Radio / The Kevin And Bean Show

The Kevin and Bean Show is a long-running morning zoo radio show on the seminal Los Angeles alternative rock station KROQ. It began in 1990 and is still running today. It is perhaps most notable for launching the careers of Adam Carolla and Jimmy Kimmel.


  • Anti-Humor: One of the longest-running regular guests on the show is the Armenian Comedian, a real Armenian-American hairdresser named Sam who fancies himself a comedian and entertainer, but is actually a delusional weirdo with a questionable grasp of humor and the English language. The hosts of the show are so fascinated by his horribly unfunny jokes that they keep bringing him back.
  • Biting-the-Hand Humor: The hosts frequently take shots at KROQ's stinginess and managerial staff.
  • Chuck Cunningham Syndrome:
    • Michael the Maintenance Man, a significant member of the show in the 1990s, was apparently fired from the show and filed a wrongful termination suit. The hosts are prohibited from speaking about the suit publicly, so they have to behave as if Michael never existed.
    • When Lisa May and Doc on the Roq were fired, Kevin and Bean were not allowed to talk about it for a week. They later brought Lisa May in to discuss what happened and essentially apologize.
    • Dean Schefrin, who replaced Matt "Money" Smith, as the sports guy for a few months from 2005-2006, also left the show with no notice. Publicly, it was said he left the show because KROQ management felt that the show didn't need a sports guy; however, the few subsequent references to Dean have downplayed his presence on the show, up to and including quick denials that he was ever a part of the show at all.
  • Dumbass DJ: The show is an example of the "morning zoo" style of show, with comedy, interviews and give-aways as the main draws. Being local to Hollywood, however, they have a better relationship with celebrities than most other examples.
  • A Good Name for a Rock Band: A cast member will usually quip "I hear they're headlining for Coachella" or some variation whenever a good example pops up.
  • Hollywood Nerd: Ralph's character Roland, a classic angry young nerd who calls in to comment on comic book-related matters. Since Ralph is actually One of Us, Roland's knowledge of comic books is quite detailed.
  • It Will Never Catch On: Kevin and Bean hosted "Gorilla Theater" on KCAL in 1990 as a television extension of the radio show. In one episode, they announce a new song, "Smells Like Teen Spirit," and comment on what a terrible name that is.
  • Lame Pun Reaction: When a host makes a particularly bad joke, usually a tortured pun, someone will shout "File!" so that it can be brought back up in a later "Would You Like to Take That Back?" segment.
  • Male Restroom Etiquette: The show used to have a recurring segment where Kevin would sit in a bathroom stall and try to engage the men pooping beside him in awkward conversation. His opening gambits were usually, "Hey... what are you doing?"
  • Running Gag: A whole lot over its 30 year run. A few notables:
    • "Point for cake." A debate over pie versus cake spawned a long period where the hosts would conclude something good happening as "a point for cake."
    • Santa Karl. Jimmy Kimmel's most popular character, portraying basketball player Karl Malone as if he were Santa Claus and talking to listeners' children.
    • Ralph reading an email from a fan that concludes with a line that sounds very similar to the chorus of a One-Hit Wonder song that Ralph is obsessed with that month, followed by Ralph singing the sound-alike chorus over a clip of the song. It started with "Rock Me Amadeus."
    • Inappropriately dropping in audio from DJ Omar Khan's student film Cucamonga Heat in which he plays a mob boss having a telephone conversation to set up a "double cross."
  • Sassy Black Woman: Ralph's character Lakweesha, who reviews reality television with snide commentary.
  • Self-Deprecation: A hallmark of the show. The hosts are constantly criticizing their quality as broadcasters.
    • One recurring moment is "A Moment With...," which highlights a host's previous blunder or gaffe.
    • Another recurring segment is "Would You Like to Take That Back?", which highlights an extremely unfunny joke told by one of the hosts.
  • Sitcom Arch-Nemesis: Kevin and Bean hated Rick Dees when he was a crosstown rival at KIIS. They would frequently mock him and occasionally play pranks on him. One prank actually made headlines when Dees accused the show of stalking and threatening him.
  • Stylistic Suck:
    • The show usually sends its most incompetent interviewer to perform red carpet interviews. Big Tad started the trend and it's carried on by Beer Mug.
    • The segment jingles created by Omar almost always have intentionally off-key and obnoxious vocals.
  • Take That!: Perhaps the meanest thing the show has ever done was telling Keanu Reeves that he's the worst actor in Hollywood during an in-studio interview promoting A Walk In The Clouds. After making an attempt to defend himself, Reeves stormed out of the studio and has refused to associate with the show ever since.