Quotes / So Proud of You

Huh. This is a new feeling. Pride in someone else. Unfortunately, it's overshadowed by all this UNYIELDING RAGE!

You will fight.
And you will do it without crying, for men don't cry.
You will do it without regrets, because regret is the root of failure.
You will do it with hate, because you ran out of love.
And you will do it well, because I trust you...
— "Ode to the last hour"

"I'm so proud of you. You're everything a Watcher... that I could have hoped for."

Gideon: This is going to hit you, and when it does, there's only three facts you need to know. You did what you had to do, and a lot of good people are alive because of what you did.
Reid: What's the third?
Gideon: I'm proud of you.
Criminal Minds, "LDSK"

The Master: Your [The Doctor's] dad's still kicking up a fuss.
Wilfred Mott: Yeah, I'd be proud if I was!
The Doctor: I'd be proud.
Wilfred: Of what?
The Doctor: If you were my dad.

If You are reading this, it means you have inherited my wallet. You have truly become an adult man.
Wield it with responsibility and integrity
I am so, so proud of you

"You did good, son/child. You did good. I'm proud of you."
Admiral Anderson, last words to male and female Shepard, respectively, Mass Effect 3

Congratulations, Power Rangers. Victory is yours. You have gone far beyond the call of duty and saved your world from a terrible fate. The world is very lucky to have you - and so am I.
Zordon, Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers, "Doomsday"

"Son, I am impress."

Gendo:"That boy, he is uncorrectable."
Ritsuko:"Is that pride I hear in your voice, Advisor?"
Gendo:"The boy successfully shattered SEELE's plan for the next step of evolution and gave a big "Fuck You" to Keel Lorenz himself, completely burned my scenario along with any hope of reuniting with his mother, and bit me in half. Literally. Then, he proceeded to refuse the godhood I devoted my life to and the endless ecstasy of Instrumentality so he could return to the deserted wasteland we once called home, only to be beaten half to death by the deranged banshee he fell for… saving mankind in the process. What's there not to be proud of?"

Gendou looked like he was going to say more. Instead he smiled, a genuine smile that spoke of love and how proud he was of the fine young man his son had grown up to be.
HERZ, chapter 10

"Your mother would be proud of you."
Fuyutsuki to Shinji, The One I Love Is, epilogue

"I heard what you two did [help save the world]. I am the proudest father in the world. And your mother would be proud of you too."
Chief Hakoda, Avatar: The Last Airbender

Iroh: I was never angry with you. I was sad, because I was afraid you'd lost your way.
Zuko: I did lose my way.
Iroh: But you found it again. And you did it by yourself, and I am so happy you found your way here.

"You know...when I think on it now...In all the years we've shared, I don't believe I've once told you how proud I am of you. We may not share blood, but that's no excuse for me to not be a better parent. Forgive me. You did good, [Partner]! And I thank you for it."

Shh… I’m here with you… I’ve always been here with you. I’m proud of you Asuka. I don’t care what you’ve become; you’re still my daughter, my baby to me.
Kyoko to her daughter, Thousand Shinji

"He told me to be brave, that he was proud I would be an EVA pilot, and he wanted me to do my best to save humanity."

But Gendo couldn't follow the discussion much longer. The low chatter faded out and the veil before his eyes seemed to grow again, leaving the picture of this family lingering in his mind as the last one before sleep slowly consumed him again.
A family...
Unnoticeable to him, he smiled at that thought. That was what he had always wanted. He had almost forgotten it over the path he had taken in these past ten years, but... they had been like that once too. Only with Yui gone, there had been a critical part missing that he couldn't see replaced by anyone else but her. Without her, they couldn't have possibly been happy.
Now Shinji had all he had ever wanted for himself. A life with people who loved him without question. People he could be happy with.
Gendo felt envy toward his son for that. But most of all, he – for once – was as proud of him as a father could possibly be.

