Quotes / Interplay of Sex and Violence

"Steve, shooting a gun is just like being intimate with a woman. First you inspect it to make sure it is clean. Then you grab it by the butt and jam the magazine in. If it doesn't fit, make it."
Stan, American Dad!, "For Whom the Sleigh Bell Tolls"

"It was impossible not to see that the love scenes were filmed like murder scenes, and the murder scenes like love scenes... It occurred to me that in Hitchcock's cinema... to make love and to die are one and the same."

"What is it with him and women? In Metal Gear Solid 1 and 2 women only really existed to die some mawkishly tragic death at some point, with the closest things to romance in the series taking place largely between men, but this is no worse than, say, most action movies. And it's considerably more progressive than a lot of stuff that comes out of Japan, the country where sex crime is the foundation of the entertainment industry. It worsened somewhat with Metal Gear Solid 3. I'm thinking of that one female character who constantly wore a jumpsuit unzipped to the navel so that her bra-encased titties swung free, which strikes me as the equivalent of a male character who spends the entire game with their trousers around their ankles. And the tragic story of the other female character who apparently had to go into war while heavily pregnant, and whose baby was cut from her womb by the evil conspiracy. A baby which, judging by the scar she was left with, the evil conspiracy had considerable difficulty finding....Things only got really weird in Metal Gear Solid 4, and the themed series of boss fights termed "Beauty and the Beasts"... after beating them, they slither out of the robot suits apparently wearing skin-tight plastic bin liners, and then they writhe around on the ground posing, sticking their chests and buttocks out for the camera, and rambling in incoherent madness. And then you shoot them. With your big gun."

Okay dude, I just-I just finished so I'm gonna need like five minutes over here to recharge- (Punched in the face) Nevermind, we're back in business!"

"I know, I have to get away from that bad boy thing. There's no good there. But I can't help thinking — isn't that where the fire comes from? Can a nice, safe relationship be that intense? I know it's nuts, but... part of me believes that real love and passion have to go hand in hand with pain and fighting. [vampire leaps out at Buffy; she stakes him without pause] I wonder where I get that from?"

Fitz: What is death, Panhandle?
Penhaligon: The finest aphrodisiac in the world Dr Fitzgerald.

Satan Girl was in a state of excitement that was almost sexual arousal. Her mouth was open and she was sucking in breath, probably trying to curse and not being able to get words out, her hate being so strong. Her lips twitched with the effort. Her arm was raised and it was coming forward so quickly a corona of air friction formed about it.
Kara's arm blocked it, parried, as her other hand smashed hard into Satan Girl's mouth.
No more time for reflection. No time for analysis. The battle was on.