Quotes / Accidental Innuendo

"Just go to East Asia and start talking about the comic Tintin. They will either start laughing or stare at you in a weird way. This innuendo is so accidental, you need to speak a different language (or at least know some vocabulary) to recognize it.

Vibration does what no hand can!"
Advertisement for Maybelline Mascara With a Vibrating Wand

"Putting all her weight on my body, Haruhi then pushed me down to the floor. Haruhi rode me like a horse, getting in the mount position."

Stephen Fry: What you need is length and thickness...
Alan Davies: That is going to be snipped out, straight on YouTube.

Chugga: Look at her her (Peach's) hair and (notices Peach's animation looks rather "suggestive") What the hell? WHAT!?
Jon: Hump that chest, Peach! Hump that chest! You show it who's boss!
The Runaway Guys pointing out Peach's rather unusual animation during Mario Party.

"If I got it the right length precisely, I could spring the finishing ejaculation with effect enough to make some impressive girl deliver a startled little yelp and jump out of her seat- and that was what I was after."
Mark Twain explaining that timing beats is everything when telling a horror story (or a joke), How To Tell A Story.

Angus: Busy night, eh?
Hannelore: Yes, very!
Angus: It sure sounded like you were enjoying yourselves.
Hannelore: Oh no, did we keep you up? I tried to be quiet!
Angus: It's cool. It's hard to be quiet when you're that excited.
Hannelore: At first I wasn't really sure what was going on, but Marigold explained everything as we went along, and then I just got carried away, you know?
Angus: I'm impressed you were keep up with her all night like that.
Hannelore: Hehe, I'm sorta regretting it now. My butt is all sore!
Angus: No! Don't say it! You'll break the spell!
Hannelore: My favorite part was when you took on those four guys at once! And then that giant dog!