Quotes / Never Trust a Title

What the fuck? You can't even trust the damn title!
The Angry Video Game Nerd on Plumbers Don't Wear Ties upon seeing a plumber, in fact, wearing a tie.

First of all: I don't get the title. "Flight to Egypt"? You're not flying, you're riding on a donkey—or an ass, if you'd prefer. What airline is this? Ass Express? And yes, I know the word "flight" doesn't necessarily mean aviation. But hey, it's a fuckin' joke.
The Angry Video Game Nerd again, on one of the games on The King of Kings

"Super" Pitfall...one of the most deceptive uses of the word "super" in video game history.
The Angry Video Game Nerd yet again, on Super Pitfall

This song has nothing to do with fucking kids, by the way.
Intestinal Disgorge, I'm Going To Fuck Your Kid

Greg Wyshynski: Some one said this on Twitter before and I didn't realize it...the show's not actually about a hobo?
Jeff Marek: No, it's about a dog! It's a hybrid of a German shepherd and a husky.
Wyshynski: Wait, the dog's a... it's about a dog?
Marek: Yeah, dude. You never watched The Littlest Hobo?
Wyshynski: NO! Where the fuck am I gonna see Littlest Hobo?! We don't put this shit on the air over here!
— The hosts of Marek vs. Wyshynski discussing The Littlest Hobo

NOTE: No battle actually takes place at Procyon.
— Disclaimer in the credits of the video game Treasure Planet: Battle at Procyon

Gadget's not really doing a lot of saving Christmas is he? He's more like... Guantanamo-ing Christmas.
Nostalgia Critic on Inspector Gadget Saves Christmas