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Quotes: Power Perversion Potential
Sock: (To Jonathan) I just realized, I can get into your house whenever I want!

A Fan: Oda-sensei. Since Luffy is a Gomu Human, does that mean his penis can stretch, too?
Another Fan: Yo! This is the first time we've talked, Ei-chan. (Ehehe!) I'm so SHY! So anyway, I have a question. "Buggy the Clown" can split himself in pieces, right? So of course, he can also do that DOWN THERE, if you know what I mean... I can't say any more. I won't let you say any more. Don't draw anything until you answer this question!!
Somehow integrate her supernatural abilities into our sex life. Really... is there any other answer?
I_Am_A_Spoon, when asked in a forum poll how he would react to discovering that his girlfriend is a supernatural creature

"I remember back when I was a kid there was a comic strip called Plastic Man. His body was elastic and he could make his extremities as long as he wanted. As a youngster I didn't fully appreciate. But I'm now thinking Plastic Man was probably pretty popular with the ladies."

Clark: In the last few months, I've been hearing things, you know? Things I couldn't before, like - like over there. Jenny's telling Pete Ross her folks are going out tonight.
Lana: That little tart! You heard that?
Clark: And I can see things too, like in the gym. Ms Stevenson's inside, putting up decorations for the dance. Somebody should be holding that ladder.
Lana: You're saying you can see through walls? So how many times have you peeked into the girl's locker room, huh?

An invisible boy in the girls' locker room. Why didn't I think of that?
Terry, Batman Beyond

Pete: Did you ever use your X-ray vision to look in the girl's locker room?
Clark: I never use my powers for personal gain.
Pete: Clark...
Clark: Okay. Maybe once.

Well, yeah, I would give anything to be able to turn invisible. Well, I wouldn't use my powers to beat people up, but I'd use my powers to protect the girls' locker room.

"And he immediately defiles the holy gift given to him."
Mike Nelson, at the end of MST3K's screening of Puma Man

"You know, I think you ought to get [Brodie] some help. He seems to be really hung up on super heroes' sex organs."

(Polnareff and Kakyoin are in the Dreamworld.)
Polnareff: Man, what is this?
Kakyoin: the world inside of dreams!
Polnareff: Dreamworld? Oh, just a dream. Whelp, guess I'll just relax.
(Polnareff lays back.)
Kakyoin: This isn't the time for such things!
Polnareff: Come on, soft serve!
(An ice cream cone appears in Polnareff's hand.)
Polnareff: Whaohs!
Kakyoin:! So then... I wish.
(Relius Clover and Zato-1 appear. They give Kakyoin their autographs.)
Kakyoin: Whoa, they're here!
Narrator: They were both enjoying Dreamworld, except...
Kakyoin: Next to that Anime heroine I like... I wish, I wish!
(Death 13 appears, ruining Kakyoin's wish.)

Thursday Next: I assure you I'm not going to the Real World for the sex.
Professor Plum: When tourism was permitted, many visitors used it for little else.

Reggie: I guess if you only got stuck with one power, invisibility isn't so bad.
Delsin: No kidding, right? I've been planning what I would do if I could turn invisible since I hit puberty.
Reggie: ...Aaand this conversation is now over.

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