit claims to have seen a whale there, indicating that he didn't see the show at all. Edgeworth asks who the scream belonged to, but Sahwit claims that he was in the courtyard attending the animal show. Edgeworth reminds him that he's already rubbished that claim, and demands that he tell the truth. Sahwit insists that he didn't hear the scream of the person who discovered the body, and Edgeworth expresses surprise at this; why would he assume the scream came from that person, rather than the victim? He demands an explanation, and after Sahwit struggles to answer, he does so for him: Sahwit's the one who discovered the body and screamed.

Edgeworth requests that Sahwit testify. Sahwit claims that he was in Workroom B (the one right next to Workroom A, where Knightley was found) honing his skills, before he randomly decided to look through the window on Workroom A's door, and upon seeing Knightley's body, he screamed. He adds that he was in Workroom B for the whole day, aside from the prison roll calls at 7AM, noon and 9PM, during which times the workrooms were all searched. Commencing his rebuttal, Edgeworth points out that Sahwit could not have peeked through the Workroom A window, because his bracelet would have prevented him from being able to leave Workroom B. Kay asks if this means that Sahwit wasn't the one who discovered the body, but Edgeworth suggests they get an explanation from the man himself

Sahwit explains that there's a trick to the bracelets and sensors he didn't mention earlier; as long as you don't take the hand with the bracelet through the sensors, you can step through them without triggering the bracelet, and leave the room to a limited extent. Edgeworth asks Sahwit what prompted him to leave Workroom B, and Sahwit claims that he heard a noise coming from Workroom A, and decided to investigate it. Edgeworth points out that if that were true, he should have seen the person who made the noise. Sahwit is shaken and makes no response, but after some pressing, he claims that he saw a large black dog biting Knightley's neck.

Edgeworth presses Sahwit for more details on this, much to Ray and Kay's discomfort, and the prisoner mentions seeing Knightley's ring - specifically its snowflake insignia - on his motionless right hand, to which Edgeworth objects; Knightley's right hand was covered by the blanket, so it should have been impossible for Sahwit to see his ring in such detail, unless he entered the room and lifted the sheet up. Sahwit tries to argue that Knightley had moved his hand earlier, but Edgeworth points out that he was already dead when the dog bit him, making that impossible. He demands to know what Sahwit's hiding.

Sahwit loses it, doing his toupee throw once again, before raging at Edgeworth, who in turn argues that Sahwit has come off as very suspicious, seeing something that he shouldn't have been able to. He argues that Sahwit actually saw Knightley's body from inside Workroom A, seeing as he knew about Knightley's ring. Sahwit demands evidence that he was in the room at the time, insisting that he was next door grooming animals, even going so far as to borrow some rubber gloves. To which Edgeworth presents the pink glove from earlier, and mentions that Sahwit only seems to have one glove on him right now. Sahwit argues that the glove could have come from anywhere, so Edgeworth suggests they check the glove for prints.

Sahwit lets out a scream of rage...but Ray then mentions that something's still off: Sahwit could have easily refuted Edgeworth's arguments if he had just pointed out that he was unable to enter the workroom because of his bracelet. Yet for some reason, he didn't. After some questioning, Sahwit calms down and confesses; his bracelet was damaged when he fell over a few days earlier, and it stopped triggering the sensors.

Edgeworth informs a nearby guard of the defective bracelet, and Ray accuses Sahwit of Knightley's murder, pointing out that the aforementioned bracelet would allow him to go anywhere he pleased within the prison. Sahwit denies it, insisting that all he did was find the body and check it for valuables. When the other prisoners started to return from the animal show, he went back to Workroom B and let out a scream to deceive everyone, accidentally leaving his glove behind as he did so.

Edgeworth states that, regardless of whether or not Sahwit's the killer, there's still the question of how Knightley was able to move between his cell in the detention center and the prison. Recalling the black dog, Edgeworth asks Sahwit if there were any other prisoners who missed out on the animal show, and Sahwit answers that there's just one. It quickly turns out that Edgeworth's very familiar with this prisoner, and had suspected his involvement since he first saw the dog. He asks if he can meet with him, causing Sahwit to get nervous. When Kay asks for an explanation, Sahwit answers that the prisoner in question is the facility's oldest inmate, and a very special case, but he won't say any more than that. He warns the group to avoid him if they value their lives, but he nevertheless directs them to the special cell currently holding the prisoner.

Edgeworth, Kay and Ray head over to the special cell, where they (and we) get our introduction to Sirhan Dogen, a legendary blind assassin whom Edgeworth caught a long time ago. He's known for using sharp knives and a vicious dog as weapons, and his appearance is always accompanied by the sound of a bell, which is usually the last thing his victims ever hear. The black dog's also there; turns out he's Anubis, Dogen's guide dog and partner in crime. Dogen greets the man who bought him down as if he were an old acquaintance, and Edgeworth informs the assassin about their suspicions of Anubis. Dogen of course denies it, and Edgeworth asks for Dogen's alibi during the animal show. Dogen answers that he was in his cell, pursuing his hobby of whittling wooden carvings, of which he has a lot. Edgeworth questions why a prisoner would be allowed hammers and chisels, but Dogen claims that the warden gave him special permission to have them. He shows the group his latest work: a chessboard and a full set of pieces to go with it, explaining that he's taken up correspondence chess since the start of his incarceration. Interestingly, he's currently in the middle of one such game.

Edgeworth asks Dogen if he knew the identity of the murder victim. The assassin admits that he does, demonstrating to Edgeworth that he knows about everything going on in the prison. He remarks that Knightley may have been fortunate, since he was able to avoid being punished for his crime, but oddly enough, Dogen assumes this crime to be attempting to assassinate President Huang. Edgeworth and Kay are both understandably surprised to hear this - Edgeworth suspecting an attempt to coverup the fake assassination scheme - which in turn surprises Ray, who was under the same impression as Dogen regarding Knightley's crime. Edgeworth realises that the P.I.C. took him off the case in order to allow Sebastian to indict Knightley for attempted assassination, and maintain the coverup.

Dogen isn't surprised about what happened to Knightley, having learnt of his continued insistence that he was no assassin. A short debate ensues, in which Edgeworth insists that the courts are supposed to reveal the truth, but Dogen points out that that's not always the case, even claiming that some of his fellow prisoners were imprisoned on false charges. "Leaving the truth in the care of the court is dangerous." he remarks, and Edgeworth is reminded of Shi-Long Lang's distrust of prosecutors and the courts.

Dogen states that Edgeworth's reasoning alone can't be trusted, but assures the prosecutor that he's not the only one who suspects he's behind Knightley's murder; Sebastian, Courtney and Patricia all came and questioned him yesterday. They also searched the entire prison for the murder weapon, but failed to find anything. Having said all that he wants to, Dogen has Anubis scare off Edgeworth, Ray and Kay. Edgeworth assures him that they'll meet again, and Dogen states that he'll be waiting.

Leaving the special cell, Edgeworth finds Kay cowering behind an ornamental rock, though Ray is still absent. Edgeworth and Kay decide to carry on the investigation regardless, with Edgeworth deciding to start by finding out how Knightley got into the prison. They head back to the detention center, only to overhear a distraught Patricia talking about Dogen refusing to co-operate with her, even after she went to the trouble of having evidence transferred from the precinct. Patricia catches Edgeworth, and explains that she meets with all the prisoners for one-to-one sessions in her office, down a hallway between the detention center cells and the huge door to the prison. She then leaves to feed Ally, one of her pets, and Edgeworth and Kay head over to Knightley's cell.

Inside, Edgeworth finds a correspondence chess sheet on Knightley's desk, and notices that the pieces depicted on it are in the exact same positions as the pieces on Dogen's chessboard, leading him to deduce that Dogen and Knightley were playing against each other. Heading over to the cell's bed, Edgeworth notices a torn newspaper, and a clean patch on the otherwise dusty floor, and figures that part of the newspaper was torn off and used as a cleaning rag for the floor. Edgeworth then sees a mirror in the cell, and noticing a reflection of a security camera in it, asks a guard to go and check the footage.

Before the guard returns, Edgeworth remarks that they've found a connection between Dogen and Knightley. Edgeworth checks the footage with the guard's "portable playback device" and sees a man walking about in the cell before getting attacked by a dark shape. Though unable to see the man's face, Edgeworth figures that he's seeing Knightley getting mauled by Anubis in the holding cell, and further deduces that the floor was wiped to conceal bloodstains. He tells the guard to get Gumshoe to check the cell for blood, and he and Kay leave to talk to the other guards.

Before they can do so, they run into none other than Shi-Long Lang, who's here for no special reason, or so he tells Edgeworth. Kay observes that he's not accompanied by his 100-man army of investigators this time around, but Lang quickly changes the subject to the whole assassination business with Huang. Edgeworth mentions his surprise that Lang's not more involved with the security of his own president, prompting Lang to explain that Huang doesn't trust the Zheng Fa police, for all the good it did him. Edgeworth asks if Lang and his huge team of subordinates could have done a better job, but Lang reveals that he no longer has them. He insists it's no concern of Edgeworth's, and proceeds to take his leave.

With Lang gone, Edgeworth talks to the two nearby guards, learning from one of them that Anubis didn't pass through the detention center. The other informs Edgeworth that one of his uniforms was stolen from his locker. That done, Edgeworth and Kay are rejoined by Ray, who brings with him some new information: Two days ago, Knightley attacked a guard and knocked him out in an apparent jailbreak attempt, with the keys to his cell disappearing during the incident. A few things are odd, however; no jailbreak by Knightley was observed, Knightley denied stealing the keys after the incident, and said keys are currently unaccounted for.

Before they can discuss it further, Sebastian and Courtney show up. After some words are exchanged about Edgeworth's current role, Edgeworth asks the duo why they arrested Simon. Courtney tries to refuse, but Sebastian takes it as a challenge and gives his reasoning behind the arrest. It turns out to be little more than "We found traces of Simon somewhere. I am the best." Edgeworth asks for more details, and after some pressure, Sebastian explains that they found Simon's fingerprints on Knightley's chessboard. Edgeworth points out that Simon was the one who sent Knightley the chessboard in the first place, so it's only natural that his fingerprints would be on it. He suggests that Sebastian was too hasty to arrest Simon. Sebastian tries to explain - after taking his sweet time figuring out what Edgeworth was saying - but Courtney cuts him off, suggesting that he instead tell Edgeworth his reasoning regarding the murder weapon.

Sebastian claims that the murder weapon was a sharp metal object, and explains that the prison tightly controls such items. Therefore, he reasoned that the chessboard was used to smuggle the weapon inside, with Simon's fingerprints proving his role in both the smuggling and the stabbing. Edgeworth examines the chessboard, and sure enough, there's a secret compartment in it big enough to hold a knife. He nevertheless points out the security gates with metal detectors at the detention center and prison entrances; anyone trying to get a weapon through them would be caught, but Courtney informs him that detention center post is checked differently, without a metal detector.

Beginning his rebuttal - or as Courtney puts it, his cross-examination - Edgeworth presses Sebastian's point about the chessboard, pointing out that no weapon was found at the crime scene. Sebastian suggests that Simon hid the weapon somewhere in the prison, but Edgeworth reminds him that he and Patricia searched the prison earlier and found nothing, and suggests that the search was poorly carried out. After some coddling from Courtney, Sebastian suggests that Simon took the weapon with him when he left the prison, but Edgeworth reminds him of the security gates at the entrances, which would have made doing so impossible. Courtney asks where the murder weapon could be if it hasn't left the prison, and Edgeworth suggests that it's still inside, with Sebastian and Patricia missing it because of their mistaken assumption that the weapon was a sharp metal object.

Courtney asks what the weapon was if that's the case, and Edgeworth presents the video of Knightley being attacked by Anubis. He argues that the murder took place in the detention center, and Knightley was moved to Workroom A afterwards. Courtney points out that he hasn't explained how Anubis could move between the detention center and prison, to which Edgeworth argues that she and Sebastian have yet to do the same for Simon...but then Courtney plays her trump card. She reveals that Simon works at the Berry Big Circus, who just so happen to be the hosts of the prison's animal show; Simon was subsequently able to enter the prison as a member of the show staff!

Edgeworth's beaten, and Courtney warns him that she was already doubting his ability as a prosecutor - never mind that he only slipped up because Courtney deliberately had Sebastian withhold information from him - and that he better not go up against her again if he values his prosecutor's badge. She also tells him to drop the defense attorney act; unlike the prosecutor's path, it requires him to trust his clients unconditionally, yet he didn't even know Simon's job. That said, she and Sebastian leave.

Talking with Ray and Kay, Edgeworth remarks that he was wrong about Simon being unable to enter the prison, and that they'll have to do some more investigating.

Part 2-3 - End 1

Edgeworth, Ray and Kay are back in the visitation room, Edgeworth admonishing Simon for not telling them about his connection to the circus and the animal show. Simon admits that he was afraid that, if he told them that he had a way of getting into the prison, they'd assume he was the culprit, especially given that he knew Knightley.

Edgeworth reminds Simon that he had promised to believe in him, and Kay asks him about his role in the circus. Simon explains that he's an apprentice animal tamer, prompting Money the Monkey to show up and use Simon as a human marionette. Once he's done, Edgeworth asks Simon for more info about his job. Simon explains that he works under the head of the circus's animal tamer division, and that he and she were the only two circus members taking part in the animal show, making them the only ones relevant to the case.

Edgeworth then asks about Simon's movements around the prison, and Simon informs him that he visited Knightley at noon two days ago, giving him the chessboard during their meeting. He then spent the night setting up the stage for the animal show, using Workroom A as a temporary storage area. Once that was done, he and his supervisor rehearsed until midnight. Edgeworth notes that, if that's the case, Simon was the only one to enter and leave the room where the body was discovered.

