Quotes: As Long as There Is Evil

Count Dracula: Once again, the blood of Belmont has defeated me... Perhaps this too is part of my fate.
Richter Belmont: Death to you! The world is not yours to exist in!
Dracula: It is not by my own power that I am resurrected. It is the greed of humanity which calls me back. And thus, by might, I rule! Might becomes the one and only justice in this world!
Richter: Of all the self-serving claptrap! The same basic faith drives all people to seek, to come together, to move forward! That, surely, can't be an evil thing!
Dracula: And yet, here I am. Do you not have any desires?
Richter: Well...
Dracula: It is by your desires that you humans prosper, and it is your faith that has ruled you! Considering that, can you really call me evil?
Richter: But people cannot be ruled by power alone! The sacred, the honorable, the loved. Those things can rule humanity. Something evil will eventually fall to ruin!
Dracula: I see! Perhaps you're right, heh heh heh! We shall meet again, blood of Belmont! HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!

"I feed off the suffering of humans. As long as there is human suffering, I will continue to exist!"
The Terror Mask, Splatterhouse 3

"I had a strange dream last night. I saw myself a hundred years from now, speaking to a man whose father has not yet been born, but who was already wearing a grey beard, and telling him that there are only two things that shall not die: God, who is good, and I, who am evil."
Colonel Bozzo-Corona, The Black Coats

"Evil always finds a way."

"This is not over! We will never end! We have no beginning, so we can have no end! We will return! Don't you understand? We are humanity! We are YOU! In one form, in another form, we are always with you! You can't protect yourself because we come in many, many guises. We shall return!"

"I... shall never die.... As long as there are humans... as long as evil exists.... I will... once again...."
Azi Dahaka, Dragon Valor

"True to my name, I am but a dream that lives in your heart. Therefore, I am immortal. For as long as there is fear in your heart, I will someday return."
Nightmare, Kirby of the Stars (Japanese version only)

"You cannot escape me. I am... in... every... breath..."
Sha of Doubt, World of Warcraft

"So long as violence lurks in your heart...I will return..."
Sha of Violence, World of Warcraft

"Take heed of what I say... as long as there is evil in the world and darkness in people's hearts... my spirit will never die... I will rise again one day... and make the world mine...."
Nobunaga, Onimusha Tactics

"I was born... Out of the greediness of mankind. While men exists, so will I!"

"The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing."
Edmund Burke

(Zuul is defeated by God Mars.)
Emperor Zuul: Mars! I can't die! I won't!
Emperor Zuul: My cells are all over the universe! Somewhere out there, I will be reborn!
Takeru: What?
Empreor Zuul: Bwahahahaha! Emperor Zuul of Gishin is only a shell occupied by one of my cells!

Ime Liard: Takeru Myojin... no, I should say Mars. Do you really think Emperor Zuul is dead?
Takeru Myojin: Huh?
Ime: He is the incarnation of all the evil in the universe. It is impossible to destroy him completely.
Takeru: You won't sway me with a lie like that! I'm not listening to you!
Takeru: And even if Zuul is still alive, I'll just destroy him again when he comes back!
Takeru: But before that, Ime Liard, I'm going to finish you!