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Quotes: Never Trust a Trailer
"When the picture opened, it was a big, big flop...I went to David Picker and said, 'You can't do this. No wonder the fucking picture is failing. It's giving the wrong impression. You make it look like a thriller and it's not, it's a satire.'"

"In the previews, this moment was built up as a huge, dramatic scene promising a big moral crisis for our heroes. Considering what we get, it's highly possible that Movie Trailer Voiceover Guy also sells billions of dollars worth of used cars and swampland real estate every year."

"You know all that monster-punching in the trailer? Literally all of it takes place in the first ten fucking seconds of the movie. Some dude is going on and on, braggin' about the tales of Hercules, and he's like 'he fought this lion real good one time' [lion clip], and 'then he fought this hydra' [hydra clip], and 'also this boar thingy' [boar clip], and you're like...but...wait...if he already punched all the monsters, then what is Hercules going to do for the whole rest of this movie, which presumably isn't just 84 seconds long?"
Lindy West, "Brett Ratner's Hercules Is Bullshit and I Will Never Forgive Him"

"Before I get into anything, who was the drugged up dipsh*t who made up the trailer. It has absolutely nothing to do with the actual movie. The trailer would have you believe Crowe’s character was having a private war with DiCaprio’s character. It makes it look like Crowe is setting up plots to kill DiCaprio and that Crowe’s character is bent and corrupt. That is not what this movie is about. What is really weird is that the dialog in the trailer is cut from all over the movie and not just between Crowe’s and DiCaprio’s character. So now you have our title characters making threatening statements against other characters, but are now making it look like in the trailer that they are threatening each other. I just can’t believe that. I literally have to ask what they were smoking when they made the trailer."

"There's a stealth tutorial early on when Ellen Page is training for the CIA in a sequence borne out of David Cage watching the opening sequence to The Silence of the Lambs at some point... The problem is that, besides the tutorial, these mechanics are used on only one other occasion, which — by staggering coincidence — turns out to be the bit that was in the gameplay trailers. Now that's just dishonest, David Cage!"

"According to the now-infamous trailer, Snake is the one who fights Fortune, not Raiden, and Snake is the one who walks through the bloody corridor next to the transformer room; he fights a harrier jet too, but this time it’s on the Verrazano Bridge! He even meets Cyborg Ninja. It was all lies, of course.

These lengthy, exciting clips got massive attention at the time, crashing the Konami servers due to the enormous traffic, and cementing the idea that it would be everybody’s favourite smoker who would do the sneaking and shooting throughout the entire game. Cheekily, the trailer ends with the mysterious words 'MGS2 Submerges”, which meant that nothing more would be revealed until the game was released. It was a press blackout. Altogether, the trailer poured gasoline on the already huge fire of hype."
Terry Wolf, "The Selfish Meme"

"Though we were shown trailers that made it look like the game would have tiny little flies that were as detailed as the whole environment, in the final game, everything smaller than a fucking wall looks like it was ripped from YouTube...Duke Nukem 3D had more interactivity in 1996."
George Weidman on Rage

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