He asks Simon if he knows any more about his arrest. Simon says that it probably happened because he sneaked into the detention block to check up on Knightley whilst setting up for the show. Edgeworth asks why he would do such a thing if he saw Knightley two days ago. Simon admits that he and Knightley have been each other's only friends since childhood, having never had proper families, and he felt a need to visit him. Edgeworth asks what he means, and Simon explains that he and Knightley both lost their fathers - the only family they've ever known - when they were young, a tragedy Edgeworth and Kay know all too well. Simon further adds that there were no guards and prisoners around during that time, and Edgeworth guesses that Sebastian's logic is that something happened between the pair during that time.

Edgeworth and Kay recommit to Simon's case, Edgeworth assuring him that he's convinced that Simon's innocent, on the basis that he lacks the motive or or necessary strength of character to commit murder. In fact, he's probably the one most affected by Knightley's death. This doesn't go unnoticed by Ray, who mentions that Edgeworth's beginning to sound like his father, and assures him that he's more than happy to help. He then offers Simon some candy, but the animal tamer declines, stating that he doesn't like the stuff. With the mood in the detention center rejuvenated, Edgeworth, Kay and Ray head over to the prison courtyard to talk with Simon's supervisor.

They enter the courtyard to find the stage and most of the equipment for the animal show still lying around. Edgeworth reiterates to himself that everyone who attended the animal show has an alibi, before noticing Kay getting pummeled by a nearby elephant. Luckily for her, Simon's supervisor, who happens to be none other than Regina Berry, shows up and calms down the elephant. After the introductions, Edgeworth begins his investigation of the courtyard, noticing an electrified barbed wire fence running through it, separating Patricia's office - which also overlooks the courtyard - from the prison.

Edgeworth talks to Regina, learning that the Berry Big Circus is doing well under Moe's management. She also explains the animal show: it's a love story between Astique - the nearby elephant - and Regent the Tiger, with Simon playing the part of a villainous monkey trying to split them apart. Edgeworth asks about the preparations for the show, but since Simon handled all of it, Regina can't tell him much, other than that she saw Simon working near the well in the courtyard. Aside from that, she reiterates what Simon told the trio earlier. Edgeworth heads over to the well, finding a length of rope, a 33kg weight, two pulleys and a very familiar looking striped sheet. He wonders just what all this equipment was used for.

Edgeworth and Kay then notice Sahwit in a corner of the courtyard, and head over to question him. He claims that he's helping out with the show, and trying his best to be a model prisoner, even getting his bracelet replaced. Edgeworth asks him why he didn't mention Dogen before, and Sahwit explains that Dogen is a touchy subject with the prisoners; he's practically the prison's ruler, as well as the Supplier (the guy who provided Elbird with all his exercise equipment, remember?). Sahwit informs them that Dogen extends this service to all the prisoners, and supposedly makes it work by having access to some sort of secret route in and out of the prison. Moving the subject away from Dogen, Sahwit talks about his use of mud packs on the animals, explaining that he applies them to every animal in the prison as part of his training. Edgeworth presents the rubber glove, and Sahwit explains that the mud came from when he was applying his mudpacks at around 9AM, or the start of the animal show.

Patricia shows up at this point, and Edgeworth asks her about the prison. Patricia talks about how much the animal therapy has helped out, with specific mention of Sahwit. Edgeworth asks about Sahwit, and Patricia explains that she likes him most out of all the prisoners, mentioning that "he has his eyes set on something different", a remark Edgeworth takes note of. Regarding the circus, Patricia informs them that they're always the ones hosting the animal show - owing to her liking of Regina - and urges Edgeworth to look after Simon, knowing that Regina would take it badly if he were convicted. She thanks the animal tamer for her help, before expressing her displeasure that some of the prisoners skipped out on the show. Edgeworth assumes she means Sahwit and Dogen, but Patricia informs them that a third prisoner also missed out on the show. She and Regina go off to feed Ally, who turns out to be an alligator living in the courtyard pond, and Edgeworth, Ray and Kay leave to find out about the third prisoner who missed the show.

Gumshoe rejoins the group back in the hallway, taking advantage of the absence of Sebastian and Courtney. He informs them that the forensic test in Knightley's cell picked up bloodstains on the cleaned up area of floor, and they're currently looking into whose blood it is. Ray remarks that once the test is complete, they'll be able to prove the murder took place in Knightley's cell, so all that's left to do is figure out how Anubis moved between the detention center and prison. To help, Gumshoe brings out three of his "Seven Secret Weapons": a metal detector, Missile the police dog...and a fishing rod Gumshoe bought by accident.

Edgeworth decides to use Missile, in order to find out Anubis's route between the detention center and prison. He notes that the same route would have been used to move Knightley's body, so they just have to have Missile track Knightley's scent. Taking him to Workroom A, the group notice a very faint sweet scent, which Missile tracks from the workroom to Dogen's cell, which is currently unoccupied. Edgeworth takes a look around, noticing the chessboard, a pocket-sized chisel with a bell attached, four other chisels and some tea and biscuits, which Kay thinks is a bit overboard, even for special treatment. Unfortunately, it turns out Missile was only following the scent of some chocolate cake lying in the cell, which Gumshoe decides to eat to stop Missile from doing so.

The group try again, and this time, Missile leads them to Elbird's cell, also unoccupied. Edgeworth gets a guard to open the door for him, learning that Elbird has been absent since the noon rollcall. Entering the cell, the group discover a tunnel leading to Knightley's cell hidden behind Elbird's sandbag. Edgeworth figures that Knightley's body must have had a sweet scent, seeing as that was what Missile tracked, and that the dirt on his clothes came from him being dragged through the tunnel. Having crawled through the tunnel after Missile, Kay reveals that she took a photo of the inside, which reveals a set of paw prints running through it.

After remarking that the photo will surely prove to be vital evidence, Edgeworth brings up the fact that Elbird had access to this tunnel, and fears that he might have escaped. He orders Gumshoe to find out where Elbird is, and the guards carry out a search of the prison and detention center, but fail to find him. Talking with Patricia afterwards, Edgeworth assures her that Elbird is likely still on the premises, owing to the security gates at the detention center making it impossible for him to leave, but regardless, Patricia asks Edgeworth to return to his investigation.

The results of the blood test then arrive, confirming that the blood in the detention center cell is indeed Knightley's. Now armed with a ton of evidence, the group decide to talk to Dogen. Patricia warns them to be careful, telling them that the assassin has henchmen outside the prison, whom she and the police have been searching for for ages. Edgeworth recalls the conversation he overheard yesterday, and asks Patricia about the evidence she had transferred over. Patricia explains that she's been frequently interrogating Dogen in her office, but he hasn't broken, no matter the evidence she uses. Edgeworth wonders why she would go as far as that, before his group return to Dogen's cell.

Not only do they find Dogen there, but also Sebastian and Courtney. The judge wastes no time reminding Edgeworth of the warning she gave him yesterday, and Edgeworth replies that he won't heed it if it means overlooking something important. He informs her that he's here to get a testimony, and the truth she's overlooked, and tells Dogen that he intends to prove he's the culprit. Before that can happen however, Sebastian and Courtney present their own logic. Courtney argues that Simon is the culprit, since he was the only one who could move Knightley to the prison. Before she gives her reasoning, she asks that Edgeworth agree to hand over his prosecutor's badge if it turns out that she's right, explaining that she wants to see his resolve before taking him on. Edgeworth agrees, reminding her that he's currently working as Ray's assistant, and isn't about to let the good name of Edgeworth Law Offices be ruined.

That settled, Courtney gives her reasoning. She reminds him about Knightley's attack on the guard yesterday, and argues that he used the stolen keys to escape his cell, before being hidden in a cage and smuggled into the prison by Simon. As proof, she presents an image from the security camera of Simon and Knightley chatting, in which the aforementioned cage creates a huge blind spot, which she argues would have allowed Knightley to enter the cage without being seen. Edgeworth notes that on the other hand, they can't confirm whether Courtney's suggestion is actually what happened. Kay asks why Knightley would hide in a cage, and Courtney suggests that he was trying to escape from the detention center, with Simon as an accomplice. She theorizes that their plan was for Knightley to remain hidden in the workroom and then get carried out after the animal show finished, at least until the plan fell apart and Simon murdered him.

Commencing his rebuttal, Edgeworth asks if Courtney can prove Knightley stole the keys, but Courtney argues that it's the only reason he'd attack the guard. Edgeworth counters that if her theory is true, surely Knightley would try and escape immediately rather than work with Simon, but Courtney suggests that he wanted to pick the escape route with the highest chance of success, and hid the key on his person while he waited. Edgeworth points out that the keys would have been found on Knightley's body if that were true, yet they're currently unaccounted for. Courtney isn't fazed, arguing that Knightley instead hid the key in his chessboard. Edgeworth then argues that Simon was too busy performing in the animal show to have an opportunity to murder Knightley, but Courtney responds by revealing more about the animal show. Specifically that there's a scene in the climax in which Simon is literally blasted off the stage, and doesn't reappear for 15 minutes, during which he could have killed Knightley.

Edgeworth responds that that would be possible...if the crime took place in the prison. He argues that it took place within the detention center, and presents the bloodstains he found in Knightley's cell. Though she hints that Gumshoe will face retribution from the P.I.C. for his part in arranging the blood test, Courtney has no choice but to accept the test results as fact. Then all of a sudden, Sebastian interrupts, arguing that if the security tape showed Knightley getting killed by Anubis, the bloodstains shouldn't have been wiped away. Dumbass Has a Point is immediately averted however when Dogen reveals that he taught Anubis how to do that, in order to avoid leaving behind evidence. Courtney begins to admit that Edgeworth might have a point, but she can't accept his argument without knowing how Anubis could enter and leave the crime scene. To which Edgeworth presents Kay's photo and informs her of the secret tunnel, before turning to Dogen and accusing him of using the tunnel to commit murder.

Courtney overrules him, and presents Knightley's autopsy report, which shows that Knightley was stabbed to death with a sharp metal object, clearly contradicting Edgeworth's claim. Edgeworth tries to bring up the footprints in the tunnel, but Dogen argues that they could have just come from Anubis going for a walk. Courtney hands over the autopsy report to Ray, and offers to let Edgeworth keep his badge if he admits defeat. Edgeworth flatly refuses, not willing to be threatened off his job or give up on his client, prompting Ray to remark that Edgeworth's starting to understand what it means to be a defense attorney, to the point that he's emulating his father. He acknowledges that Edgeworth really has changed since his time with Von Karma, and with a few words of encouragement, asks him to consider whether the cause of death truly negates his reasoning.

Edgeworth recalls that there were five chisels in Dogen's cell, any one of which he could have used to kill someone. He reminds everyone that the murder weapon has yet to be found, and argues that it's one of Dogen's chisels, meaning that Knightley's killer is in fact human. Sebastian brings up the security tape, and Edgeworth points out that it only shows Anubis leaping at Knightley, not killing him. Instead, Knightley was knocked unconscious and dragged through the tunnel by Anubis, straight to Dogen, who proceeded to kill him. Sebastian objects again, with Courtney pointing out that they checked all four of Dogen's chisels and found no blood traces, but Edgeworth informs them that Dogen actually has five chisels, with the pocket-sized one taken into account.

Dogen claims that he couldn't have left his cell, leading Edgeworth to figure out that he couldn't have hidden the chisel anywhere but his cell. Unless of course he had Anubis dispose of it, but then he would have no way of confirming the weapon's location. In addition, Dogen has permission to keep chisels on hand; one more appearing in his cell would go unnoticed. Sebastian objects a third time, reminding all that he searched Dogen's cell and found nothing, but Edgeworth argues that the chisel was just very well hidden. Asked to explain where exactly it was hidden, Edgeworth recalls that Anubis hasn't barked at him once today, and works it out; the chisel is hidden in Anubis's mouth!

Dogen concedes defeat, and he has Anubis give up the chisel. Courtney summons forensics, and they confirm that the chisel does indeed have blood on it. Courtney asks Dogen for an explanation, the assassin still all smug smiles despite everything. He denies killing Knightley, arguing that he had no motive to do so, or any kind of connection to the guy. As for Anubis, he only kills on Dogen's command. Regarding the supposed lack of connection between the two, Edgeworth presents the chess memo he found in Knightley's cell, pointing out that the matching piece positions prove that Knightley and Dogen were playing correspondence chess with one another. Dogen is surprised to learn that his opponent was Knightley, but he insists that it's just a coincidence, though he does admit that Anubis did indeed drag Knightley's body to his cell during the animal show. However, he was already dead then. Dogen noticed the chisel stuck in his neck and realised that he'd be suspected if he didn't do something, so he had Anubis take the body to the workroom and retrieve the chisel there, in order to avoid leaving any blood near his cell. What Sahwit thought he saw was in fact Anubis getting the chisel back, Edgeworth realises.

Ray asks why Dogen needed to retrieve the chisel, and the assassin points to the bell on it, and the identical one on Anubis's collar; his trademark as an assassin. Edgeworth recalls presenting a knife with one of the bells on it when he put Dogen on trial before, and the assassin explains that the bells are the only two of their kind in the world, with a unique sounding ring to boot. He lost the one attached to the knife when he was incarcerated; when he heard it ring as Anubis was bringing him Knightley's body, he soon discovered out what had happened, and realised that he was being set up for murder. Hence, he moved the body and retrieved the chisel, which he claims doesn't belong to him. Sure enough, a fingerprint test on the chisel finds Knightley's prints, but fails to find any sign of Dogen's prints, or any sign of prints being wiped. Dogen clearly didn't use the chisel, and he suggests that the chisel was in fact Knightley's.

