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Edgeworth's memory of case 4 is flawed from the blow to the head he took at the start of case 3
Hence the sketchy tech level (flat screen tv+video tape).

Case 3 of AAI2 will lead directly into DL-6
More specifically, once the case goes to trial, Manfred von Karma will receive his first penalty and take his revenge on Gregory Edgeworth. We already know that the third case will feature both Gregory and von Karma, so when coupled with the precedent the first AAI set for copious amounts of Continuity Porn, it seems natural that the writers would want to tie it in to a pre-established event in the series. What other event is there besides DL-6?

Franziska von Karma will be the one to investigate and capture Shelly de Killer.note 
More like wishful thinking; one of the games in the AAI series will involve switching to her perspective to track him down because It's Personal (In 2-4, he shot her).
  • In AAI 2 De Killer escapes, pursued by Lang.

AAI 3 will feature Phoenix and the Gavin brothers and the events surrounding his disbarment.
When you look at the dates, AAI 2 ends only a week before Magnifi Gramarye's death and Zak's arrest. And consider the relatively small timeframe for the two games (less than four weeks between Turnabout Airlines and The Grand Turnabout).
  • Alternatively, it will feature the disbarred Phoenix who simply gets involved in some sort of criminal incident (he IS still Phoenix Wright, after all) and resolves to solve it (with Edgeworth's help) regardless of his lack of court authority. The Dark Age of the Law would probably play a notable part in it.

What the names might be if AAI 2 gets localized

  • Manosuke Naito: Chester Knight ("Knight" to represent his being the "knight")
    • Fan translation has it as "Horace Knightley."
  • Gai Tojiro: Gerard Castle ("Castle" to represent his being the "rook")
    • Another good one for Gai would be 'Rooks Hightower', thanks to his Chess Motifs.
    • "Ethan Rooke" in the fan translation.
  • Shuji Orinaka: Rocky Cage. ("Rocky" to represent his being a boxer, and "Cage" to represent the reference to a prisoner in a cage)
    • "Jay Elbird" in the fan translation.
  • Isaku Hyodo: Barry Friese ("Barry", which sounds like "Barry" to reference "digging one's own grave," while "Friese" sounds like "freeze," as a reference to ice sculptures")
    • Fan translation has it as "Isaac Dover."
  • Tsubasa Kagome: Robin Crane ("Crane" to match the reference to the rhyme)
    • "Jill Crane" in the fan translation.
  • Souta Sarushiro: Simon Yuki ("Simon" Because it sounds like simian and Yuki because it sounds like a monkey And it means snow something that impacted his life)
    • Alternatively "Simon Key", partly for the pun of "si(MONKEY)" , and because he's the "key" to solving the mystery of the entire thing.
    • Close, fan translation went with "Simon Keyes."
  • Teikun Ou: Rex Leonidas ("Rex" Is Latin for King and "Leonidas" Matches his Lion like appearance)
    • Fan translation used "Di-Jun Huang," which is a simple transliteration from Chinese characters, just like Shi-Long Lang's name.
  • Tateyuki Shigaraki: Clyde Polestar ("Clyde" Can mean warm or snug referencing that he likes to hug and Polestar means the middle point in contrast to Edgeworth)
    • "Raymond Shields" in the fan translation.
  • Miwa Marie: Patricia Rolles (shortened into "Patty Rolles" = "Patrols", similar meaning to the Japanese name)
    • Fan translation used "Patricia Roland."

In "Turnabout New Year" in the manga, Gabriel's death was also murder
Their causes of death were the same, and considering that the killer seemed to want to set up there being a "curse" so that Tucker would get scared and abdicate the presidency, it stands to reason that Gabriel would be a natural start. As for why no one else figured this out, there are several cases in which past murders went unsolved until Phoenix or Edgeworth took the case (see DL-6, SL-9 and IS-7)

Desirée DeLite is the daughter of Bansai Ichiyanagi
  • Because motorcyclists in red.

Franziska was in America with her father when the DL-6 happened.
Bansai Ichiyanagi notes that Franziska used to call him Oji-chama (in the fan translation, Unco Boo Boo), which means she was very young at the time Ichiyanagi is referring to (and at the time of the DL-6, she was two). Since Edgeworth doesn't recognise Ichiyanagi, it couldn't be after the DL-6. Of course, the problem wit this theory is that Franziska is never brought up as being in the courthouse at the time, but since her father was in court, and he and Ichiyanagi were friends, Manfred may have left his daughter in Ichiyanagi's care during the trial, and Franziska doesn't have many if any memories of this because she was, well, two.

The Mastermind is the Phantom.
  • More specifically, in GK 2, Simon Keyes is not yet the Phantom. However, the psychological trauma of the entire incident (and being shown to be a massive hypocrite) led Keyes to abandon his own identity and suppress his emotions. He has the possibility of assassin training from Sirhan Dogen, and was able to impersonate Edgeworth's objection, suggesting that mimicry may be a talent of his. After escaping from prison, he spent years committing crimes as the Phantom until he was finally caught in Dual Destinies, by which point he probably doesn't even remember who he was or that Edgeworth had beaten him.

It fits in with her more-than-borderline-religious view of the law; in her home universe, worshiping the Law as a manifestation of God(-Emperor) probably isn't even that much of of a notable quirk (believing that the Emperor is in fact an Emperess probably is, but nothing heretical given the gender-blind nature of the Imperium). After getting over culture shock, she decided to make herself a permanent resident on the basis of how not-hellish the Ace Attorney universe is compared to her home, although she's ideologically stuck in dogmatic and merciless application of the law.