Nightmare Fuel: Wolfenstein: The New Order

  • The whole idea of a world run by Nazis. It only gets worse the longer you think about it.
  • The E3 trailer shows notable historical moments - such as The VJ Day Kiss, Abbey Road Crossing, and the Moon landing - being literally stolen by the Nazis. It's either so stupid it's funny or deeply unsettling.
    • The VJ Day Kiss (or VA Day in this case) occurs in Nazi occupied France as a Nazi soldier forces himself on a nurse.
  • It also shows other scenes that show how things went so wrong for the free world - New York City obliterated in atomic fire. The Capitol Building covered in Swastika banners. A last-ditch defense of Moscow by Molotov-chucking civilians literally being crushed by mecha mooks. And on and on... Until B.J. Blazkowicz wakes up.
  • Yet another trailer ("Boom Boom") shows the Nazis dynamiting Mount Rushmore.
  • In one scene, B.J. is actually forced to take a "purity" test by a couple of officers, although they claim that it is not a serious test and just a bit of fun and games. Of course, B.J is an American of Polish descent (and Jewish on his mother's side, according to Word of God) and therefore probably wouldn't live up the Nazi idea of the Master Race. There is a sense of dread throughout the sequence.
  • The day that B.J. well and truly wakes up and gets his sanity back, the Nazis come in to close the place down after years and years of taking patients to apparently be experimented on. While they don't harm the staff (at first) they take care of the inmates by shooting them. The subsequent level as B.J. escapes is littered with the bodies of mental patients butchered in their rooms, and dead staff that may have tried to fight back. What makes it even worse is that it takes place during the day and the interior of the building is bright and warm and friendly, making the bloodshed all the more nightmarish.
  • The scene in the "Nowhere to Run" trailer showing that fouls in football are now punished by summary execution (for non-Aryans, at least - the ref and the injured player are both German, while the executed player is a dark-skinned Brazilian) is a pretty horrific example of Nazi cruelty.
  • The entire concentration camp level. Subtract the Diesel Punk elements, and it's really not far off from how these camps actually were. Special mention goes to the intro, where B.J. is herded out of a train with other prisoners, cattle-style, while Frau Engel looks on - before snatching a baby out of the hands of one prisoner, and dangling it by the ankles, presumably killing it off-screen. This does make freeing all the prisoners and killing nearly every Nazi in the camp with a hijacked Mini-Mecha very, VERY satisfying, however.
    Frau Engel: For your crime, you will die like vermin. I will hunt you down. At the end of the earth, I will find you. Your skin charred and your fats rendered. Your kind exterminated. In the end, I will feed your flesh to the furnace!
  • While a lot of the Stupid Jetpack Hitler elements in this game are totally fantastic, the stealth fighters in the opening sequence were very real. In addition to that, there was a bomber version of that aircraft that was also planned. We in the real world were fortunate enough that the war ended before these things went into mass production. But in The New Order's timeline, these craft did get built in large numbers, and were most likely responsible for the nuking of Manhattan.
  • Despite its extreme over-the-topness, dieselpunk flair, and old school shooter hijinks, the game as a whole is a disturbingly realistic glimpse of life under Nazi rule. Whereas other World War II games like to focus on frontline combat and really just use the Nazis as something to shoot at, Wolfenstein actually has the guts to focus on how horrifying the Nazi ideology truly was, including such things as social Darwinism, racial extermination, eugenics, and human experimentation, all of which are showcased in game.
  • On the flipside, imagine how terrifying Captain B.J. Blaskowicz must be from the perspective of the rank-and-file Nazis. A hulking, unstoppable super-soldier who wades through their infantry and Mecha-Mooks, dual-wielding assault rifles and shotguns, sneaking into their most secure facilities and slaughtering everyone in them, absorbing hails of bullets without even slowing down, and destroying entire buildings single-handedly. He can't be bargained with. He can't be reasoned with. He doesn't feel pity, or remorse, or fear. And he absolutely will not stop, ever, until you are dead.
    • Later in the game when you need to steal a u-boat to get to the secret Jewish sect tech cache, you are attacking the bridge. The commander even states, as you are tearing through his personnel like nothing, you are Just One Man in exasperation.
    • As well sometimes when there are large numbers of enemy soldiers and you kill all but one who was behind cover, they will shout out in terror as they attack you knowing they are doomed.
  • The machinations of the Nazis, particularly the Ubersoldats and Panzerhunds, are nigh-unstoppable forces for almost every human being that isn't B.J., and even he has to avoid the latter due to usually not being armed or ready to fight one directly early on. Not to mention the implications of just how many of these things were created to subjugate the world. Then you encounter an underground chamber filled with dormant Ubersoldats practically a stone's throw away from the resistance base. Left behind in an abandoned hall. Just waiting for the unwary explorer to awaken them from their long slumber.
  • The now notorious incinerator room sequence.
  • Wilhelm "Deathshead" Strasse HIMSELF! For his third and probably final appearance in the series, Machine Games went and turned him into a truly terrifying villain. Dwight Schultz gives possibly one of the most chilling voice performances of his career.
    • On that note, Strasse's ghoulish experiments. The flashback to the aforementioned incinerator room where you watch Fergus/Wyatt having his skull drilled open and his brain literally sucked into a jar while still conscious the whole time can be... difficult to watch.
    • Also during the final battle against Mecha Deathshead during his Villainous Breakdown his take on the following classic line sounds that chilling...
    Deathshead: "Die, Allied schweinhund!"
    • His first appearance in the game. Hearing a knocking on the other side of a locked door, Wyatt and B.J. go to investigate. The window is opened from the other side to reveal Deathshead, inches from the glass, with an unblinking stare and a smile a little bit too broad to be normal. He continues to hold this expression even as the walls begin to close in...
    Deathshead: "What are you people doing in there?"
  • Going to the moon is impressive. Setting up a moon base is a powerful statement of mankind's capabilities, and real-life space missions have been rooted in the desire to learn more about our universe and avoid nuclear war. Hearing about the Nazi moon-base can almost give you the feeling that maybe - just maybe - the Nazis actually did something good, or at least respectable. Before you get off the shuttle, you see a newspaper article about how they're already planning to start a labor camp on the moon, complete with robotic guards, from which escape would be totally impossible - and given how all the loyal personnel on the base end up asphyxiated in an attempt to catch you, you can assume they'd be even more trigger-happy with the prisoners if one actually managed to cause any trouble. That's right, they managed to pervert a moon base from a symbol of hope and discovery into one of hopelessness and oppression.
  • Towards the end of the game as you are rampaging through Deathshead's fortress as you go to climb up a ladder only to have Bubi leap out at you like a tiger and pump you full of some unidentified sedative. As the poison kicks in and B.J finds himself unable to walk or even move, Bubi taunts you by going into great detail about the sedative slowly stripping him of all his motor faculties, eventually leaving B.J just a non-responsive sack of flesh and bone. When Frau Engel appears on a computer screen, Bubi then disproves any thoughts you might have had about him and B.J when he pulls out a meat hook and impales you through the shoulder, dragging you along the floor and propping you up on the table as he begins to gut you alive for him and Engel's mutual pleasure! And he doesn't just stab you; you can actually hear and see him begin pulling the knife downwards before the sedative wears of, highly implied to be due to the shrapnel lodged in B.J's head. And after that B.J bites his ear off, slowly pulls the knife out of his chest as he towers above Bubi and then proceeds to Double Tap him in the head as Frau Engel hopelessly looks on and screams in agony as her boyfriend is murdered.