Edgeworth realises that he's been beaten once again. Courtney states that he hasn't changed anything about the case, and tells him to hand over his badge. Kay however asks why Knightley would have a chisel on his person, and how he would be able to take it into the prison. Edgeworth doesn't notice at first, still spacing out after his defeat, and Kay assures him that he shouldn't let himself be deterred just because his initial reasoning was wrong; the main thing that matters most is reaching the truth, not how you get there. Ray chimes in, reminding Edgeworth that a defense attorney never gives up, since they are responsible for the fate of their client, and the only person they can rely on, just like Edgeworth, Ray and Kay are the only people Simon can rely on right now. Their words revitalise Edgeworth, and he again recommits to the case and his resolve.

For the question of how Knightley got the chisel into the prison, Edgeworth suggests that it was hidden inside the chessboard Simon gave Knightley, the pair taking advantage of how packages sent to the detention center aren't checked with a metal detector. Courtney admits that it solves the issue of how Knightley could be the chisel's owner, but Edgeworth argues that one more issue remains: the security camera video clearly shows Anubis attacking Knightley. Edgeworth maintains from this that Dogen is the killer, but Ray points out that Dogen never used the murderous chisel, and Courtney admits that she too wants an answer to this question.

At this point, Gumshoe decides to bring out his fourth Secret Weapon: a portable machine called Mr Analysis that enables one to, well, analyse video tapes in detail. Edgeworth uses it on the security tape, and finds that he didn't exactly see what he thought he did; the silhouette thought to be Anubis actually resembles a bear cub, and the reflection in the cell mirror clearly shows a guard's hat on the victim's head. Edgeworth recalls Elbird's pet polar bear cub, Rocky, and guesses that the person being attacked might not have been Knightley. As for the reflected cap, Edgeworth notes that it wasn't a guard who was attacked, since they would have reported the incident. Recalling the stolen guard uniform from earlier, Edgeworth guesses that the uniform was worn as a disguise by the person in the video, likely a prisoner looking to escape.

He argues that the person in the video is in fact Elbird, seeing as the tunnel goes from his prison cell to Knightley's cell, and that Elbird has a bear cub for a pet. Kay points out the the bear in the video is black, while Rocky is white, but Edgeworth suggests that Rocky was simply covered in mud from Sahwit's mudpacks. Courtney suddenly tries to overrule Edgeworth's argument, but Edgeworth's way ahead of her; if the mudpacks were applied during the animal show, the video's timestamp should match up, yet it says the recording was taken about three hours earlier.

Edgeworth summarizes his findings; on the day of the animal show, three prisoners missed it: Dogen, who was in his special cell, Sahwit, who was applying his mudpacks, and Elbird, who was trying to escape the prison. Leaving Rocky in Sahwit's care, Elbird headed for his secret tunnel, but unbeknowst to him, Rocky escaped from Sahwit and ran after him. Sahwit went after Rocky, and ended up witnessing Anubis removing the chisel from Knightley's body. If his testimony about that is true, the events should have taken place at around 9AM, not the time given in the video's timestamp. Edgeworth asks Gumshoe to look at the security camera, and the detective reports back saying that the camera's internal clock was disabled when the prison had a three hour power cut. When it came back on, it was three hours behind. He then adds something else regarding Knightley's attack on the guard; Knightley had claimed that he too was attacked and knocked out. Edgeworth suggests that Knightley may have been telling the truth.

Patricia then shows up to check on the investigation, and Edgeworth updates her on the Elbird situation. Just as they figure that Elbird is currently disguised as one of the guards, Rocky walks in and latches onto the chest of one of the guards. The jig is up, and Elbird is unmasked. Before Patricia can have him dragged off, Edgeworth gets her permission to interrogate him, figuring that he knows something about the crime. After all, he did have a tunnel running between his cell and Knightley's.

Elbird lambasts the group for discovering his tunnel, before admitting that he had tried to escape on that day, donning his stolen guard uniform to that end. He figured that he was foiled when Rocky came after him, covered in mud, and he decided to return to his cell. Edgeworth asks if Dogen provided him with the uniform, and Elbird confirms it, claiming that after leaving the tunnel and donning the uniform, he would have simply walked out of the cell. Edgeworth points out that he would have needed the cell keys in order to leave the cell, and accuses him of having said keys. Elbird denies it, and claims that the cell door was already open, but Edgeworth points out that that wouldn't have been the case until Knightley's death was discovered, which happened after the animal show and after Elbird's first escape attempt; until then, the door would have been locked.

He goes on to argue that Elbird was the one who attacked the guard and stole his keys, taking out Knightley as well, before returning to his cell to wait for an opportunity to escape. As proof that Knightley was attacked, Edgeworth presents the traces of his blood they found in his cell. Kay asks why he went to the trouble to clean them up, and Elbird answers that he wanted to hide the evidence of a third attacker and prevent his escape route from being discovered. Nevertheless, Elbird is down for the count.

The beaten boxer hands over the stolen keys, and Edgeworth wastes little time informing Courtney and Sebastian that their entire line of reasoning has just been destroyed. Ray argues that this therefore means the killer had to have known about the secret tunnel, and suspicions turn to Elbird. He denies murder, claiming that neither Knightley or his body were in the cell when he made his escape attempt, and pointing out that he couldn't leave his cell, let alone enter the workroom. Edgeworth suggests that Anubis could have carried the body to the workroom, if Dogen and Elbird were working together. He argues that Elbird got Knightley's body into his cell, and from there, Dogen had Anubis drag it to the workroom. After all, the animals can go wherever they want in the prison, but they can't get into the detention center; the person who moved it from there had to be Elbird, since he's the only one who knew about the secret tunnel.

Then Elbird throws a counter: What if there was another route? He explains that he only dug the second half of the tunnel; the first half was already there when he moved into the cell, and led from the cell to the well in the prison courtyard. He also mentions that the well gave off a sweet scent, and Edgeworth recalls that Knightley's body also gave off a sweet scent. He suggests that both scents are the same, and Courtney figures out his argument; the scent proves Knightley's body was taken through the tunnel.

Edgeworth reiterates that Elbird was the only one who knew about the tunnel, and Courtney calls for Elbird to confess to being an accomplice...of Knightley's. She goes back to her "Simon-Knightley-cage" theory, arguing that Elbird lent Knightley the stolen keys to allow him to leave his cell, in exchange for Knightley not snitching about the tunnel. From there, Simon took Knightley to the courtyard, murdered him there, and dumped the body down the well, for Anubis to drag to the workroom. After all, Simon would have had time to do so during the 15 minutes he was off stage. Edgeworth tries to argue that the body could have been dropped down the well at any other time, but Courtney responds that if that was the case, Elbird would have found it as he went through the tunnel. And it was found in the workroom after the show ended, so it couldn't have been dropped after the show. The most Edgeworth can do is point out that her theory is just a hypothesis at this point, and convince her to allow him to investigate the courtyard.

Before he can do so, a prison alarm goes off. Everyone assumes the worst until Patricia assures them that it's just the dinner signal. With that being the case, she orders everyone out of the prison for the night, telling them that they can resume their investigation tomorrow. As he leaves, Edgeworth considers Courtney's reasoning about how Knightley ended up in the workroom, and Simon's role in it. Is any of it correct, or is there someone else who could have done it?

Part 2-4 - End 2

The next day, Edgeworth, Ray and Kay return to the prison courtyard to find the stage completely dismantled and packed away. In addition, there's now a grate over the well, though Kay soon discovers that the lock for it was broken a long time ago. Anyone could have dropped Knightley's body down the well. Ray wonders if this was really what happened, and the group get Missile over to try and find out. Edgeworth calls Gumshoe and asks him to bring over Missile and Regina, and as they wait, he tells Kay to bring out Little Thief; the portable heist simulator that also doubles as a crime scene recreation device.

Kay recreates the courtyard as it was after the animal show, and she and Edgeworth head over to the well. Edgeworth takes note of the 33kg weight, as well as the rope with attached metal stake and the pulleys, noticing that neither of them look like the pulley used to operate the well bucket. Kay wonders what all this stuff was used for. They also check out Astique, before Edgeworth has Kay shut down the recreation, having gotten all the information he can. Gumshoe, Missile and Regina show up, but the group immediately runs into a problem; Missile is scared stiff by Ally, and isn't going to be much use tracking. So Edgeworth asks Regina to describe the state of the courtyard during the show, in order to allow Kay to create another recreation based on that. Within the new recreation, the group soon notice that the backstage area, well and associated junk are all missing, seeing as Regina left all the preparations to Simon and doesn't know about them.

Edgeworth begins by examining a cart filled with apples near Astique's pen, observing that it was empty after the show. Regina then reveals that the cart was used to store Astique's food, and was actually empty during the show, in contrast to the recreation. It was however full the night before the show. Edgeworth deduces that Astique ate all the apples, though Regina mentions that the cart had been kept out of her reach the night before, leading Edgeworth to suspect that someone moved the cart close to Astique last night. Edgeworth also examines the stage in the mid-show recreation, prompting Regina to talk about the disappearing act of Simon's that Courtney had alluded to yesterday. She confirms that Simon was offstage for 15 minutes after his exit, and alleges that Simon came up with a trick to yank himself off the stage, in order to simulate being blown away by Astique and Regent's love. Edgeworth recalls the tools by the well, and deduces that they're part of Simon's stunt.

That in mind, Kay heads off to visit Simon, and returns with an explanation of the trick; Simon hung some weights on the well's pulley using a rope, suspending them above the well, before running the rope through the other two pulleys and tying himself to the other end of it. When the weights fell into the well, Simon would be yanked up and offstage due to the connecting rope. The rope with the metal stake was used as a stopper, preventing the weights from dropping until Simon wanted to trigger the trick. Kay updates the recreation, and Edgeworth notes that the weight on the other end of the rope would need to be greater than Simon's body weight for the trick to work. He immediately sees the problem; a single 33kg weight would not be enough, and he deduces that the rest of the weights went missing. Edgeworth takes up Gumshoe's suggestion that they use the metal detector, and the detective soon manages to find four more weights in the grass near Ally's pen. Edgeworth wonders if someone deliberately tried to hide the weights. Interestingly, the metal detector reacts when used on Ally, and Regina mentions that Ally hasn't been feeling well lately, possibly due to something she ate.

Edgeworth decides to take another look at Simon's device, and soon notices a problem; the rope that connected Simon and the weights is missing from the recreation. He recalls the rope they found next to Knightley's body, and guesses that it's their missing rope. From there, he deduces that the object on the other end of the rope was actually Knightley's dead body, since whatever was used would have ended up in the bottom of the well when Simon untied himself from the rope after pulling off the trick. The weights were subsequently hidden to hide the fact that they had been swapped out, and the only person who could have done that was the killer. Ray then points out that Knightley's blood would have dripped down to the bottom of the well if he had indeed been suspended in it, but Edgeworth answers that the killer used the striped sheet they found on Knightley's body, wrapping it around him to catch the blood. At this point, Kay starts to worry that all this evidence points to Simon being the killer, but Edgeworth assures her that if that were the case, Simon wouldn't have needed such an elaborate way of hiding the body. He argues that Simon just dropped the body down the well; the killer could have killed Knightley beforehand, and swapped the body out with the weights, with the goal of making it look like the murder took place during the animal show, when they would have an alibi.

Edgeworth figures that Dogen's not the killer; even if knew about the device, neither he nor Anubis could have used it. He recalls that Knightley could only have been substituted for the weights the night before the animal show, after the trick had been set up, and that Astique's food cart had been pushed into her reach on the same night. Kay doubts that this is a coincidence, and Edgeworth notices a door right in front of where the cart had been previously, and figures that the cart was moved to allow someone to get to this door. Enquiring further, Edgeworth learns that the door - which only Patricia has the key for - leads into the prison's power room. Remembering the out of sync security feed, Edgeworth guesses that whoever moved the cart did so to shut off the security cameras. And if it was the killer who was responsible, that means is Knightley's murderer the only person with access to the power room...

Kay ends the recreation moments before Sebastian and Courtney show up to begin their own investigation. After a somewhat hostile reunion between the two groups, Edgeworth assures Courtney that there's no need to examine the courtyard further, and he'll be shattering her reasoning to pieces. We get the familiar "Courtney threatens to take Edgeworth's badge, Edgeworth states that it means nothing" exchange, before Courtney repeats her reasoning from yesterday: Since Elbird didn't see the body as he went through the tunnel, it had to have been dropped down the well during the show, and Simon was the only one who could have done so during that time. She also gives the complete autopsy report, showing that Knightley died the night before his body was discovered, specifically around 3-6AM.

Edgeworth counters her claim that Simon's the only possible culprit by informing her of the device Simon set up for his disappearing trick, and pointing out that the weights used were swapped out for Knightley's body. And with the autopsy report placing Knightley's death in the early morning of the show, this could have been done long before the show started. Sebastian argues that this makes Simon the prime suspect, since he made the device, but Edgeworth repeats what he told Kay earlier. He then asks Regina if anyone else knew of Simon's device, and she reveals that there are others; they did have to get everything they did approved by prison officials, after all.

Courtney admits that Edgeworth's done a thorough investigation, and asks why he doesn't use his efforts for justice, instead of supporting a defense attorney. Edgeworth states that he's simply doing what he feels is the right thing to do, and that while he doesn't care if she doesn't understand that, he'll show no mercy to anyone who gets in his way. This only makes Courtney more determined to take him down a peg, and she reiterates that Simon was the only one who could have gotten Knightley to the courtyard from the detention center. After being pressed, she explains that Simon was the only one who could have moved around the prison freely, but Edgeworth reminds her that the security feed went down for three hours, during which anyone could have done as they pleased. Courtney points out that if the security feed were shut off deliberately, the killer would have needed a way to do so, to which Edgeworth informs her of the circuit breaker in the power room; anyone using it could create a gap in the security feed as they pleased. Courtney then counterargues that the killer would have a hard time getting their hands on the power room key, but Edgeworth replies that that wouldn't be the case...if the killer was one who had access to the key; the warden herself!

