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Quotes: Painful Rhyme
Aram: I'm actually here to pass out this formal complaint against his existence.
Complaint: "Articles XII-XVI: Incidents involving the word 'strife' in conjunction with the word 'life'."

Bertie: I meant the fact that it rhymes, Jeeves. 'Sweden.' 'Needin'.
Jeeves: Almost, sir.

"Look, Aladdin was a great Disney cartoon, and its songs won Oscars and are in the AFI lists. But: One step ahead of my doom. Next time I'd better use a nom de plume, is a cringe-inducing lyric."
This CRACKED article.

The rhyme obliges me to this; sometimes.
Monarchs are less imperative than rhymes
Lord Byron, after a particularly painful rhyme in Don Juan

Just because you can rhyme the words "lyrical" and "miracle" doesn't mean that you are one.
The Rap Critic, guest appearance on Bad Movie Beatdown

And a song I was writing is left undone
I don't know why I spend my time
Writing songs I can't believe
With words that tear and strain to rhyme
Simon and Garfunkel, "Kathy's Song"

Aaron: Don't talk about love
Or you'll have to say,
"Fits like a glove" or
"As certain as push comes to shove,
You will pine for the person
You're constantly thinking of."
Curtains, "I Miss the Music"

She's electric
She's in a family full of eccentrics
She's done things I never expected
And I need more time
She's got a sister
And god only knows how I've missed her
On the palm of her hand is a blister
And I need more time
Oasis, "She's Electric"

She's got a brother
We don't get on with one another
But I quite fancy her mother
And I think that she likes me
She's got a cousin
In fact she's got 'bout a dozen
She's got one in the oven
But it's nothing to do with me
Oasis, "She's Electric"

When you sing through the verse and you end in a scream
And you swear and you curse 'cause the rhyming ain't clean
The Who, "Guitar and Pen"

Rhymey: There's no need to make a fuss / there is nothing he can do to us.
Ace Ray: And you... will YOU STOP WITH THAT RHYMING!
Rhymey: I fail to see why you mock / me for the way that I talk. / My entire family speaks in rhyme. / We have been doing so for a long, long time. / There is nothing wrong with what I do. / But I would say something is wrong with you.

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