Quotes / Playing with Fire

YOW! This kid's playin' with fire! Let's scram boys!
Crabster, Cucumber Quest

Torajii, Doctor Who, 42

Of course you should fight fire with fire. You should fight everything with fire.
Jaya Ballard, task mage, Magic: The Gathering, "Sizzle"

Look into those flames, supplicant! Raise your head, look! Is that what you wish to hold, supplicant? Is the shaping of flames what stirs your heart? Know that flames can burn, and if you would learn their power, you must suffer their touch.
Ignus' teacher, Planescape: Torment

Hotter than the sun, feel my fire
Pyromaniac, my desire
Thought that you could see the truth
'Til I just burned down the booth
Human Torch can't fuck with me
Johnny Blaze? Suspect B
Strike 'em quick, lightning fast
Melt them bitches down to ash
Gasoline, kerosene
Strike the match, ignite the scene
Shit will never be the same
Feel the fury of my flame
Beg for mercy, it won't help
Embrace the ending you were dealt
Seems you fucks will never learn
Now sit back and watch me burn
— "I Burn" (explicit version), Yang Xiao Long's Image Song, RWBY

You... You're... But your attacks are meaningless here! I am the master of this dimension. Varik, I am going to burn you to such a crisp, your ashes will scream for water!
Dr. Andonuts entering his Fire phase, The Halloween Hack

She sat upright, face contorted into an angry scowl, her fists suddenly ablaze with flame.