Right on cue, Patricia shows up, and Missile notices that she has a very familiar sweet scent. Edgeworth wastes no time accusing her of the murder, pointing out that she has the same smell as Knightley's body. Courtney's visibly shaken, having evidently come to the same conclusion as Edgeworth. She asks if it could have just been a coincidence, but Edgeworth reminds her of the scent and the access of the circuit breaker. That in mind, Courtney decides that they'll have to hear Patricia's testimony.

Patricia points out that the murder would have taken place in the holding cell if she were the killer, and that she wouldn't have been able to move the body into the prison. She also claims that she was busy working in her office until the show, and never entered the prison before then. Edgeworth points out that she could have entered the prison through the gate in the courtyard fence, if she had taken Knightley into her office; it's adjacent to the courtyard, after all. Patricia reminds him that the fence is electrified, and Courtney points out that she wouldn't have been able to shut it off from the power room, since it's located on the other side of the fence. After some advice from Ray, Edgeworth comes up with a solution; Patricia had an accomplice within the prison. Courtney reminds him of the electronic bracelets all the prisoners wear, which would have prevented them from being able to help Patricia, but Edgeworth informs her that one of the bracelets wasn't working; that of Patricia's favourite prisoner, Frank Sahwit! He argues that the warden knew of Sahwit's broken bracelet firsthand, and that they worked together to move Knightley's body into the prison. After all, they could have easily gotten round the fence and security feed by turning off the breakers.

The warden then butts admit that she and Sahwit were indeed working together. But not on the subject of Knightley's murder. Instead, they did so to facilitate Dogen's role as the Supplier, after the assassin started threatening members of Patricia's family with his henchmen outside the prison - which also turns out to be the reason behind Dogen's preferential treatment. At night once a week, Sahwit would turn off the breakers to allow Patricia to enter the prison with whatever supplies Dogen had requested, without being seen on the cameras. She would then drop the goods down the well for Anubis to retrieve, while using the strict timetables that are part of prison life to prevent Elbird from finding out what was going on. The sweet scent was added to the goods to help Anubis identify them. Edgeworth further learns that this is why Patricia took such a personal interest in Dogen's case, and the warden adds that she went so far as to read Dogen's mail. Which would have included his correspondence chess letters, Edgeworth notes mentally.

Courtney asks if Edgeworth wants to keep questioning Patricia after this revelation, and Edgeworth says yes, stating that just because Dogen was coercing Patricia, it doesn't clear her of suspicion regarding Knightley's death. He points to the sweet scent on Patricia and the body, but Patricia argues that the scent could have lingered around the well and tunnel from all the deliveries she'd made previously, and been transferred onto the body. Courtney backs her up on this, adding that Elbird also noticed the scent. It seems that Edgeworth's been outwitted again...but all of a sudden, Ray interrupts. Acknowledging that he's been leaving the job of defending Simon to Edgeworth prior to this moment, Ray requests permission to ask Patricia a few more questions in preparation for the upcoming trial. Specifically, her thoughts on Simon, suggesting that, like him, Patricia doesn't seem to think that Simon's the culprit. Edgeworth realises that Ray's trying to lure Patricia into testifying, and guesses that the warden may have been hoping to frame Dogen for the murder, what with her use of the supply route to move the body. If Dogen was thought to have committed murder within the prison, he'd be transferred to a more secure facility, never to trouble Patricia again.

Patricia agrees to share her thoughts with the group, and Ray hands defense duties back to Edgeworth. Patricia claims to have no idea what transpired between Dogen and Knightley, but suggests that they had a falling out, which led to Dogen murdering Knightley and having Anubis get rid of the body. Edgeworth asks for her opinion on the circumstances surrounding the murder, and Patricia argues that, while she didn't know Knightley too well, the neck injury he got from de Killer would have made him an easy target for Dogen. She suggests that the murder was carried out with the chisel hidden in the chessboard, and Edgeworth asks how she knew about it if, as she said, she didn't know Knightley all that well. Patricia tries to lie about it being found when Knightley entered the detention center, but Edgeworth reminds her that the chessboard was mailed to the facility by Simon, after Knightley was booked. And if the chisel was found in the parcel check, why wasn't it immediately confiscated? And nothing about the chessboard was leaked to Patricia, so how could she know about it?

At this point, Patricia confesses that she had previously questioned Knightley, and learned of the chessboard and chisel during that time. She testifies that she makes a habit of talking to all the new arrivals at the facility, and that Knightley returned to his cell after they were done. Edgeworth points out that Knightley would still be alive if that were true, but Patricia counters that she had no motive to kill Knightley, seeing as there was no connection between him and Dogen. To which Edgeworth presents the correspondence chess memo he found in Knightley's cell, detailing the game between him and the assassin. He argues that Patricia knew about the game before Knightley came to the facility, seeing as she was watching Dogen, reading his mail and doing everything she could to look for his henchmen. When Knightley arrived at the detention center with the chess memo in hand, Patricia figured out that he was Dogen's opponent, and subsequently assumed he had come to kill her. That in mind, she interrogated Knightley about his supposed boss and discovered the hidden chisel in the process, confirming her fears and prompting her to kill him.

Patricia offers no rebuttal at first, but before Courtney can declare a verdict, she interrupts to declare that there's a huge hole in Edgeworth's logic; according to the autopsy report, the wound that killed Knightley is too deep to have been inflicted by the chisel. Neither Edgeworth, Gumshoe, Ray or Kay know what to do at first, though Edgeworth tries to think what the murder weapon could be. Courtney states that they'll have to settle this in court, despite Ray's protest that this would give the killer more time to cover their tracks. Edgeworth can't help; he still can't find an answer to the murder weapon question. Before he can concede defeat, Kay interrupts, urging him to not give up on Simon, and Ray echoes the sentiment, telling him to think of his client and turn the situation around when backed into a corner, just as Gregory used to do.

Edgeworth decides to fight on, despite Courtney's warning that she'll take his badge if his logic turns out to be misplaced again. She has a point, Edgeworth admits, but her words invoke a Eureka Moment in him; his logic hasn't been misplaced, but misled. He first suspected Dogen after hearing about Anubis, but what if that had been the killer's goal? If so, the chisel could have served the same purpose as a fake murder weapon. Edgeworth argues that Patricia used the chisel for this purpose in order to get Dogen transferred out of the prison, knowing that it would make anyone who saw it think of the assassin.

Courtney sees his logic, but argues that it still doesn't implicate Patricia as the killer, and Edgeworth realises that the only chance he has of winning is to find the real murder weapon. He says as much, but Sebastian and Courtney remind him that they failed to find the murder weapon when they searched the prison, and Edgeworth reminds THEM that it would be impossible for the killer to get the weapon out of the prison due to the security gates at the entrance. Courtney replies that this would have also prevented them from bringing the weapon into the prison, so how did it get there in the first place?

Edgeworth argues that, like the chisel, the weapon must have been smuggled in somehow, and Courtney asks if he can prove that. Edgeworth recalls that Patricia had had all the evidence concerning Dogen transferred over to the prison, and argues that this would have included Dogen's knife and the bell attached to it. After doing the deed, Patricia took the bell off the knife and attached it to the chisel to further implicate Dogen. Furthermore, as the warden, she was the only one with enough authority to even get her hands on the weapon. Patricia tries to argue that the bell could have come from anywhere, but Edgeworth informs her that the bells are a unique pair; no others exist in the world. The only person who could have attached one of Dogen's bells to the chisel was someone who had access to the knife, and the only person who fits that category is the real killer; Patricia Roland!

Patricia argues that there's no evidence proving that she had the knife on her, and Courtney again calls for the proceedings to be stopped and resumed in court. With no other option if he wants to save Simon, Edgeworth decides to raise a bluff objection - an action that reminds him very much of Phoenix - claiming to know where Dogen's knife currently is. Courtney demands an answer, and Edgeworth manages to deliver; the weapon is hidden inside the very courtyard they're standing in, inside Ally the alligator's mouth! After all, Dogen hid his chisel in his pet's mouth, the metal detector reacted to Ally earlier, and Regina mentioned that Ally was feeling unwell after eating something bad. Regina gets Ally to open her mouth, and sure enough, Dogen's knife is right there. Patricia has been caught in the relentless snare of the law.

The warden, still under the impression that Knightley was one of Dogen's henchmen, states that her actions were perfectly reasonable. If only Dogen hadn't come to her beloved prison and ruined everything, she angrily remarks.

Later on, we get confirmation that the knife is the murder weapon, and Sebastian somehow manages to take full credit for the discovery...right before forgetting that they have to carry out a follow-up investigation into whether Knightley was one of Dogen's henchmen. After he leaves, Courtney tells Edgeworth that the truth isn't as important to the law as he likes to think, and warns him to prepare for the consequences if he can't accept that the law isn't his to toy with as he sees fit, before taking her leave. Edgeworth thinks to himself that while she has a point about not abusing the law, bending the truth is no better.

That unpleasantness over, Simon joins the group and thanks Edgeworth for proving his innocence, before expressing his fear that - with all the recent revelations about him - Knightley never considered him a true friend. To which Edgeworth presents the portable chessboard, reminding Simon that Knightley trusted him enough to get his help smuggling a chisel into the detention center. Simon gets all overjoyed at this, before vowing to become a splendid animal tamer for Knightley's sake. Giving Edgeworth a flyer for the Berry Big Circus, he and Regina leave.

Edgeworth and Ray thank one another for their help, and Ray asks Edgeworth how it felt to be a defense attorney, adding that it reminded him of the time he spent working with Gregory. Edgeworth hesitates to answer, unsure whether or not he enjoyed it, and Ray asks if he wants to become a defense attorney and save people for real, as his father did, to protests from Gumshoe and Kay. Edgeworth politely declines, and Ray assures him that the offer's open if he wants it, before leaving.

With Ray gone, Edgeworth considers his offer, remembering how he had defended Phoenix and vowed to follow in his father's footsteps as a child.

Behind the Turnabout

    The Inherited Turnabout 

Part 3-1 - Beginning 1

We begin the case with Ray watching the intro for Piece of Cake, a music-themed cookery show hosted by world renowned pastry chef Jeff Master, and his assistant Katherine Hall. Once it's over, Ray looks at an old photo of him and Gregory. He remarks that tomorrow, he'll be taking Edgeworth to "that fateful place", in order to discover the truth of 18 years ago...

We cut to the next day, where Ray and Edgeworth walk into the patio of the Zodiac Art Gallery. Edgeworth asks why Ray brought him here, and Ray asks him what he knows about the IS-7 incident, the last case of Gregory's career. Edgeworth replies that Manfred Von Karma told him about it after he became a prosecutor, he reviewed the case file last night, and that he attended part of the trial for it all those years ago, witnessing his father go up against Von Karma. Seeing that Edgeworth has a good grounding on the case, Ray decides to cut straight to the truth of the IS-7 incident. As Ray gives his exposition, we go back to the 24th of December, 18 years in the past...

Gregory and a young Ray are in the detention center, waiting to meet their client. Said client turns out to be none other than Jeff Master, who was arrested on suspicion of murder. Once Gregory and Ray have introduced themselves, Gregory decides to ask Master a few questions, in order to determine whether or not he's innocent. We learn that Master loves his dessert making, and we also learn that the murder took place on Master's estate, while he was hosting his "Great Dessert Contest", a competition over who can make the best dessert - though as we learn later on, they're more akin to sculptures made of confectionary materials. The body was found in one of Master's desserts, which led to him being suspected and arrested. Master assures Gregory that he's innocent, and Gregory asks about the victim, learning that he was Isaac Dover, one of the entrants in the competition. Hearing Master lament Dover's passing, and again getting his assurance that he didn't commit the murder, Gregory is convinced that Master is innocent, and he and Ray leave to investigate the crime scene.

They arrive at Master's estate - the future location of the Zodiac Art Gallery - where they run into Katherine, or Kate for short in the patio. Kate admits that she was the first person to discover Dover's body, and that she found it during the contest's judging, after hearing a loud crash from Master's room. After urging Gregory and Ray to prove Master's innocence, she leaves to cater for the other investigators, while the two men head over to the crime scene.

Entering Master's room, Gregory and Ray see his dessert, a pirate ship and treasure chest made of chocolate, which has had its lid shattered after the ship hit it. They also see a man in dark red chef attire talking with the detective in charge of the investigation, who turns out to be none other than Tyrell Badd from the last game. After introducing himself, Badd initially refuses to allow the pair to join the investigation, out of fear that they'll tamper with the crime scene in order to help their client. When Gregory explains that he just wants to find out whether or not Master's innocent, Badd relents, on the condition that he accompany the attorney.

Beginning his investigation, Gregory examines the chest part of Master's dessert, which has since had the body removed from it, and recalls that Kate heard a crash from inside the room. He also discovers a signet ring with the letters PH on it. Looking elsewhere, he discovers that the stand that supported the pirate ship part of the dessert has been broken. He later deduces that the sound Kate heard was the pirate ship collapsing after the stand broke, and wonders how it happened in the first place.

With the examination of the ship complete, Gregory gets a photo of Dover's body from Badd, from which he deduces that Dover was beaten to death with a blunt object. Badd explains that Kate was the one who took the picture, using a polaroid camera. Gregory soon notices a contradiction between the photo and the dessert; the photo depicts a blood pool around Dover's head, yet the part of the treasure chest that had the bloodstain on it has been torn off and is nowhere to be found. Badd confirms that the forensics unit wasn't responsible, so who was? Continuing to look around the room, Gregory notices that most of the decorations in the room are actually scupted desserts, and discovers that Master's fingerprints were found on a moon-shaped teapot - that isn't made from confectionery - made by a renowned sculptor named Pierre Hoquet. He also notices a stream running along the side of the room, learning that there's one in each room, and they all go to the fountain in the center of the main hall.

