Nightmare Fuel / Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions

  • The fragments of the Tablet affect each person heavily, and the glowing eyes really don't help make you comfortable.
  • Noir Vulture, a vengeful cannibal who killed and ate Uncle Ben, threatens his henchmen with death by similar fates if they fail him, and takes bites at the screen with unpleasant close-ups during his quick-time events.
  • Carnage is about as bad, take the following facts: The local military made a stupid decision and their base was screwed over, everyone Carnage killed reanimated as zombies, and there's a very likely chance that if Spider-Man failed, the world would have been screwed or the damage that would be impossible to completely fix.
  • Goblin's stage. It's like something out of of a Stephen King novel, not helped at all by the rather grisly ringmaster and his band of vengeful circus freaks.