He felt her move, heard the rustle of skin and cloth as she rose from the chair. Then he felt her hand on his knee. "You were there for her, and that's hard enough," she said, so quietly it was barely a whisper. Yet the depth of her caring was obvious and welcome.
When he failed to react to her touch, she added, "It's been a bad day for everyone. Don't feel like you have to worry about homework tonight. You've earned a little break. I'm proud of you."
Shinji could not tell her how much those words meant to him, nor refuse to accept the weight they placed on his shoulders.
Misato to her ward Shinji, Neon Genesis Evangelion: Genocide

So don't give a damn about those armchair Generals second guessing you either Asuka. You're a hell of a pilot - today was the toughest battle we've ever been in and you handled yourself incredibly well. Regardless of our motives going into this, you rose to the challenge today. I'm proud of you - and Rei of course.
Misato to her ward, Once More with Feeling

Asuka: You little brat. Not even your father talks to me that way.
Ryuko: Tch. He calls you out on your bullshit all the time. Misato does, too. I'm not an idiot, mom; I see what's going on around me. How the hell would I have the nerve to speak up otherwise?
Asuka: (laughing and hugging her) You stupid little brat! I'm glad to see you take after your father in ways other than musical talent!
Ryuko: Cut it out, mom! Jeez, you're embarrassing me!
Asuka: I'm proud of you, little girl. I truly am.

"Sir/Mum, you will always be the most selfless and kind person I know. The missus/husband would be proud."
Codsworth at maximum approval, Fallout 4

"Look at you! Already you are grown, my daughter, already you are a wizard. Have I been away so long? Now you are Ir Anûk, and Savathûn cackles and rages at your brilliance. You have written eleven axioms describing the ascendant places, our throne world. You have announced that you will kill one of these axioms, as Akka would kill the truth, and in mantling Akka you will become a God, as I am. If you try it I may kill you, or I may applaud. Well done. And you, Ir Halak, you are a wizard too, as is the way of twins. I have been with Xivu Arath, who complains that you have made a song, and sung it in her throne world, and killed everyone who listened, quite irrevocably. Will we have songs instead of swords and boomers? What have you made for me? It is a tooth shaped like death! I will keep it in my mouth. What have you written for me? It is the course of the Nicha Thought-ship! I will track it down. I made you by cutting one larvae in half. It would not die. Each half grew into one of you. My sword is named Willbreaker, but it never broke you."
Oryx, the Taken King to his daughters Ir Anûk and Ir Halak, Video Game/Destiny

Zor-El: The Kamnium in the lake petrified these animals ages ago. They're not going anywhere.
Kara: Exactly. They're stuck here. But If I holo-photo them all, then a little piece of them can escape with me. It's pretty strange, I know. Everyone else thought so.
Zor-El: That's because no one else would ever see it that way, Kara. I would never say that's strange. That's Hope. That's what the crest we wear stands for. That's why I'm proud you're my daughter.

Stoick: You don't have to do this.
Hiccup: We're Vikings, Dad, it's an occupational hazard.
Stoick: I'm proud to call you my son.

Dean: I'm proud of you.
Krissy: Shut up before I punch you.
Supernatural, "Freaks And Geeks"

You're stronger than you'll ever know, Jeremy. I'm proud of you. I've always been proud of you... son.
The Spy to a dying Scout, Team Fortress 2

"The greatest gift and honor is having you for a daughter."
Fa Zhou first words to Mulan after being reunited, Mulan

"I'm sorry I didn't do none of it right...I'm damn lucky you's my boy."

Nefertari the Elder: The High Priest's seven children were his greatest treasure. When the war ended, he discovered Egypt's peace could live on through them. Forever.
Houy: But now the peace is over. Is that our fault?
Ptahmose: No, my son. You have all done more than a father could ask. I have been so very proud of you, in every lifetime I have lived... and in every lifetime yet to come.

"I knew you had potential, lad."
Kup, after Hot Rod transforms into Rodimus Prime, The Transformers: The Movie

"Gohan, you've gotten a whole lot stronger. That makes me proud."
Goku to Gohan in his victory screen, Dragon Ball FighterZ

"I'm proud of your growth, Gohan. That was an admirable performance."
Piccolo to Gohan in his victory screen, Dragon Ball FighterZ

Thor: I have much to learn. I know that now. Some day, perhaps, I shall make you proud.
Odin: You've already made me proud.