Gregory also decides to talk to the man in red, who turns out to be Dane Gustavia, a pastry chef who considers the art Serious Business, and another entrant in the contest. Dual-wielding candy pumps, he tries unsuccessfully to craft a candy dragon as part of his intro, only to make something that - while perhaps better than anything 98% of the people playing the game could produce - looks far more like a seahorse than the animal he was going for. He admits that while is cooking skill is good, his design ability is somewhat lacking, and that he plans to study the subject in Zheng Fa once the furore is over. After asking Gustavia about himself, Gregory asks him about the contest. Gustavia explains that he had entered in the hope of beating Master, in order to both surpass him as the world's greatest pastry chef, and obtain something known as the "Angel's Recipe". In lieu of mentioning any more, he gives Gregory a piece of paper showing the judging procedure and rules of the contest: Contestants' rooms are judged from left to right before everyone meets in Master's room, contestants are not allowed to use non-edible materials as decorations, and contestants are not allowed to enter each other's rooms before the judging is over.

With regards to the case, Gustavia claims to know nothing about it, having not learnt of the murder until after the judging period. He informs Gregory that Master began judging at 3PM, starting from his room, before going to Gustavia's room, then to the room of another entrant called Delicia. Gustavia claims that Delicia is a dangerous woman who will do anything to achieve her goal, and that apparently she used a lot of cream in her fantasy-themed entry. Once he was done there, Master went to Dover's room, Dover's entry consisting of statues made from frozen sherbert. Badd informs Gregory that the body was found while Master was in Gustavia's room, but that Master continued to judge without knowledge of this, owing to Kate going straight to the police after finding the body; Master consequently judged Dover's entry while the man was absent. He remarks that the police have plenty of reason to suspect Master, but Gregory decides not to push his luck by objecting at this stage.

Gregory then learns that Badd and Gustavia were talking about a picture of an angel hanging on the wall, after Badd had a look at it and suspected something was missing. Gregory decides to take a look himself, soon discovering that - like the teapot - it's not a dessert. Gustavia explains that the picture is in fact the Angel's Recipe; it contains a recipe book within its frame. He adds that Master told all the contestants about it prior to the start of the contest, meaning they all knew its location. Badd brings up the missing object, and Gregory soon notices that one of the corner decorations is missing, just like the chocolate treasure chest and the missing corner. Gregory also notices fingermarks on the picture frame; Badd explains that they found them earlier, but couldn't get any fingerprints from them.

At this stage, everyone suddenly becomes aware that the room is in fact very cold. Gustavia explains that the room temperature's kept down to preserve the desserts, and directs the group to a temperature control panel, informing them that there's one of them in each room. He remarks that anyone who so much as dabbles in dessert making should know the importance of temperature in preserving desserts. Gregory also observes that each of Master's works has a piece missing from it, and taking the broken stand into account as well, he deduces that someone ransacked the room.

With the investigation over, Badd reiterates that Master is the culprit, explaining that with the exception of Master's room, all the rooms in the mansion were locked from the inside. Conversely, Master could have locked and unlocked the doors as he pleased, seeing as he had, well, the master key to the mansion. Badd argues that Master left his room unlocked to divert suspicion from himself, and broke the treasure chest lid to ensure the body would be discovered while he was busy judging. With everyone scheduled to meet in Master's room after the judging, it would create the impression that the murder occured when Master was away.

Gregory points out that it was the pirate ship's fall that broke the treasure chest, as proven by the crime scene photo, and that Kate heard it crash while Master was busy judging; he couldn't have broken it during that time. Badd replies that Master could have set the ship up to fall beforehand, though he acknowledges that he doesn't have any proof of this. Gregory asks if anyone else's prints were found in the room. Badd admits that there were other prints, but Gustavia suggests that they came from when the contestants met in Master's room to hear the rules. Gregory then asks if there were any prints on the other desserts in the room, seeing as someone had evidently tampered with them.

Badd has the desserts checked, and sure enough, someone else's prints are on them; those of Delicia! Gregory, Ray and Badd make plans to head over to talk to her, despite Von Karma being in her room right now. Ray is understandably terrified at the concept of running into Von Karma, and Gregory recalls the prosecutor's reputation for doing anything he can to get guilty verdicts, before admitting that he'll just have to follow the course of action he believes in...

Part 3-2 - Beginning 2

Gregory, Ray and Badd enter Delicia's room, and Ray quickly notices her dessert; a model fairytale castle. Everyone notices that the temperature here's warmer than it was in Master's room. They soon encounter Delicia herself; a short and friendly Englishwoman who has a habit of calling everyone boy - regardless of the fact that Gregory and Badd are both middle aged men - and a penchant for nicknaming people, as we'll learn later. Before the trio can talk to her, Von Karma emerges from the castle to berate Badd for talking with Gregory. He's just as much of a jerk as he was - or will be - in the first game of the series, but he neverless agrees to let Gregory investigate Delicia's room. He assigns Badd to watch Gregory, and leaves to investigate Gustavia's room. Badd admits that he hasn't investigated the room himself, explaining to a confused Ray that the detective who investigated it earlier was one of Von Karma's colleagues.

Delicia claims that the contestants started working on their desserts at 10 o'clock, and that she stayed in her room until half past one, when she left for afternoon tea held in the estate gardens, returning to her room about an hour later to finish her dessert. She mentions that while Master and Kate were there with her, Dover and Gustavia didn't attend, since they were still working on their desserts. Gregory then points out that her fingerprints were found at the crime scene, and after a bit of shock at being found out, Delicia admits to entering Master's room. However, she claims she only did so to study his desserts; all the damage to the room was the result of her sampling them. She also sampled the pirate ship's stand, making her inadvertently responsible for the damaged chest. Ray deduces that she left the afternoon tea early to chow down on Master's desserts, and Delicia again insists that she's not the murderer.

Gregory takes a look at Delicia's dessert, which leads to a conversation between him and Ray regarding the other Edgeworth we're playing as. Gregory mentions that for a grade-school kid, his son's more interested in law books than stuff like fairy tales, and admits that he's worried that he might have trouble befriending kids his age. Ray states that he'd love to be the kid's friend, leading Gregory to remark that he'd probably count as an older brother. That Call-Forward laid down, they begin the investigation, and Badd quickly notices that the cream of the castle is melting and fragile. He and the others also notice two rocks with hexagon-shaped pedestals attached to their bases inside the castle, along with four rolls of blue cloth. Gregory also notices that the two pillars at the front of the castle each have a hexagonal recess. Examining the room's temperature control panel, the trio notice that it's turned up way too high to preserve fresh cream.

With a bit of logic, Gregory figures that the rocks are meant to plug into the recesses, and wonders why they, and the rolls of blue cloth, were hidden inside the castle. He tries to ask Delicia, but the woman won't talk; turns out that Von Karma doesn't want her blabbing to others. After seeing Ray express disappointment at not getting to learn about her stuff however, she becomes a lot more talkative, admitting that the rocks are actually lamps made from rock salt. As for the cloth rolls, they're electronically-activated fluorescent cloth. As a demonstration, she has Badd get the lab boy to rig everything up, admitting that she had hoped to show this off during the judging. The laps are plugged into the towers, the pieces of cloth are hung over the castle entrance and a number of model fairies, and voila! Delicia's presentation of her dessert is complete.

Curiously, the rock salt lamps don't seem to work, and one of the fairies doesn't have a piece of cloth hanging above it. When questioned about this last one, Delicia admits that one of the cloth rolls went missing, along with its rainbow light device (the thing that makes the cloth change colour). Examining the dessert again, Gregory soon notices a problem; as nice as the lamps and pieces of cloth are, they're blatantly against the contest rules, since they're not desserts. He also notices that one of the lamps has a bloodstain on it. Remembering the condition of Dover's body, Gregory deduces that the man was beaten to death with the bloodstained lamp. Sure enough, the blood is found to belong to Dover.

Gregory figures that the fragile cream is due to the improper temperature of the room, and recalls that, surprisingly for a dessert, the knob on the castle door didn't break when Badd opened it. Turns out that the doorknob's not a dessert either. In fact, nothing in the room's a dessert; the castle and fairies are just molds coated with cream! Combining this revelation with his knowledge of the illegal lamps and cloth, Gregory figures that they should talk with Delicia. When confronted about the temperature of the room, Delicia is surprised to learn that she could set it too high to preserve fresh cream. It seems she doesn't know the first thing about dessert-making, and recalling her claim that she entered Master's room to study his desserts, Gregory deduces that she has another objective besides becoming the world's best pastry chef. In fact, she may not even be a pastry chef, and might have lied about her reason for entering Master's room. Whatever the truth is, it's clear she's hiding something.

As Badd calls a halt to the investigation, Gregory wonders why Von Karma would let Delicia be if he found the murderous lamp, and he, Ray, Badd and Delicia all return to the patio to talk to the prosecutor. Von Karma soon figures out that Gregory's found the murder weapon, but he states that its location doesn't change the fact that Master's the culprit. He argues that Master used the rock lamp and hid it in Delicia's room to frame her for the crime and take the suspicion off himself, seeing as he couldn't move Dover's body. In addition, there's no evidence at the crime scene that implicates a specific person. Gregory objects to this last claim, pointing out that a piece of cloth looking just like the ones Delicia uses can clearly be seen in the crime scene photo. He suggests that the missing cloth could have been used to wrap the body, and argues that, since the cloth and lamp originally belonged to Delicia, they have good reason to suspect her. The fact that she's clearly hiding something doesn't help.

Von Karma then claims that Master had confiscated the cloth and lamp for being against the rules, and kept them in his own room for safekeeping. In addition, Dover remained locked in his room, meaning Master was the only one who could have gotten close to him. With these two facts established, Master's the only possible culprit, or so Von Karma states. With Gregory seemingly beaten, Ray calls out Delicia for not informing them about the confiscations, and it turns out that Von Karma had pressured her into not mentioning them. Von Karma then informs Gregory that both Delicia and Master's fingerprints were found on the murder weapon; no-one else could have used it. As for the cloth, Master simply intended to return it to Delicia's room, along with the lamp. Gregory's unable to offer any kind of counterargument, and Von Karma orders him to get lost if he has nothing more to say.

And then Badd objects, claiming that there's still one piece of evidence that he has doubts over. Gregory soon catches on; the owner of the fingermarks on the Angel's Recipe frame is still unknown. If it turned out that they belonged to the killer, it would prove that the killer was able to use the lamp without leaving prints on it. Needless to say, Von Karma is none too happy with Badd for making it possible for Gregory to come to that conclusion. He argues that the fingermarks could be Master's, seeing as he always wears gloves while cooking. Gregory asks if he has proof of that, and goes on to argue that doubts still remain over Delicia's innocence. After all, despite supposedly being a dessert chef, she doesn't even know how to preserve fresh cream, and her creations today were just plastic moulds with cream on them.

Delicia admits that she's actually a pharmacist, not a pastry chef, and claims that she only entered the contest for a chance to sample Master's desserts. Even Von Karma can't think of anything to say, but Badd can, asking if Delicia was the one who left her fingermarks on the frame. She denies it, claiming that she wasn't even wearing gloves, as proven by her fingerprints being on Master's desserts. After Von Karma recovers enough to call her out on her gluttony, Gregory asks if Master's desserts were all she ate from, and Delicia admits that she also sampled Dover's desserts, seeing as his room was empty. Gregory guesses that Dover was already dead by then, before Delicia admits that she found Dover's desserts uncomfortably salty. Von Karma and Gregory head over to Dover's room, only to discover the desserts have completely vanished from the room!

The Ray of the present day remarks that further investigation was required that day...

Part 3-3 - Middle 1

We're back in the present day, and back in control of Miles Edgeworth. Ray informs him that thanks to the missing desserts, Master's trial lasted for a whole year. Everyone assumed that the sherbet sculptures melted, but Ray says that he thinks differently. He adds that Master's desserts - or perhaps replicas of them - are being shown off today, which is what prompted him to come to the gallery, along with his obligations to Gregory.

According to a pamphlet of the gallery, the rooms used by Master, Gustavia, Dovia and Delicia 18 years ago are now named the Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter Palace, respectively. After Ray initially mistakes the Autumn Palace for the Winter Palace, the duo enter the actual Winter Palace. In the center of the room are two sculptures of Taurus and Gemini; replicas of Dover's desserts from back then, while to the sides are two ice blocks bearing information and depictions of certain celestial beings. Also in the room are the De Lites, and a teenage boy with a cow motif. The latter will play an important part in Case 5, but for now, he's not too important, aside from making a remark about the gallery's owner giving up her career to run the joint.

After Edgeworth examines the sculptures, Ray uses the opportunity to take a selfie with the unsuspecting prosecutor, before snapping more photos of the sculptures. He gives Edgeworth one of the copies, and thanks him for coming with him today, telling him that Gregory would have wanted him to get a look at the sculptures, and admitting that he wasn't up for going alone. Edgeworth replies that he was glad to come along, if it meant learning more about his father's last case.

Ray suggests that they leave to get some photos of the other rooms, before a loud scream rings out from the patio. Running outside, Edgeworth and Ray find none other than Larry Butz - now back in his Laurice Deauxnim persona - and a much older Dane Gustavia lying on the floor right in front of him. Edgeworth asks for an explanation, and Larry claims to have seen something that no one should ever have to see, before adding that the old man went down just now. Moments later, two very familiar looking women show up, before Ray notices poison gas coming out from the Autumn Palace. Edgeworth takes charge, ordering everyone to get away from the deadly door.

