Headscratchers / Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions

  • Why is a tablet that shaped all of the universes on display at a public museum with only a glass case as protection?
    • Everyone thought it was just an ancient carving of value to archaeologists and collectors; its powers didn't manifest until Mystero began fighting Spider-Man.
      • But Madame Web said that it was the most powerful artifact in the universes, as if she was aware of what it was the whole time.
      • Madame Web knows stuff, much like Layla Miller.
      • They don't seem to grasp the fact that All Myths Are True. If they did, it would have guys with bazookas with it.
  • Where were The Ultimates during Carnage's takeover of the SHIELD HQ?
    • They were on vacation?
    • This is Spiderman's story, any other heroes involve will ruin his fame.
      • Although, we have Silver Sable in the Juggernaut level (serving as both a hero and villain, IIRC). They were probably on a mission of some kind...unless they WERE there as zombies.
  • Ultimate Spider-Man in his alternate costumes (sans Cosmic). Since gameplay requires it, and the Ultimate universe has established that the symbiote Venom suit doesn't have the more alien abilities of the symbiote like changing it's appearance, he still has the black suit on underneath them. This means he has on his other costume over the symbiote suit...which is on top of his costume BEFORE he got the black suit. How can he breathe under all of those layers?
    • It's just a bonus thing, and not actually canon to the events of the game, just don't think about it.
      • In the comics, the Black Suit consumed Peter's costume when it bonded to him, leaving him naked beneath it, so the symbiote isn't on top of his original costume after all. It's hinted it can shapeshift, given Venom in the Ultimate Spider-Man game is shown wearing his Badass Longcoat both before and after transforming into Venom.
  • Why doesn't Goblin turn back into his regular self after he loses the fragment?
    • Look hard, you'll see that the mouth seems to have healed a bit, but the rest of the body seems to have kept the muscular, clawed stature. The fact that they didn't throw him into jail boggles the mind.
    • Not to mention that would have required the use of a brand-new model just to show him reverting back to normal in the end. I guess we have to assume that his reversion occurred off-screen.
    • And according to the Noir comics he was born looking like that.
      • Not quite. Only his face was that way in the comics.
  • Okay, I know that it was already stated in Too Dumb to Live, but WHAT THE HELL WERE THE SHIELD THINKING WHEN THEY GAVE CARNAGE ONE FRAGMENT OF THE TABLET!? Weren't there less psychotic guys around? Or better yet, using it on themselves!
    • Because common sense is a rare thing in humans.
    • They may not have known that it would do that. As far as we know, they wanted to see what Carnage would do to a regular piece of stone.
      • During the door-opening cutscene (you know the one, great power, yadda yadda) the scientist tells Spiderman that the power readings for the fragment they had were off the charts, and they just had to see what would happen. That's what drives Spidey to the point of barely-checked anger.
    Ultimate Spiderman: "Just. Open. The door."
  • Since Deadpool made the Mythology Gag about the Ultimate vesion of Jessica Drew being Peter's clone, wouldn't that put the Ultimate segments of the game past the Ultimate Clone Saga? Meaning that's Gwen Stacey's clone you've just beat the... ooze out of and are leaving buried under burning rubble???
  • I really like the game. But there's one thing that just started to bug me. How does this game fit in the known multiverse?
    • I think Deadpool put it best.
    Deadpool: Fans have to be wondering, how does all this fit into the continuity? WHO CARES?!
    • Less apathetically, reality itself is breaking down, so it can self-retcon like Sonic 2006 did.