Quotes / I Love the Dead

"Loving you...
Loving you...
Love-love-loving you
Was like loving the dead.
Was like
fucking the dead!"
Type O Negative, "Black No. 1 (Little Miss Scare-All)"

"There's no pain and there's no pressure
No verbal humiliation
There's no fear, there's no shame
There's no pulse, so is it so strange?"
Voltaire, "Dead Girls"

Shao Kahn: Honey, I'll get it in a moment.
Sindel (over phone): Actually, I was joking around. We've got an actual crisis.
Shao Kahn: Are the Saurians invading or something?
Sindel (over phone): Kitana's dating.
Shao Kahn: That's not really a crisis.
Sindel (over phone): It's Kang.
Shao Kahn: ...Please tell me that Raiden or Nightwolf at least fully resurrected him fi-
Sindel (over phone): ...Nope.
Shao Kahn: *gives the most squicked-out face imaginable*

"I love dead people. (Beat) Frequently."
Necromancer chatter, War Craft III

Thief: Smells like paint thinner.
Black Mage: Might not be.
Thief: You know, she could die if she drinks this.
Black Mage: The way I see it, the body takes a while to cool. So either way, I get what I want.
Red Mage: That... may be the worst thing you have ever said.

"I'll tear your heart out, then I will love you when you're dead."
Terrorwheel, "Under Your Skin"

"Dude, if she’s hot enough, she doesn’t need a pulse."