Edgeworth and Ray meet up later, Ray informing Edgeworth that Gustavia is alive, albeit unconscious, and is currently being treated in the gallery infirmary. The prosecutor then questions Larry, learning that he came here to check whether the gallery would be a good place to take Mandy, his current girlfriend. Upon being asked, he claims to have not noticed anything odd when he found Gustavia, despite his earlier proclamation. Katherine then shows up to apologise for the disturbance, and introduces herself as the gallery's owner, having given up her very successful acting career to run this gallery. Edgeworth suggests that Larry take the opportunity to practice his drawing skills while he's in the gallery, and the guy rushes off to do so.

With Larry gone, Kate informs Edgeworth that Delicia's currently treating Gustavia in the infirmary. Ray remarks that all the people involved in the IS-7 incident have ended up here today, and suggests that it's not a coincidence, before Kate serves tea to both men and leaves to check on the other guests. Edgeworth gives the exact same opinion of the tea his dad did, and Ray notices that the serving plates for the tea are warm now, despite being chilled when he had the tea 18 years ago. That aside, Edgeworth agrees with Ray's suggestion that the current situation hasn't happened by chance, and expresses a desire to be in charge of the investigation.

Kay and Gumshoe arrive on the scene moments later, having heard of the gas attack, and Gumshoe dons a gas mask and heads into the Autumn Palace to have a look around, finding two ice sculptures that look very similar to the ones in the Winter Palace, and a fallen stepladder. The floor's also wet from the room's sprinkler system, although there are no signs of a fire. Gumshoe explains that the sprinkler's alarm system can pick up fire and smoke, and that the sprinklers themselves can only be set off manually from inside the security room, lest they cause unnecessary damage to the exhibits. And no-one noticed it at first, since Kate - the only employee at the gallery - was in the recreation room opposite the security room at the time of the gas attack. Finally, he notices that the room temperature's been turned down to the same level as the Winter Palace.

With Gumshoe busy, Ray suggests they ask Larry for more information, He again claims to have seen nothing out of the ordinary, so Edgeworth decides that it's Logic Chess time. Noting how easily Larry gets agitated, Edgeworth first asks him why he came to the art gallery, and sure enough, Larry angrily accuses Edgeworth of saying he doesn't belong here. Edgeworth doesn't deign to respond, prompting Larry to offer to paint a picture of him. Which he'll then scribble over, he declares. Again, Edgeworth doesn't respond, and Larry assures him that he's joking; he would never deface one of his works of art. Edgeworth remarks that none of Larry's works could be considered art, to which Larry angrily declares that there are people who recognise his talents. Edgeworth says nothing, and it turns out that Larry's referring to Mandy when he says "people", the guy going so far as to say he'll sketch anything she likes. Edgeworth asks Larry why he's here alone if that's the case, prompting another angry remark from Larry, which Edgeworth again ignores. Larry goes on to say that he thought Mandy would be happy if he showed her a sketch of her birth sign - Gemini, leading Edgeworth to deduce that he came to the gallery to see the Gemini sculpture.

Edgeworth then decides to find out what Larry's been doing at the gallery. Upon being asked, Larry claims that he just loitered around the patio, since he didn't have a pamphlet. Edgeworth asks why Larry didn't get a pamphlet after paying his entry fee; Larry's reaction to hearing that the gallery charges entry allows him to figure out that he sneaked in without paying. Larry tearfully apologises, before explaining that no-one was at the reception booth when he entered; he therefore assumed he could just waltz in for free. "Miss Hall wasn't at the reception booth?" Edgeworth asks, and Larry confirms it, before Edgeworth guesses that she had left to set off the sprinklers. Larry sadly remarks that after all of Kate's hard work, the Winter Palace has been ruined. Edgeworth picks up on Larry's knowledge about the Winter Palace, and guesses that he was trying to get inside it in order to see the Gemini sculpture.

Larry admits to it, and Edgeworth decides to find out more about the Winter Palace. He asks if Larry managed to enter the room, but figures from his reaction that he couldn't. With some prompting, Larry explains that he didn't go into the Winter Palace after he saw Gustavia emerge from it and collapse, adding that if that hadn't happened, he'd be sketching the Gemini sculpture right now. Edgeworth figures that Larry mistook the Autumn Palace for the Winter Palace, and knowing that Larry wanted to sketch the Gemini sculpture, he asks Larry what he saw in the Winter Palace. Larry again claims that he didn't see anything, and also that he was thinking about leaving the gallery at that point. Edgeworth reminds Larry of his plan to sketch the Gemini sculpture, expressing doubt that he would give up on that so easily. He points out that Larry could have still seen the Winter Palace's interior from outside after Gustavia collapsed, and Larry claims that, while he may have caught a glimse of something, there's no evidence that he saw anything scary, right? Edgeworth jumps on this, realising that Larry did indeed see something out of the ordinary inside the Winter Palace.

Larry claims that he saw the Gemini sculpture, but Edgeworth points out that according to the gallery pamphlet, the room he actually entered was the Autumn Palace, which doesn't have the Gemini sculpture inside it. Larry admits that he'd thought something was off with the sculpture, and claims that he saw it "transform". Edgeworth asks him what he means by this, and Larry shows him a picture he drew of the scene he saw. It's a sherbet sculpture of Pisces inside a glass display case that's had its top removed and cracked. There's also a pool of some pink substance and a fallen stepladder around the bottom of the case. As an added creepy touch, the sculpture's eyes appear to be weeping blood. Larry claims that the bottom of the sculpture changed shape from Gemini to Pisces, but Edgeworth suggests that he simply confused the Pisces sculpture for the Gemini one. Ray wonders why only the bottom half of the sculpture changed shape, and Edgeworth suspects that someone tampered with the Pisces sculpture.

Gumshoe then calls to inform the group that the Autumn Palace is now gas-free, so they head inside for a look, finding that the scene around the Pisces sculpture bears a close resemblance to Larry's drawing, and that the setup in general is very similar to the Winter Palace. The detective reveals that they found a recently used gas burner inside the room, and suggests that the stepladder was used by whoever removed the top of the display case, before adding that this is what caused the gas to be released.

Edgeworth then notices the Pisces sculpture, and guesses that the other sculpture is a representation of Capricorn. Gumshoe admits that he had mistaken this other sculpture for a Taurus sculpture, due to a bit of cloth that was covering part of it. Ray recognises the cloth in question as one of the pieces of fluorescent cloth from 18 years ago, and the group soon notice that the other two sculptures in the room are covered with pieces of it. They yank them off, revealing two sculptures resembling Aquarius and Aries, the other two star signs associated with Autumn.

Edgeworth guesses that Larry's "transformation" was actually the cloth around the bottom of the Pisces statue falling off. Ray then points out that the Autumn Palace looks exactly like the Winter Palace, and Edgeworth figures that the room was deliberately disguised as such. It means more investigation...and then who should show up but Sebastian and Courtney, intending to take over the investigation once again. It's another hostile reception, with Courtney remarking that Edgeworth hasn't understood her warnings, and Sebastian angry that Gumshoe would allow Edgeworth to interfere in his (Sebastian's) business.

Edgeworth assures them both that he's only working with the police as a witness to the crime, but Courtney insists that he and his lot leave the crime scene at once, moments before Sebastian tries to arrest Larry for the gas attack. He informs the group - or rather, Courtney has to explain for him - that according to Delicia, the poison gas was created by mixing together two chemicals: Normallium - a red liquid that can be found in all manner of every day objects - and Fatallium - a white chemical that is near impossible for the common man to obtain, and can be found in a potent pesticide known as Megatoxin X. Sebastian explains that he arrested Larry because red paint's one of the things that contains Normallium, meaning he's the most likely suspect, right? It's at this point that LARRY of all people voices the opinion that Sebastian's an idiot.

Edgeworth points out that the poison came from Normallium AND Fatallium - a fact that completely escaped Sebastian's notice - meaning that Larry's paint by itself wouldn't be enough to create it. Furthermore, Edgeworth saw Larry outside the Autumn Palace when the gas appeared, but Courtney argues that Larry simply entered the Autumn Palace at an earlier time, and that there's still no proof that red paint is unrelated to the case. Edgeworth suggests that they focus on how the Normallium and Fatallium were mixed instead, and Courtney agrees, claiming that she and Sebastian would have answered that question had Edgeworth not interfered.

To answer the question, Edgeworth presents Larry's sketch, arguing that the "bloody tears" of the sculpture were actually Normallium. Ignoring Sebastian's nonsense about whether this meant a ghost set off the gas, Edgeworth explains that the tears prove that Normallium was inside the display case, and Sebastian demands proof that it was mixed with Fatallium. Edgeworth points to the pink liquid in the sketch, and gets Larry to explain; to get the color pink, you have to mix white and red, the respective colors of Fatallium and Normallium. Courtney however argues that there could be another way the pink liquid was formed, and that Larry's sketch can't be trusted, since he's the suspect. She points out that they still can't confirm whether or not Larry entered the Autumn Palace, and with Gustavia still out cold, they can't get him to testify on this matter.

Having said her piece, Courtney again tries to eject everyone from the crime scene, but Larry interrupts. After a bit of his typical dithering, he admits that he tried to get inside the Autumn Palace earlier, only to find the door locked. Courtney states that she can't trust Larry's word alone, but both Ray and Edgeworth admit that they also found the door locked earlier, backing up Larry's claims. Courtney tries to argue that Larry entered the room during the gas attack, but Edgeworth points out that Larry has shown no symptoms of inhaling the gas, and has no means of protecting himself from it.

Much to his surprise, Courtney agrees that Larry's innocent, and states that there's one more suspect they have to talk to; Delicia. Courtney explains that, as a pharmacist, Delicia would have an easy time getting her hands on Fatallium, and she and Sebastian leave to go and get her. Edgeworth guesses that Courtney suspected Delicia from the very beginning. And just like that, it ends...

Part 3-4 - Middle 2

Sebastian and Courtney return with Delicia, who quickly notices Edgeworth's resemblance to his father. Upon being questioned, she claims that she came to the gallery to visit Kate, having been her friend for the last 18 years, and admits that she knows Gustavia from the events of 18 years ago, though she hasn't been in contact with him. She also mentions that Gustavia recently won a dessert designing competition, suggesting that his time in Zheng Fa paid off. Courtney then questions her about Normallium and Fatallium, with Delicia proving very knowledgable about them...including knowing that they can be mixed together to create poison gas. She also mentions that Normallium is an adhesive liquid that becomes hot as soon as you apply heat, and that Megatoxin X is a product of the pharmaceuticals company she works for.

Gumshoe then provides some more information about the sculptures' glass cases; they have opening mechanisms in their lids, and can store things at temperatures as low as 0°F. The Pisces sculpture's case was set to 27°F, and there were traces of Normallium found on its lid. Delicia remarks that if that's the case, the Normallium would have frozen to the lid. Sebastian's still not sure what happened, and Edgeworth convinces him to let Kay use Little Thief to find things out. Despite Sebastian giving his approval, Courtney tries to stop them, prompting Ray to ask if there's something else the P.I.C. are trying to keep hidden.

Courtney denies it, and asks Edgeworth to tell her who the person who set off the gas was, as her way of checking that he's capable of helping the investigation. Edgeworth replies that it had to be Gustavia, since no-one else was inside the Autumn Palace. This satisfies Courtney, and she allows Edgeworth to join the investigation, though she warns him not to become a hindrance. Edgeworth asks himself why Gustavia opened the display case in the first place.

Kay recreates the Autumn Palace before the gas was set off, and Edgeworth heads over to the Pisces sculpture. He notes that the frozen Normallium covering the inside of the display case's lid would prevent it from being opened, and notices that the lid itself is also cracked. There's no sign of external damage, leading Edgeworth to deduce that the case's temperature was below freezing point, and that the glass subsequently fractured as a result of someone heating it up. He recalls the frozen Normallium and the used gas burner from earlier, and figures that Gustavia used it to melt the ice on the case's lid so that he could open it.

Kay updates the recreation to the moment Gustavia was trying to open the display case, and Edgeworth explains things for Sebastian; Gustavia's gas burner melted the frozen Normallium inside the case, causing it to run down the walls and come into contact with the Fatallium that was also inside the case, thereby creating the posion gas. Gustavia inhaled the gas as soon as he opened the lid, but he just managed to get outside the Autumn Palace, where he collapsed in front of Larry. Ray asks why Gustavia would want to open the display case, before suggesting that he also mistook the Autumn Palace for the Winter Palace. Delicia admits to doing the same, mentioning that the room's entrance looked just like the the entrance to Dover's room from 18 years ago.

Sebastian then moves to accuse Delicia of the gas attack. He reminds everyone that Delicia could easily obtain Megatoxin X through her background as an employee of the pesticide's parent company. He also reveals that a bottle of Megatoxin X with Delicia's fingerprints on it was found in Gustavia's pocket, and suggests that Delicia planted it on him when she took him to the infirmary. Furthermore, as Courtney points out, Delicia could have set up the gas trap within the gallery at her leisure, being a friend of curator and all. Delicia however claims that the Megatoxin X was stolen from her one week ago, and has a theft report to prove it. She suggests that the bottle that was planted on Gustavia was the one that was stolen.

Talking with Ray and Kay, Edgeworth expresses doubt that Delicia would use a murder method likely to incriminate herself if she were the culprit. He suggests that the one responsible for the gas attack is none other than Kate, as she was the only one capable of pulling off all the advance planning necessary for the scheme to work. Ray isn't surprised to hear Edgeworth come to that conclusion; in fact, he seems to have expected it.

