Quotes / I Love You Because I Can't Control You

Henry Crawford: I never was so long in company with a girl in my life, trying to entertain her, and succeed so ill! Never met with a girl who looked so grave on me! I must try to get the better of this. Her looks say, "I will not like you, I am determined not to like you"; and I say she shall.
Mary Crawford: Foolish fellow! And so this is her attraction after all! This it is, her not caring about you...

Dr. Childes: I told you it would never work. I'll have her eliminated.
Zander: No! I like her. She's so different from these mindless automatons I'm surrounded by. She's... She's a person.

"There is exquisite pleasure in subduing an insolent spirit, in making a person predetermined to dislike acknowledge one's superiority."

Gilgamesh: You are a hateful woman. You oppose me to the very end. But I'll forgive you... some things are beautiful because they cannot be obtained. And if that's the case... I guess it was inevitable that I'd lose to you. It's been fun, King of Knights.

"It was more fun for him to manipulate strong-willed people."
Loki's thoughts, Mischief and Tasers

"You are the first woman to refuse me or snap at me. I want you."
Nobunaga Oda to the main character in Ikemen Sengoku