Quotes / Powered Armor

Heavy Duty: Standing in front of you are Delta-Six accelerator suits.
Ripcord: What's it accelerate?
Heavy Duty: You.

Face it, real super powers are way too unbelievable for today's sophisticated readers. Fans want something more realistic - like armor sturdy enough to withstand any force yet lightweight enough to be worn like a leisure suit and collapsed into a briefcase. Now that's realistic. And even better if it comes with big guns.
Marvel Year in Review 1993

Strapped into Powered Armor,
Got the ladies always lookin' at me,
They can't believe the size of my
over-engineered codpiece.
"Terran Up The Night" by TAFKAL80ETC

I had to admire the power armor. Even the idea of power armor, it was kind of scary to me. Putting together a piece of machinery that could bend steel bars and punch through concrete was impressive enough on its own, but doing that and then climbing into said machinery, walking around in it, knowing that a single malfunction could cause a potential catastrophic failure? Being trapped in that armor, or worse, having it accidentally leverage that terrible strength against the wearer inside?

Power Armor is for pussies.
Duke Nukem, Duke Nukem Forever

Iteration X shock troops sum up the armour issue in two simple words: Exo-skeletons suck. While they may look good on the posters, six-inch thick armour-plated suits are slow and difficult to maneuver. While it's fun to watch the effect one has on a bunch of Reality Deviants while you're playing Metallica through the external speakers, it's rather pointless if the herd can easily outrun you. Thus, Q Division and the Clockwork Convention have put a lot of work into a suit of armour that is, as they say, sexy as all hell.
Mage: The Ascension - The Technomancer's Toolbox