Sebastian sends Gumshoe off to investigate the Winter Palace again, in order to try and find out why Gustavia went there in the first place, as he and the others all leave to question Kate. Upon returning to the patio however, they discover the dead body of none other than Isaac Dover floating in the fountain. Moments later, Gumshoe comes running in from the Winter Palace, claiming that the sculptures there have all melted.

Ray remarks that sherbert sculptures have disappeared in mysterious circumstances for a second time, and that everyone from the IS-7 incident is gathered here once again. He and Edgeworth reiterate that this is no coincidence, with Edgeworth stating that they'll have to look into the IS-7 incident to get to the truth of this case. To that end, Ray prepares to continue his narration from where he left off...

Part 3-5 - Middle 3

Gregory and Ray are back in the estate patio, having been ejected from Dover's room by Von Karma. Ray's understandably cheesed off with Von Karma's methods, claiming that defense attorneys and the authorities should work together to find the truth. Gregory - while agreeing with the sentiment - points out that not everyone's willing to go out of their way to ensure justice is done. When Ray asks if this excuses false imprisonment, Gregory replies that at the end of the day, the police can't help but risk making mistakes, and that defense attorneys exist to ensure that those.

Kate then shows up with some chocolate sweets and asks the pair if they want to take a break. Gregory notices that they're overly sweet and a bit misshapen, and Kate admits that she's not the best at sweetmaking; only really doing it for Master's sake. Gregory comments on how dedicated she is to her job, with Kate replying that Master took her in after she was abandoned as a child, treating her like his own daughter. She owes it to him, and she'd do anything to save him.

Gregory asks her about Dover, with Kate replying that while she doesn't know much about him, she did get a photo of his desserts before they melted. She presents a photo of two very familiar sherbet sculptures of Taurus and Gemini, in two very familiar refrigerated display cases. Ray soon notices that the lyre in the Gemini sculpture has its strings missing, and wonders if Dover messed up somewhere. Kate expresses doubt about this, causing Ray to wonder how she can be so sure despite not knowing Dover. Kate claims it was just a feeling she had, but Gregory suspects she's hiding something.

Kate informs the pair that Master planned to use the camera - the only one on the property - to take pictures of all the contest entries during the judging process, but ran out of film after photographing Gustavia's entry, despite supposedly having prepared enough film beforehand. Master just thought he'd made a mistake in this regard, but Gregory wonders if that's truly the case. In any event, Kate left the patio to get more film, and discovered Dover's body shortly after returning. She's kept hold of the camera ever since. After taking a photo of him and Ray, Kate agrees to lend the camera and photo to Gregory, who notices that there are only three photos worth of film left in the camera.

Moments later, Delicia and Badd reenter the patio, Von Karma having kicked them out of the room as well. In Badd's case, he was apparantly getting in the way of Von Karma's investigation, something that Gregory finds cause for concern. Badd goes on to say that Von Karma's currently talking to Gustavia; apparantly Kate saw him sneaking into Dover's room, and he's suspected of making Dover's sculptures disappear.

Badd then provides Gregory and Ray with a photo of Dover's room after the scuptures disappeared, informing them that he wants to find out the truth of what happened, and to hell with Von Karma. Looking at the photo, Gregory notices that the power cord for the display cases has been pulled out, thus explaining why the sculptures melted. Delicia expresses regret about not getting to "sample" more of Dover's sherbert beforehand, with the exception of the strings of Gemini's lyre, which she thought tasted very salty. She denies taking the strings from the lyre, and Gregory wonders why they tasted so different from the rest of the sculpture, before Delicia reveals that she found the letters PH carved into each of Dover's sculptures. Gregory can't help but think he's seen those letters before.

Kate suddenly exclaims that she was right; Dover did make the lyre! Gregory decides he's had enough and asks Kate if she knows more about Dover than she's letting on. Kate claims that she just admires his sculptures for being great works of art, but Gregory suggests it's more specific than that. He presents the moon-shaped teapot he found in Master's room as well as the signet ring found near Dover's body. Both of these items also have the letters PH on them, and the teapot is known to have been made by Pierre Hoquet. In fact, the letters are his signature; Isaac Dover is really Pierre Hoquet!

Badd points out that the signature could have just been faked, but it doesn't change the fact that Kate discovered that Dover was Hoquet. The detective leaves to check the identity of the body, and Gregory asks Kate if Dover's identity was the reason she entered his room. The question startles her, and Gregory asks when the photo was taken. It couldn't have been done during the judging, as the camera ran out of film before Master got to Dover's room. Kate admits that she took the photo after taking the camera to replace its film, but Gregory soon finds a new contradiction; most of the new film has already been used up. Kate admits that she used up the rest of the film taking more photos of Dover's entries after discovering his body, wanting to preserve the sculptures in photo form in case they got damaged in the impending police investigation. Badd asks if she's the one who melted the sculptures, and Kate admits to it, claiming that she accidentally yanked out the power cord while taking her photos. Gregory suspects it's not as simple as all that, but in any case he can't be certain that Kate's lying at this point.

Von Karma and Gustavia then come back into the patio, and Kate apologizes to the pair of them for destroying the sculptures. Von Karma's shocked, but Gustavia tells her not to worry, as Von Karma already knows he's innocent. Gregory tries to ask Gustavia why he entered Dover's room, but Von Karma cuts the pastry chef off before he can answer. The prosecutor then announces that he suspects Kate of being an accomplice, and hauls her and everyone else off for further questioning, leaving Gregory and Ray alone. With nothing else to do at the crime scene, they decide to head back home and see Master with their findings first thing tomorrow.

Part 3-6 - Middle 4

The next morning, Gregory and Ray head to the detention center to meet up with Master. They find none other than Kate, who's just been interrogated by von Karma, but thankfully hasn't been judged guilty of anything besides destroying the sculptures. She apologises for all the trouble she caused the pair yesterday, before Badd enters the room. He claims he just happened to be at the detention centre, before Master shows up. The renowned pastry chef is now a broken shadow of his former self, with white hair and a Thousand-Yard Stare, courtesy of von Karma questioning him for the whole night. A furious Ray demands an explanation from Badd about why he let this happen, but Badd replies that the detective in charge of the interrogation was the same detective who first investigated Delicia's room; it was all he could do to end the interrogation a bit earlier.

To restore his spirits - and sugar levels - Gregory gives Master some of the leftover chocolates Kate made, with Badd making sure they can be given to him. Master loves them, especially after the "tasteless" salt beef and stew he had earlier. Badd makes to head over to the crime scene, but before he can leave, he informs Gregory that Dover was indeed Pierre Hoquet, and that the guy had a reputation for being greedy and having money troubles. Gregory asks why a sculptor would enter a dessert contest, but Badd has no answer for him.

With Badd gone, Gregory informs Master of everything that happened yesterday, before asking about the other three contestants in the dessert contest final. Master explains that he planned to disqualify Delicia for using non-edible decorations, and that Gustavia did well up until the final, when his entry looked and tasted subpar. As for Gustavia's semifinal entry, Master claims that it tasted the same as Dover's entry, something he found strange. Kate offers to show a photo of the two entries later, and Master goes on to talk about how good Dover's sculptures tasted (he didn't realise Dover had been killed until after he'd finished judging, remember), having eaten the strings of the Gemini sculpture's lyre. That explains where they went, but Gregory asks how Master could have enjoyed eating the strings, since Delicia also tasted them and found them too salty for her liking.

Master guesses that he might have hypogeusia, a taste disorder that leaves one unable to taste salt, and found out now because he usually only eats sweets. No wonder he found the detention center's salt beef tasteless. Gregory advises Master to inform the police so that he can have a medical exam, but Master reveals that his mansion has a recipe for a hypogeusia cure, and asks Gregory to go and get it. Kate protests him doing this, claiming that it would mean revealing something, but Master states that it's time to stop hiding things from Gregory, and Kate agrees to go along with it.

As Kate prepares to head back to the mansion, Master tells her to stop living for his sake, so that she can make a life for herself if he's no longer around. Kate however replies that she can't live without him, and promises to wait for his return before running off in tears. Ray asks how Master can say something so mean-spirited, but Master explains that the only reason Kate does anything is to make him happy, something that deeply concerns him. He'd much rather she live for herself, rather than throwing away her life for his sake. Gregory remarks to himself that it's just like a parent to want the best for their kid, a sentiment he knows only too well.

His questions asked, Gregory prepares to leave, while assuring Master that he'll take measures against any more harsh interrogations, and warning him not to confess to anything whatever happens. "If you believe in me until the bitter end, I will definitely get you out of here." He says.

Gregory and Ray return to the mansion patio to meet up with Badd, who tries to act stoic when they thank him for his help, but it's to no avail. Badd warns them that von Karma won't allow them to investigate anywhere but the patio, and is apparantly on edge because he hasn't recieved Dover's autopsy report yet. In addition, he's had everyone except Kate and the police removed from the premises, preventing Gregory from questioning them. Ray's once again angry at von Karma's methods, but Badd assures him and Gregory that he's still happy to help them.

Gregory heads over to talk with Kate, who's still a little in shock from what Master told her. She presents the photo with Dover and Gustavia's semifinal entries; a white unicorn with a mane and tail of red hair, and a red feathered bird on a white mountain, respectively. Both desserts also have designs of red and pink roses, red leaves, and a near identical pile of plants. Those aren't the only things they have in common either; according to Kate, both Dover and Gustavia's entries tasted the same up until the finals. Gregory asks if there was anything else that changed between the semifinals and finals, and Kate reveals that Gustavia's son had been coming to visit him throughout the contest, but was absent during the finals.

As well as the photo, Kate gives Gregory the book with Master's hypogeusia cure. It turns out to be the Angel's Recipe, the same book that was displayed in the picture frame in Master's room, and was up for grabs as the first prize in the contest. Ray realizes that the Angel's Recipe isn't just a simple dessert cookbook, and Kate explains that it's actually a recipe book containing loads of new medical drugs that have yet to be released publicly. Badd asks why such a thing would be offered as a prize in a dessert contest, to which Kate answers that Master is the heir of the late chairman of the Master Group, a major pharmaceutical company who developed the drugs. Master inherited the Angel's Recipe after the chairman's passing, and after having to deal with constant attempts by others to steal it, he decided to offer it as the contest prize to ensure he could pass it on to someone he respected.

Badd's skeptical that the Master Group would be willing to let their drug recipes be given away, but Kate replies that they weren't; they had Delicia - in reality one of their employees - enter the contest to win the Angel's Recipe back. Kate was in on the plan, and supported Delicia throughout the contest to ensure that the Angel's Recipe wouldn't end up in the hands of a rival company, knowing that Master would get in big trouble if that happened. In addition, she wanted to return the Angel's Recipe to the Master Group in a way that would not upset Master. That explains how Delicia was able to make it to the finals, but there's still the question of how Dover - another non-chef - managed to do the same. Gregory thinks to himself that the sculptures definitely prove that Dover had talent, but did he really make them on his own?

Gregory then asks Kate for some more tea, and while she leaves to get it, he and Badd investigate the fountain. The forensics officer tells them that the fountain water has traces of Master's chocolate and Dover's sherbert within it, which Badd guesses came from the water streams running from the contestants' rooms to the fountain. There's also blood in the fountain water, which Gregory guesses came from the bloodstained part of Master's dessert. Badd has a check carried out, and the blood is confirmed to be Dover's.

The investigation over, Gregory remarks to himself that they still don't know why Gustavia entered Dover's room, and there's still something off about his semifinal entry. Not to mention, how could a pastry chef with no sense of design and a sculptor with no noteable baking ability win a dessert contest? Gregory tries to get Badd to contact Gustavia, but then who should show up but von Karma. The prosecutor again refuses to let the pastry chef speak to Gregory, saying that there's no need to question him further now that he's been interrogated.

Gregory decides to ask von Karma about the relationship between Gustavia and Dover, but the prosecutor replies that they were just competitors in a contest, nothing more. Gregory presents the photo of Gustavia and Dover's semifinal entries, and taking the very similar tastes and designs into account, suggests that the pair were working together to win the contest. Von Karma isn't surprised that Gregory came to this conclusion, and he admits that he already knew that the two competitors were in cahoots; Gustavia told him about it last night during questioning, even mentioning that they were working together until the finals. Gregory asks why von Karma didn't tell him this earlier, to which the prosecutor replies that he doesn't give away unnecessary details outside of court.

Gregory asks why Gustavia and Dover would work together, with Von Karma suggesting that it was to cover their respective weaknesses. As for why they ended their partnership before the finals, Gustavia was seeking the title of "World's Greatest Pastry Chef", and so he wanted to win the contest on his own merits. Gregory doubts that they really ended their partnership at that time, as Delicia found Dover's finals entry to be quite tasty, suggesting that Gustavia was in part responsible for their creation. Von Karma replies that Delicia also found part of one of the sculptures to be very salty, hardly the work of a pastry chef of Gustavia's caliber.

Then Ray comes in and mentions something that's been bothering him. How was Dover able to freeze and sculpt his sherbert within the contest time limit, and still have time to work on Gustavia's entry? Gregory notes that Ray may indeed have a future in law, and figures out the answer; the sherbet had been prepared in advance. He states that von Karma was partially right; Dover and Gustavia did end their agreement before the finals, but not before Gustavia made Dover's sherbert! He then asks why Dover didn't help Gustavia in turn, wondering if it was because their partnership had turned sour. If so, it might give Gustavia a motive to murder Dover!

Von Karma asks why Gustavia would reveal his partnership with Dover if it could be linked to the murder, demanding that Gregory show some evidence. Gregory states that Gustavia sneaking into Dover's room is reason enough to suspect him, but then von Karma presents a school photo showing Dover and Gustavia with their sons, both of whom attended the same elementary school. He claims that Gustavia entered Dover's room simply to steal it, out of fear he'd be a suspect to anyone aware he and Dover knew each other through their sons. Therefore he says, there's nothing suspicious about Gustavia, and no need for further questioning. With Gregory seemingly beaten, von Karma states that he has no further time to waste on him, seeing as he's currently busy with an investigation.

