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Quotes: Genius Bruiser
Breadbun: I'm sorry. Being a powerful barbarian woman, you probably don't care about any of this...
Breadbun: ...I guess you really can't judge a book by its cover.
...which is in direct contradiction to what I learned in business college.
For those of you to whom this last tidbit of knowledge comes as a surprise, I would hasten to point out that I have indeed attended higher learnin' institutes, as that is the only way to obtain the master's type degree that I possess. If perchance you wonder, as some do, why a person with such credentials should choose the line of work that I have to pursue, my reasons are twofold:
First-us, I am a social type who perfers workin' with people; and second, I find my sensitive nature is repelled by the ruthlessness necessitated by bein' an upper management type. I simply do not have it in me to mess up people's lives with layoffs and plant shut-downs and the like. Rather, I find it far more sociable to break an occasional leg or two or perhaps rearrange a face a little than to live with the more long-term damage inflicted by upper management for the good of their respective companies. Therefore, as I am indeed presented with the enviable position of havin' a choice in career paths, I have traditionally opted to be an order taker rather than an order giver. It's a cleaner way to make a livin'.
Guido, in M.Y.T.H. Inc. Link by Robert Asprin.

Sports Agent: How many football players do you know who speak four languages, read philosophy, and run with the bulls at Pamplona?
Det. Lennie Briscoe: Guy sounds brilliant. Except for the part about the bulls.
Law & Order, "Maritime"

Bane, to me, is something we havenít dealt with in the films. We wanted to do something very different in this film. Heís a primarily physical villain, heís a classic movie monster in a way ó but with a terrific brain.

It doesn't matter if you have high level spells if someone else has high-level spells and enough strength to crush your windpipe!

Given enough time, any man can master their body. With enough knowledge, any man can become wise. It's a true warrior who can master both.
Emperor Yoshiro, Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3

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