Quotes: Toilet Humour

His movies are ďfilms,Ē in the same sense that colonoscopies produce films.

The Rant: Such subtle, complex humor. Truly this is my most nuanced work yet.

Oh my my, are you dining in the toilet? Aha! It looks so delicious!
Enya Geil, recapping the scene where she forced Polnareff to lick the toilet in Vaguely Recalling JoJo

Never let it be said that Marvin isnít innovative! Itís not just a strip about urine and feces, you see. Sometimes itís about vomit! Copious amounts of vomit! Foul-smelling hot dog vomit, washing over people and furniture like an endless flood, like a natural disaster. Ha ha, the vomiting babyís name was 'Hurly,' you see, because of vomit!

Itís been leading up to this all spring. When David Spade got buried in crap in Joe Dirt, and when three supermodels got buried in crap in Head Over Heels, and when human organs fell from a hot air balloon in Monkeybone and were eaten by dogs, and when David Arquette rolled around in dog crap and a gangster had his testicles bitten off in See Spot Run, and when a testicle was eaten in Tomcats, well, somehow the handwriting was on the wall. There had to be a movie like Freddy Got Fingered coming along.

Rich: I was waiting for the fart joke. It finally happened.
Jay: Was it everything you hoped for, Rich?
Rich: It was everything and more.

Jay: Gordy says raw sewage "smells like french toast." The fire brigade sweep up the shit instead of looking for the cap to stop the flow of shit. What's that? The winds of shit. A truck containing loose toilet paper (apparently), crashes into Sean's truck and everyone gets sloshed with shit—and then TP'd! So, did you like the real shit motif this movie had?

Iím guessing concession sales suffered a bit during the theatrical run of this movie.

After all, this is a movie that within the first five minutes has an extended shot of a penis and another scene later where several small children fill a bathtub with diarrhea while Eric is inside. No, Iíve known long ago gross out comedies have always played a game of 'Can You Top This?' and not only was a movie like this due but we havenít even seen the worst of it.

They're talking—I'm not even shitting you—they're talking about Big E's balls sweating. They're talking for FIVE MINUTES!! about how Big E sweats. And it won't stop. It won't stop. Every part of him sweats. All of 'im sweats. And he's got "lumps". He's "got lumps all over". And they all sweat! Sweat all the time!...His gimmick is that he sweats, his balls sweat. I'm not even fuckin' kidding you, I SWEAR TO GOD, he reaches down into his balls and he whips out a ball-towel from his balls and his wipes his forehead off with his ball-sweat towel ('cause he sweats all the fuckin' time)!
Noah Antwiler on Raw 12/15/14

This should have set off alarms for everyone watching. After all, when was the last time someone wore a white suit in wrestling that didnít get ruined? ...And donít blame us if weíve used that joke a dozen times already; blame WWE for constantly working scatological humor into their angles, whether it be hog-pen matches, dog-poop matches, Triple Hís un-housebroken bulldog, tainted burritos, sewage trucks, or cameras that sleep in baby carriages and soil their diapers.