Gregory however wonders why he needs to investigate further, as he should already have enough evidence to take Master to court. He recalls that von Karma hadn't recieved Dover's autopsy report, that the bit of chocolate with Dover's blood on it disappeared from the crime scene along with his body, and that traces of Dover's blood turned up in the patio fountain, and decides to apply some logic. It would make no sense for the police to remove Dover's body right after they discovered it, and even if they did, why would they specifically remove the bloody chocolate and dump it in the water? When paired with the missing autopsy report, Gregory realises that the body must have been hidden by the true killer, before the police could arrive and examine it!

Gregory admits to Ray that he didn't want to judge von Karma on the unsavoury rumours surrounding him, but he may in fact have to. He immediately goes to confront von Karma, accusing him of hiding the fact that Dover's body had gone missing, even going so far as to have Badd kept out of the investigation. Ray and Badd are shocked at this revelation, and von Karma tells Gregory to stop insulting him with baseless accusations. In reply, Gregory demands he be allowed to verify the body, but von Karma demands proof that the body disappeared. Gregory points out that the bloodstained chocolate was taken from Master's dessert and destroyed, as proven by the traces of it getting washed into the fountain. It's a move that would have been pointless if the body wasn't taken as well, and Gregory demands to know where it was really found. If the body's not missing, Von Karma should have no trouble answering.

Learning that Badd was the one who allowed Gregory to test the fountain water, Von Karma has him thrown off the case. Not that he allowed the detective to do much anyway. With Gregory having no evidence that von Karma deliberately tried to hide the body's disappearance, the prosecutor declares that the matter will have to be settled in court, with Gregory vowing to reveal the truth von Karma tried to hide.

Von Karma just leaves, and Gregory apologises for getting Badd thrown off the case. Badd isn't bothered, and assures Gregory he's still happy to help, finding merit in his theory. Gregory whispers something to him, and explains to a confused Ray that it'll be his trump card in court, just in case he can't prove Master's innocence. Ray is confident that Gregory will be able to win, and the lawyer resolves to defeat von Karma to save Master...

Part 3-7 - End 1

Part 3-8 - End 2

Part 3-9 - End 3

Behind the Turnabout

Dane Gustavia was a pastry chef with aspirations of becoming the greatest in his profession, but he was hampered in this goal when he contracted ageuisa, a medical condition that left him without a sense of taste. He travelled to Jeff Master's mansion to take part in his "Great Dessert Contest" after learning that the first prize was the "Angel's Recipe", a book full of formulas for cutting-edge pharmaceutical drugs, including one that could cure his condition.

Although Gustavia had somewhat overcome his lack of taste by using his son as a taste tester, his design ability was subpar. To get around this, he teamed up with Isaac Dover - in reality a renowned sculptor named Pierre Hoquet - to enter the contest together. Their arrangement was simple enough; Gustavia would bake the dessert, and Dover would sculpt it into something appealing to look at. At first everything went well and the two men made it to the finals, but then Dover betrayed Gustavia, ending the deal right after the chef had delivered him two batches of frozen sherbet for his next entries. To make things worse for Gustavia, his son had disappeared, leaving him with no way of determining how his dessert would taste.

Besides Dover and Gustavia, there was a third contestant in the finals; Delicia Scones, who in reality was a pharmacist who had entered the contest to retrieve the Angel's Recipe for the Master Group pharmaceutical company, as they were none too happy with Master giving it away as a prize. To hide her inability to cook, Delicia made her desserts by putting cream on top of plastic moulds and adding non-edible props, despite all of this being against the rules of the contest. Katherine Hall, Master's assistant and co-host, helped Delicia throughout the contest, not wanting Master to get into trouble with the Master Group. Master eventually discovered Delicia was cheating and confiscated two rock salt lamps she was using, stowing them in his room.

Knowing that his chances of winning the contest were now very slim, Gustavia broke into Master's room to try and get his cure from the Angel's Recipe, but Dover caught him in the act and discovered his condition. The two men had a confrontation in which Gustavia's head was knocked into one of the rock salt lamps, leaving a bloodstain on it. Dover then tried to blackmail Gustavia by threatening to go public with his medical condition, only for Gustavia to kill him with the other rock salt lamp. Gustavia hid Dover's body in Master's dessert and left the room, disposing of the bloodstain on the first lamp by rubbing it against the strings of a lyre that featured in one of the desserts Dover had made with Gustavia's sherbert. He then hid both lamps in Delicia's entry to frame her for the murder, considering her use of non-edibles enough of an insult to dessert making to justify this.

In the meantime, Delicia decided to go around sampling the entries of the other contestants. She tasted the salt and blood on the lyre, but didn't realize what it really was, and her sampling of Master's entry caused part of it to collapse, revealing Dover's body. Katherine overheard the collapse and came into the room to investigate, before alerting the police after discovering the body and taking a photo of it. Gustavia was unaware of this, and before the police showed up, he managed to hide the body in one of Dover's sherbet sculptures, intending to obfuscate the time of death and direct suspicion away from him. Instead, Katherine - who by this point had figured out that Dover was Hoquet, an artist she greatly admired - hid both sculptures in the mansion's basement and claimed they had melted, not wanting to see them get damaged in a police investigation. As a result, Dover's body completely disappeared from the crime scene.

Master was arrested for the crime, and hired Gregory Edgeworth to defend him, while Manfred von Karma was assigned to prosecute the case. To avoid revealing that the body had gone missing before it could be autopsied, von Karma arranged for a fake autopsy report to be forged, but Gregory managed to see through his plan. The trial went on for a year, and ended when von Karma threatened to charge Katherine as an accomplice if Master didn't confess to the murder. Gregory managed to prove that the confession had been bullied out of the defendant, but Master was still convicted, albeit as an accomplice to the murder. The most Gregory could do was get von Karma penalized for this, which led to the infamous DL-6 incident, in which von Karma murdered Gregory and took his son Miles Edgeworth on as his protégé.

Gregory's assistant Ray Shields inherited his law firm, and spent the next 18 years unsuccessfully trying to get Master acquitted. During that time, Gustavia became a renowned pastry chef after spending three years learning design in Zheng Fa, and Katherine became a world famous actress, while also keeping in contact with Delicia. She bought the mansion from Master's relatives with the intent of turning it into an art gallery, but ended up discovering Dover's body and realizing what had happened all those years ago. Since the statute of limitations for the murder had supposedly run out over three years ago, Katherine decided to take matters into her own hands.

Knowing that the real killer was the only other person who would know where Dover's body was hidden, she rigged up a poison gas trap using some Megatoxin X stolen from Delicia, and the display case of the sculpture containing Dover's body. Gustavia attempted to retrieve the body and was hit by the gas, but managed to get out of the room before it could claim his life. As he was taken away for treatment, Katherine planted the Megatoxin X she had used on him, to make it look like a suicide attempt.

By coincidence, Ray Shields had also decided to come to the gallery on the day of the attack, alongside Gregory's son...

    The Forgotten Turnabout 

Part 4-1 - Beginning 1

Part 4-2 - Beginning 2

Part 4-3 - Middle 1

Part 4-4 - Middle 2

Part 4-5 - End 1

Part 4-6 - End 2

Behind the Turnabout

    The Grand Turnabout 

Part 5-1 - Beginning 1

Part 5-2 - Beginning 2

Part 5-3 - Middle 1

Part 5-4 - Middle 2

Part 5-5 - End

Behind the Turnabout

Brace yourselves, this is gonna be a long one.

18 years ago, the son of Dane Gustavia was kidnapped by his best friend, the son of Issac Dover, as part of a plan to sabotage Gustavia at Jeff Master's Great Dessert Contest. Dover's son shut Gustavia's son and himself in Dover's car, but a blizzard froze the doors shut, trapping both boys inside. The pair of them would have surely died from the cold were it not for the appearance of legendary assassin Sirhan Dogen, who rescued them and dropped them off at the nearby Happy Family Home orphanage.

Neither boy was claimed by his father, as Gustavia murdered Dover and - taking his son's absence at the contest to be a deliberate betrayal - didn't bother looking for him. With no means of identifying them, Dover's son was named Horace Knightley, and Gustavia's son was named Simon Keyes. The trauma from their near-death experience distorted their memories, so that Simon assumed that Dover was his father, and that Gustavia was Knightley's father. He subsequently assumed that Knightley had conspired with Gustavia to murder "his" father, and secretly harboured a bitter grudge against him.

Seven years later, one of the body doubles of Zheng Fa President Di-Jun Huang, resentful of having to endure the risks of the President's job without getting to reap the benefits, conspired with Blaise Debeste and Patricia Rowland, then the Chief Prosecutor and owner of the Happy Family Home orphanage, respectively, to kill Huang off and take his place. As Huang went to the orphanage to meet John Marsh, his illegitimate son with a diplomat, Dogen - who had been hired by the three conspirators - approached him and stabbed him to death. Simon witnessed the murder, and learned that the conspirators intended to have Dogen killed as well in order to eliminate a potential witness. Remembering how the assassin had saved his life all those years ago, Simon set a fire off in the front yard to distract the conspirators and help him escape.

Later, freelance journalist Jack Cameron witnessed Blaise and Patricia disposing of Huang's body, and mistaking it for a kidnapping, sent a voicemail message of what he was seeing to his girlfriend Jill Crane, shortly before the body double bludgeoned him to death with a brick. Learning of Cameron's voicemail, the conspirators staged a kidnapping to make things line up with the "facts", and to deflect suspicion away from the orphanage. They buried Huang's body under one of the orphanage's flowerbeds. The case would later be known as the SS-5 incident.

Dai-Long Lang, the father of Shi-Long Lang, investigated the kidnapping and eventually managed to discover the truth of what had happened on that night. He didn't make it public however, fearing that the truth would cause nothing but trouble in Zheng Fa. He did however attempt to convict Patricia for Cameron's murder, but Blaise tampered with his evidence, ensuring Patricia's acquital and destroying the Lang clan's reputation, and also leading to Shi-Long developing his hatred for prosecutors and the courts.

At roughly the same time, Patricia subjected Simon to a barrage of harrowing interrogations regarding his involvement in the case, and he eventually ran away, terrified for his life. He would spend the next few years desperately trying to hide from Blaise and the body double. Since Blaise controlled the police via his position of chief prosecutor, Simon was unable to go to them for help, and this eventually morphed into a massive distrust of the legal system, and an inability to trust others.

Life moved on over the years. Blaise eventually became head of the Prosecutorial Investigation Committee, using his authority to prevent anyone investigating the SS-5 incident. The body double distanced himself from the people of Zheng Fa to prevent them discovering his true identity, while also allowing Quercus Alba's smuggling ring to cause strife for the country. Patricia got a job as a prison warden after her orphanage closed down, courtesy of Blaise's influence. Dogen was caught and convicted by Miles Edgeworth and incarcerated in Patricia's prison, where he threatened to reveal the truth of the SS-5 incident in order to blackmail her. Crane joined the Prosecutorial Investigation Committee to investigate her boyfriend's death, along with her best friend Justine Courtney. Knightley joined the security firm the body double hired for his protection, becoming one of the "president's" bodyguards. And Simon stayed in contact with Dogen, and got a job as an animal tamer at the Berry Big Circus.

And that's the backstory. Time for the events of the case.

Learning that the body double would be coming to Japanifornia to make a speech following the destruction of Alba's smuggling ring, Simon set in motion a plan that would allow him to take his revenge on Blaise, Patricia, the double and Knightley. First he convinced Knightley to stage a fake presidential assassination attempt, while also arranging for Shelly de Killer to try and kill the double for real, thereby setting in motion the events of Turnabout Target. After Knightley was arrested, he arranged for him and Dogen to play correspondence chess with each other, and sent him a chisel with one of Dogen's signature bells attached to it, thereby setting in motion the events of The Imprisoned Turnabout. Of course, this nearly backfired when he was suspected of Knightley's murder, but fortunately Edgeworth was around to bail him out. Finally he sent letters to both Blaise and Crane that exposed each of their secrets, before he kidnapped Kay, planted a fake letter from Crane on her, and used the hot air balloon he'd been given to advertise the Berry Big Circus to fly her to the roof of the Grand Tower, thereby setting in motion the events of The Forgotten Turnabout. If Blaise killed Crane before she could kill him, Kay's presence would ensure Edgeworth's involvement in the case, Simon reasoned. In order to follow the events of the case, he planted a remote-controlled bug in Kay's Yatagarasu badge while kidnapping her.

On the night Crane was to die however, Simon found none other than the body double waiting for him on the roof of the Grand Tower, along with Courtney. The double had Courtney leave, before firing at Simon with a pistol. In response, Simon landed his balloon on the double, crushing him to death. To prevent the dead double from throwing a wrench in his plans, Simon hid him in the warehouse he used to store the food for the circus animals, using the refrigeration systems there to throw off the time of death. He later dumped the body in a nearby film lot, hoping to frame John - who now worked as a child actor - for the double's murder, an idea that came to him when he saw a Moozilla head prop fall from a roof as a result of John's actions.

Finally, as Patricia was being tried for Knightley's murder, Simon kidnapped John and imprisoned him in the warehouse in order to blackmail Courtney - John's adoptive mother - into convicting Patricia, correctly anticipating that Blaise would attempt to sabotage his cohort's trial. Sure enough, Blaise also tried to have John kidnapped, only for his cronies to grab Blaise's own son, Sebastian Debeste.

Simon managed to manipulate damn near the entire cast of the game, and take revenge on the four who had made his life hell. It was just too bad that he was unable to tame Edgeworth's determination to find the truth...