Quotes / Springtime for Hitler

"We searched Broadway on and off
For singers with a cough
We had tryouts and auditions by the score
And to trip the light fantastic
We picked dancers who were spastic
If anyone jetted, we jetted them out the door

They shouted hooray
For that sausage on display
Where did we go right?
Our leading man was so gay
He nearly flew away
Where did we go right?
A show so easy to despise
Now it's up for the Pulitzer Prize!
Oh, where, oh, where, tell us:
Where did we go right?"
The Producers, "Where Did We Go Right!?"

"If you try to fail, and succeed, which have you done?"
Brain teaser

"You fail at failing. No, that's not a double negative."

Marcellus: I heard you was in steam automobiles.
Harold Hill: I was. 'Till someone actually invented one.

"Things I have learned: Never put anything ugly or stupid into your game. Everyone will want one."
Nemo, Puzzle Pirates artist

"I'm so unlucky that if I bought a cemetery, people would stop dying."

"I can't lose! Even when I want to lose, I can't!"
Denny Crane, Boston Legal

Francis: Sir, these guys are going to kick my ass if I win!
Commandant Spangler: Well, that's just gravy. May the best man lose.

"When their producer took the idea of doing a cover of "Noize" to them, the band was less than thrilled. Lead singer Kevin DuBrow hated the song outright, to the point where he and drummer Frankie Banali conspired to sabotage the recording and make it impossible to release... He screamed loud and off-key, doing his best not to give a fuck while ironically forgetting that rock music is all about not giving a fuck."

"You could say 'failed'; I think a better word for it would be 'deliberately tanked.'"