Quotes / Jumping the Shark


"Yup, the shark had its slippers on, was relaxing on the couch, now it's hurriedly getting dressed while his wife shrieks at him, 'I thought you weren't doing jumps this late anymore!'"
Mike Nelson, Spider-Man 3 RiffTrax

Web Animation

"It was a shark. You jump the shark. Just like Homestarrunner.com."
Homestar Runner: Hallrunner


"They donít just jump the shark, they go back and beat the shark to death, then chop itís body into chum to attract more sharks! Which is cool. Heh. Chopped sharks."
Jarry's Kid, explaining the recent plot twists in Guilded Age

Web Original

"Always a devoted fan to this bright, funny family show when I was a kid (I didn't even mind the previous season's shark), when the Happy Days producers had Fonzie go blind at the start of this sixth go-around, this 13-year-old quit checking in so regularly with the Cunninghams."

"There is a longstanding and not particularly interesting debate over what the killing blow for the classic series was. I say it is uninteresting because it is, quite frankly, supremely easy to answer."

"Itís hard to watch The Twin Dilemma these days without getting a sense that weíre watching the show commit a form of suicide."

"Imagine the pitch meeting. "Okay, so Voyager is cruising through space where they come across an old truck hanging in space and when they get it on board they pick up an SOS signal in Morse code from a nearby planet where Amelia Earhart is chilling out!" Any reasonable person would do their best Alan Sugar impression and say "youíre fired", but no, they jumped all over it and in a way you have to kind of admire that they did. However, as we head into a season that flaunts some outrageous concepts (yeah Tom and Janeway lizard babies, Iím looking at you), this is a warning that this show is about fall off the rails."
Joe Ford, "Captain weíre picking up a distress call from an ocean planetÖitís the crew of the Marie Celeste!"

"WWF put their title on future A-List actor The Rock. WCW put their title on past, present and future D-List actor David Arquette."

"The lesson to be learned from all this?

Is there one?

I mean, you ever heard the story about the snake? 'Bitch, you knew I was a snake.'

This is television. You can't expect it not to break your heart. If you expect greatness, pretty generally, you will be thwarted, just like in other mediums.

What is rare, however, is a show to start so well and devolve to this level on so many facets of its creation and execution."
Neal bailey on Smallville

Web Video

"This prompts Kirk to make what I believe is the first Star Trek fart joke. Hard to believe that three films prior he was battling a villain who quoted Melville, and now is an inch away from 'pull my finger.'"

Matt: Jump the shark! Jump the shark!
Pat: I don't wanna jump the shark! ...Aw, we jumped it.

"We've established that Renegade 3 didn't so much jump the shark as repeatedly jump up and down on the shark whilst screaming 'Look at me, I'm Mr. Jumpy Sharko!'"
Dr. Ashen

"Let me make one thing perfectly clear: this is not jumping the shark. I'll repeat that again. This is not jumping the shark. Oh, no, no, no, no. (Beat) This is jumping the shark, coming back, shooting it in the balls, raping it, EATING ITS FLESH, CONSUMING ITS SOUL, MOUNTING ITS HEAD ON THE WALL, AND THEN DOING THE SAME THING TO TWELVE MORE FUCKING SHARKS JUST TO BE SAFE!"
The Nostalgia Critic, on seeing the Rock Biter singing "Born to be Wild" in The Neverending Story 3.

Bardock: Hey! You! What year is it?
Chilled: 2222
Bardock: B.C. or A.D.?
Chilled: The hell are those?
Bardock: [deadpan] I'm in the fucking past. [enraged] OF ALL THE STUPID! [Headdesk] ASININE! [punches ground] SHARK JUMPING BULLSHIT! [headdesks again, goes Super Saiyan]
Dragon Ball Z Abridged, "Episode of Bardock"

Beth: There comes a time when life gets you down, and the ratings are low.
Tim: Gotta do what it takes, gotta up the stakes, 'til there's nowhere left to go!
Both: Shaaaaa-aaark Jumping! Making some friends on the way together we're Shaaaaa-aark Jumping!
Shark Jumping Theme Song.

Real Life

I next joined Pierce and co at the premiere of Die Another Day in 2002, which marked the 40th anniversary of the series. When asked later what I thought of the film, I merely said ďinterestingĒ. In truth I thought it just went too far — and thatís from me, the first Bond in space! Invisible cars and dodgy CGI footage? Please! They gave the public what they wanted, though maybe they too realised there was only so far they could push it before Bond became a caricature of himself, and the funeral directors were called in.
—A lesson in how to properly shade by Sir Roger Moore