Quotes / Near Villain Victory

My plan is actually working, except knowing the writers, I'll probably lose anyway.
Bowser, Super Mario Bros The Parody Series episode 3

So close. I was so CLOSE!
Megatron, Beast Wars Season 2, Episode 9; Code of Hero

"Three more ticks and Goldfinger would have hit the jackpot."

Stand witness, Time Lord. Stand witness, children. Your strategies have failed, your weapons are useless, and...oh. The end of the universe has come.
Davros, Doctor Who, "Journey's End"

You have to give something to George Lucas. He really knows how to make the climactic situation of the movie seem utterly hopeless for the heroes on multiple fronts at the same time. By this point in the movie, the droid army has conquered the Gungans, Anakin is about to get captured or worse on board the Trade Federation headquarters ship, Qui-Gon is dying, Obi-Wan is hanging on for dear life by fingers that are just about to give out, and Padmé has been captured by droids inside the palace.

"He would win some. I would almost win others."
Megamind talking about his battles with Metro Man.

How does it feel?! To get so close to your ascension, and end up on the ground?!
Barry to Savitar, The Flash (2014)