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Ace Attorney Investigation : Miles Edgeworth

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    Turnabout Visitor 

Part 1-1 - Beginning

It's been a month since prosecutor Miles Edgeworth been inside his own office, having been overseas for most of the time. But upon arriving, he notices that the door was already unlocked. Stepping into the dark room, he stumbles onto a dead body slumped against the bookcase, with a pile of binders next to the victim. Before he could do anything more, a mysterious figure threatens Edgeworth by pointing a gun to his back. The figure then leaves, but not before shooting the frame that holds Edgeworth's old jacket.

About an hour later investigators are combing through the room, Detective Dick Gumshoe among them. Seeing that crime occurred in his own office, Edgeworth himself wants to find the truth behind the incident, especially since it meant the culprit and victim had to be in here for a specific reason. The victim is identified as Detective Buddy Faith, and his issued police revolver seems to been used to shoot him in the stomach. Further examination of the gun reveals only one shot was fired.

A man in a white jacket bursts into the room, crying over the victim. He introduces himself as Prosecutor Jacques Portsman, and reveals that Faith had been working under him. He accuses Edgeworth for the murder, then shifts the blame to Gumshoe when the detective mentions he was the only one with the keys while Edgeworth was overseas. Edgeworth tells Portsman to hold off on any more accusations and let the investigation work itself first. Portsman lets them go as he asks one of the forensic guys to take a picture of him saying goodbye to Faith.

Edgeworth goes on to check on his jacket, and finds a contradiction with the bullet hole in the frame. Since Faith's gun was only fired once, that meant a second gun was used. Edgeworth moves the frame aside to examine his secret safe, and finds that the keypad was wiped clean of dust. This points to someone searching for something in his office, and most likely explains the pile of binders on the floor. The binders are placed back onto the bookshelves, revealing that one of them had a bullet hole. But the hole is too low as Faith was most likely standing when he was shot, meaning the binders were in the wrong order when the murder happened. But that implies the bookshelves were searched twice, once before and once after the murder. The binders are rearranged to see where they were placed during the murder.

Faith's body is moved aside, revealing a set of binders with Gumshoe's name written in blood on them, as well as a missing binder. Portsman again accuses Gumshoe of the murder, but Edgeworth points out the missing binder had part of Gumshoe's name, meaning the killer could have not missed it in his search. Portsman concedes that Gumshoe isn't the killer, but then has a new suspect brought in, security guard Maggey Byrde. She has the master key that can unlock all the offices, after all.

Byrde denies being the killer, saying that she had lost the key around 1 am. Portsman isn't convinced, and claims that Byrde was in the office to steal something. Edgeworth points out that the killer attempted to access the safe, whose existence were only known to prosecutors. And it can't be a lucky find since only two spots in his office were searched, meaning the culprit knew where to look. Portsman then brings up another theory: he had told Faith about the safes and Faith decided to steal something from Edgeworth's office when Byrde found him out and killed him. Portsman then asks that Edgeworth, Gumshoe, and Byrde leave, as they were all potential suspects.

Part 1-2 - End

Even though he was forced out of his own office, Edgeworth isn't going to let that stop him from investigating. He asks Byrde what she had been doing with the master key. She explains that Portsman asked her to unlock and lock his office, aka room 1203, which was next door Edgeworth's. Specifically, she unlocked it around midnight, but then only pretended to lock it at 1:30 a.m. since the key was still missing then. The master key reappeared in the security office around 2:30 a.m. Edgeworth has the door to room 1203 checked to see if see if Byrde was telling the truth, but to everyone's surprise, it is still locked. A fingerprint examination reveals that only the fingerprints of Portsman and Faith were on the knob. At the base of the door, Edgeworth found a note from Faith to Portsman and signs that the the basketball hoop next to the door had been moved.

A search of the hallway uncovers the missing binder, hidden underneath the hallway sofa. Pages pertaining to a case from ten years ago have been removed, a case that was originally handled by the prosecutor who originally used the office now occupied by Edgeworth. Then an examination of the door to Edgeworth's office is performed. There are no fingerprints, meaning the knob was wiped clean.

With new evidence in hand, Edgeworth goes back in to his office to accuse Portsman of murdering Faith. As to how he got inside Edgeworth's office, Portsman tricked Byrde into unlocking it, having swapped the number plates and moved the basketball hoop in order to convince her she was opening room 1203. Portsman then claims he had been in his office the entire time. To this Edgeworth presents Faith's note, which states the detective couldn't find Portsman in his office. Faith must have later stumbled upon Portsman trying to steal from Edgeworth, and got killed for it. Edgeworth then notes that Portsman also later threatened him, but Portsman reveals that he actually has an alibi for the time when Edgeworth discovered the murder. Portsman was in criminal affairs when that happened.

Edgeworth realizes that the man who threatened him wasn't the murderer, but a thief, therefore two people broke into his office that night. It would explain the use of two guns, and why the bookshelves were searched twice. The thief was probably also the one who stole the master key, as he didn't know the room was already unlocked. In any case, this means Portsman's alibi is now irrelevant. Portsman still claims he isn't Faith's killer, and reiterates his alibi that he was at Criminal Affairs while Faith was attempting to bring to him some evidence, a gun and pendant. Edgeworth points out that Faith's note mentioned three pieces of evidence, so what happened to the third? Edgeworth has Gumshoe search Portsman, which leads to the discovery of a blood-stained videotape. Edgeworth promises to have the tape examined for clues, to which Portsman finally breaks down in response.

Portsman is arrested for Faith's murder, but he isn't saying anything about it. It is noted, however, that Portsman's action as a prosecutor have been rumored as suspect and corrupt. Furthermore, there is the matter of the second intruder. Why did that person steal the files of a ten year old case? However, the mystery just got more complex as an investigator tells Edgeworth that he has found a black card with a mark of a white three legged raven. Both Edgeworth and Gumeshoe recognize it as the symbol of the Great Thief Yatagarasu, a notorious criminal who has stolen evidence of corrupt dealings in the corporate world and released the information to the public. Was he involved in the incident?

With this new info, Edgeworth begins to reflect on the incidents of the past few days.

Behind the Turnabout

    Turnabout Airlines 

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