Quotes: Recycled Script

"You'd go to the producer or the story editor and say something like, 'How about a ghost who's an aardvark and he's been haunting ant farms?'

The producer or story editor would consult a list of all the episodes produced to date, and there was about a 95% chance he'd look up from it and say, 'Did it in Season Four' or whatever season it had been in. Sometimes, they'd say, 'Did it in Seasons Two, Four, Five and I have one in the works right now, same idea.'"

Scrappy Days

"I have next to nothing positive to say about this story. It is an ugly train wreck at virtually every level... the entire idea of a sequel to The Curse of Peladon is moronic. I'm reminded of the anecdote of Jack Kirby being told by an artist working on one of his old creations that the artist was determined to do the comic 'in the Jack Kirby style,' and Kirby later commenting that the Jack Kirby style is to create something new. Even worse is the fact that not only did they decide to remake the story (and with virtually the same plot), they decided to make it at 2/3 speed by turning it into a six-parter this time around."
Phil Sandifer on Doctor Who, "The Monster of Peladon"

"As others have commented before, Endgame is a mash up of several old Voyager episodes; a dangerous mission into Borg territory (Dark Frontier), matured characters coming back from the future to change the past (Timeless) and most importantly of all Janeway’s terrible choice to have to get her crew home or stop an enemy from exploiting technology (Caretaker). The fake Janeway infiltrating the enemy was handled in The Thaw and the pregnancy during jeopardy was done to much better effect in Deadlock (along with the duel Janeways). There’s nothing here that we haven’t seen before done better... How a show can be so hampered by the weariness of its writers baffles me, there is just so little here to get excited about as we chalk up one Voyager cliché after another.
Doc Oho on Star Trek: Voyager, "Endgame"