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Quotes: Idiot Plot
"How mortals take the gods to task!
All their afflictions come from us, we hear
And what of their own failings? Greed and Folly
double the suffering in the lot of man."
Zeus, in The Odyssey, pointing out how the story of the Trojan War and its aftereffects often amounts to this.

"Tom Hanks and Peter Scolari's woman costumes were about as believable as two men in wigs making no effort to disguise their voices. They lived in a world where everyone was so easy to trick, there was no need for the elaborate scheme. They might as well have put a jar of mayonnaise on roller skates and shoved it into the manager's office shouting, "That's not male mayonnaise! Rent her an apartment! Actually, RARGH! I'm God! Rent an apartment to Tom Hanks and Peter Scolari!"

Jay: If I were that lady, I'd be like, 'Those two are fighting each other. Imma get outta here now. I got out of the temple, I'm off.'
Rich: Well, to be fair, she knows that that thing has to die, or the aliens might be trapped in Antarctica where they can't hurt the rest of humanity.

"So the plot is that someone's trying to kill Amidala for reason, and Anakin and Obi-Wan are assigned to protect her. So, she doesn't sleep in an interior bedroom of this building with no window where it's safer, but rather in a room where the blinds are half-open in a city where nine hundred quadrillion people can see her—especially the robot that's here to kill her. They say they're doin' this so she can be bait to lure out the assassin—but she turns off any camera surveillance so she can have her privacy. Is that more important than your life, you dumb bimbo? You could at the very least aim the cameras at the windows, 'cause that's the only way in! ...Also, it's revealed in a bit that this assassin is a shapeshifter, which could very well be the most advantageous attribute that an assassin could possibly have. But instead he went with the whole 'bugs through the window' approach. Y'know, the classic."

Data:: The transporters conveniently failed after sending Picard, so I'm going to leap across space to get to Shinzon's ship.
Geordi: What about the transporters in the shuttles?
Data: Shut up.
Geordi: What about the Captain's Yacht?
Data: Shut up.
Geordi: Why didn't we just send a bomb instead of Picard?
Data: Shut up.
Geordi: What about the transporters in the cargo bays? They're independent units, remember?
Data: What part of "shut the fuck up" do you not understand? This is my big heroic exit, asshole. Don't fuck it up.

"Funny, how some movies will seduce you into their stories while others remain at arm's length. Titanic was just as artificial and effects-driven as Hard Rain, and yet I was spellbound. Maybe it was because the people on the doomed ship had no choice: The Titanic was sinking, and that was that.

Hard Rain, there is a bad guy (Morgan Freeman) who has a choice. He wants to steal some money, but all during the film I kept wondering why he didn't just give up and head for dry ground. How much of this ordeal was he foolish enough to put up with? Water, cold, rain, electrocutions, murders, shotguns, jet-ski attacks, drownings, betrayals, collisions, leaky boats, stupid and incompetent partners, and your fingertips shrivel up. Is it worth it?"

"The plot is bad just because any amount of common sense cop work would solve this case. There is one scene where Dave is framed for murder. Dave is shot at in the dark and Dave fires blindly in that same direction. When he goes over to investigate, he finds the body of an informant he was going to meet thereby framing him for murder. Of course that becomes a plot cul de sac when the cops get it through their thick skulls that the bullets from Daveís gun donít match the one in the victimís head and, oh yeah, the victim was dead about 32 hours prior to Daveís incident! We are not talking CSI future crime lab work, we are talking about common f*cking sense! Thatís 20 minutes wasted and that is just one example of the type of writing throughout the entire movie."

"Reading a story written by idiots is bad enough, but reading a story written by idiots thatís also about idiots is even worse."
Fred Clark, criticizing Left Behind

"Chernobyl Diaries: It should have been called Six Dumbasses In Search of a Clue" headline

"Idiocy looks to be a common theme in this film."

"Goodnight, the stupid is spewing out of these characters like its Mt. Vesuvius!"
Rowdy C. Moore on the plot of the Star Trek: The Original Series episode, "Turnabout Intruder"

"Oh, that's right. Because we wouldn't have a movie if people weren't stupid."

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