Quotes: Unwitting Pawn

"That was a good fight. You should be commended...Psych! You're dead meat!! Enemies you've been fighting against, supposedly 'Mechanized Aliens', were actually. our (sic) guys, the missing battlefleet you learned about in the academy. You were killing our guys without knowing it! But I planned that all along! And your death...would be a nice finishing touch to my whole scheme. My special forces are the best of the best and they will be welcoming you with fierce fier (sic) power. See You in Hell!"
Your commander in DoDonPachi, if you fulfill the conditions to reach the game's second loop.

"There is nothing you can say, Dominic. There is nothing you can do. For the first time in a long time, you can only see. So look well upon the fate of your friend. Look well upon my victory. Look well upon the new face of damnation. Look well upon the beginning of the Court of Karnak. And while you're at it, you should be able to see that the cause and outcome of this war were all thanks to you."
Karnak, Dominic Deegan

"If they make greeting cards for helping with evil plans, I owe you one."
Dimentio, Super Paper Mario

Seth: "No... I had almost reclaimed the empire."
M. Bison: "What if I told you everything has gone according to my plan?"

Talon: Oh, Elisa...
Elisa: Hush, it's alright.

Qarr: We have pawns?
Cedrik: Definitely.
Nero: Even though most of them don't know it.
Lee: Destructive unnecessary conflict is pretty much all they do.
Qarr: ...they look like total morons.
Cedrik: They are! Isn't it just perfect?

"And you, Preston, the supposed savior of the resistance, are now its destroyer. And along with them, you've given me yourself. Calmly... coolly... entirely without incident."

"John Locke was not a believer, Jack. He was a sucker."
— The Big Bad, LOST

"I'm the author of this webcomic! I can see to it that I win even if you don't do ANYTHING!'"
Mark, in Stong Radd's webcomic-to-be

My god, I am sick.
I've been used!
And you knew
All the time!
God I'll never ever know
Why you chose me for your crime
For your foul bloody crime.
You have murdered me!

Way To Go, Serge: It will eventually turn out that, for a minimum of the first sixty percent of the game, you were actually being manipulated by the forces of evil into doing their sinister bidding for them. In extreme cases this may go as high as 90%. The clear implication is that it would have been better to not get involved in the first place.

Sorry, but I don't see any patriotism here. All I see is a psycho who latched on to an excuse to kill people, and who's so stupid he doesn't realize he's being used by Luthor.

"If you won't be my knight, you will be my pawn."

"You have to understand, the three of us are just their pawns. Well, you're a pawn. Dave and I are two gummy bears your retard brother stuck to the chessboard."
John to Lance Falconer, Don't Open This Book It's Full Of Spiders

"You were nothing more than a pawn in a game played by a genuine master."
Darth Sidious to Darth Plagueis, Darth Plagueis

"I have seen you in the nightfires, Victarion Greyjoy. You come striding through the flames stern and fierce, your great axe dripping blood, blind to the tentacles that grasp you at wrist and neck and ankle, the black strings that make you dance."