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Quotes: Toilet Humour
"Come on! Toilets are always funny!"
The Octopus, The Spirit

"Oh my my, are you dining in the toilet? Aha! It looks so delicious!"
Enya Geil, recapping the scene where she forced Polnareff to lick the toilet in Vaguely Recalling JoJo

"Itís been leading up to this all spring. When David Spade got buried in crap in Joe Dirt, and when three supermodels got buried in crap in Head Over Heels, and when human organs fell from a hot air balloon in Monkeybone and were eaten by dogs, and when David Arquette rolled around in dog crap and a gangster had his testicles bitten off in See Spot Run, and when a testicle was eaten in Tomcats, well, somehow the handwriting was on the wall. There had to be a movie like Freddy Got Fingered coming along."

"This should have set off alarms for everyone watching. After all, when was the last time someone wore a white suit in wrestling that didnít get ruined? ...And donít blame us if weíve used that joke a dozen times already; blame WWE for constantly working scatological humor into their angles, whether it be hog-pen matches, dog-poop matches, Triple Hís un-housebroken bulldog, tainted burritos, sewage trucks, or cameras that sleep in baby carriages and soil their diapers."

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