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Quotes: Deconstruction


"You'd think a house full of crazy people'd be fun. Actually, it's really depressing."
Bart Simpson, The Simpsons

"The Federation is no more than a Homo Sapiens-Only club."

"Yeah, thereís a universe where your favorite childhood television show is completely and utterly real. There are also plenty of universes that will take that, rape it, and run it through a meat grinder."

Real Life

"Those who find ugly meanings in beautiful things are corrupt without being charming. This is a fault."

"Sometimes, it's fruitful to take a step back and examine the things we've come to accept, like saying the word 'Scunthorpe' over and over again until it's reduced to nothing but meaningless syllables and a spicy hidden cuss."

"'Deconstruction' is an academic word. It means saying what everybody knows about the movies in words nobody can understand."
Roger Ebert, reviewing Scream (1996)

"With the benefit of hindsight and a greater understanding of anthropoid behavior patterns, science fiction author Philip Josť Farmer was able to demonstrate quite credibly that the young Tarzan would almost certainly have indulged in sexual experimentation with chimpanzees and that he would just surely have had none of the aversion to eating human flesh that Edgar Rice Burroughs attributed to him. As our political and social consciousness continues to evolve, Allan Quartermain stands revealed as just another white imperialist out to exploit the natives and we begin to see that the overriding factor in James Bond's psychological makeup is his utter hatred and contempt for women. Whether most of us would prefer to enjoy the above-mentioned gentlemen's adventures without spoiling things by considering the social implications is beside the point. The fact remains that we have changed, along with our society, and that were such characters created today they would be subject to the most extreme suspicion and criticism."
Alan Moore The Mark of Batman Introduction to Frank Miller's Batman: The Dark Knight Returns

"One take on postmodernism is what we might call the cynical style. In this approach things are taken apart to a large extent in order to show their flaws and contradictions. This isnít done maliciously or nihilistically, but itís distinctly a form of critique. Transit is an excellent example, with its insistence that the Doctor regards his companions as pets. Thatís not done out of dislike of Doctor Who in the least... But itís a reworking of the concepts of Doctor Who that is clearly a critique of it."

Laura: Bruce complains about how frustrating it is to capture criminals and send them to jail when they always seem to get out again and commit more crimes, which ó sorry, is the entire story of all Batman comics ever. Get used to it.
David: It is a nice little commentary. I mean, thatís the choice that Batman makes by not killing bad guys. And itís the main reason why Jean-Paul Valley was definitively a better Batman. Yes, I said that. AZRAEL 4 LYFE.
Laura: Hold on, David. I have a incoming message for you...ďI HATE YOU.Ē
David: I sort of saw that coming.
Laura Hudson and David Wolkin, "The Complete and Utter Insanity of Batman Odyssey"

"To be honest, I have generally defended Man of Steel. Why? Well, first I think its bad reputation is a little exaggerated. The fact is that none of us are as innocent and wide-eyed as we were when we first saw Christopher Reeve save Lois from a burning helicopter while telling her that air travel is safer than driving. You're not getting that feeling back, people. It won't happen. It died along with all of the other things that made life worth living such as hope, a sense of wonder, and being able to eat all the candy you wanted without getting sick."
Topless Robot on Man of Steel

"[Sidney] Lumet directed 12 Angry Men, which seemed to show the American Legal System at its very best. Well, it seems like Lumet wanted to bookend his career with a movie that shows the worst in the American Legal System. You thought the courts were honorable and justice is done, well F*CK YOU!
Miles Antwiler on Find Me Guilty

"Bashir continues one of Ira Stephen Behr's challenges to the Roddenberry ideal, though it's not what you think. The view with the Sanctuary District is that this is the 'bad' necessary for the 'good' to emerge one day. But Bashir's speech questions whether we humans are as great as we like to think. That, if push comes to shove, we could wind up back in this predicament—if things got bad enough. Are we really that evolved then? Or it just easy to believe that you when there are no challenges to the contrary? When you don't have to face a crisis or problem without a straightforward answer? I suppose the case could be made that the interpretation of the Prime Directive in this [phase] of the shows illustrates this very well. 'I'd rather let a planet be wiped out than risk taking action, because doing the right thing might theoretically lead to some wrong, and it's hard to talk about how great you are when you have a guilty conscience!' The Sanctuary District ignores the problem as the Prime Directive ignores problems. The difference being, I don't think anyone sees the Sanctuary Districts as a sign or their own enlightenment."

"Not since the last Voyager episode that I watched have I wanted to slap somebody around the chops with a freshly caught trout that is still wet and slimy as much as Courtney Peldonís Farris. Sheís is the epitome of everything that is wrong with Starfleet, unwavering arrogance, the ability to look down her nose at everybody that isnít a member of Starfleet and a square vision. There is more than a touch of Picard in this character and to top it off Peldon plays the role with an atrociously wooden superiority. Frankly if she didnít die in the climax I would have demanded a refund for my box set...But I am much more favourable towards it because of Mike Vejarís urgent direction and Ron Mooreís refusal to allow these supercilious kiddiewinks have a happy ending. Its probably the best Ďcrazy cultí episode that Star Trek has ever attempted because this time its personal and the attack is against the Federation itself... The way it refuses to take the Star Trek route of everything turning out for the best is commendably downbeat (had this been Voyager they would be at home hugging their parents by the end)"

"It's fair to say Meryl Silverburgh is the 'Honey Ryder' of the Metal Gear series: the original Bond Girl. She's sexy, tough, and has perfect chemistry with the antisocial killer we're rooting for, which is why we want to see the two of them end up together — at least for a little while. Meryl's reappearance in MGS4 is clearly fanservice, but it's also a way of tying up any loose ends in the strange ongoing history of the series. When we meet Meryl, we find out she's no longer the impressionable rookie we once knew, but rather a hardened commander who can easily keep three tough male soldiers in line. She's revolted by Snake's aged appearance and continuously shows sympathy for him by wanting him to give up... How do you like your fanservice reunion, you entitled pricks?

The disappointing return of Snake and Meryl (interrupted by Johnny's frequent diarrhea attacks and retarded behavior, just to make sure you can't get too sentimental) was meant to suck the life out of Snake's classic appeal, along with any hope of reliving our favorite spy fantasies. Women used to fawn over him and try to get down his pants back in the day, but not anymore."
Terry Wolf, "Metal Gear Soldout"

"Now that we're done deconstructing everything, maybe we should start putting everything back together."
— Signature of a Troper on the TV Tropes forums, origin unknown.

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