Nightmare Fuel: Se7en

Let's face it, the entire movie is Nightmare Fuel.
  • Every single one of the bizarre "seven deadly sins" murders is so extreme, horrifying and painful that it's barely imaginable.
    • The most famous: Sloth. "He's alive! He's alive! The cocksucker's alive!"
      • Here's a nice bedtime story. The actor who played "Sloth" (that's right, an actual human being, not some animatronic dummy created by the special effects department) weighed 96 pounds at his audition. David Finch jokingly said that if he lost ten pounds he had the role. Later on, when the actor was on set for the first time, he admitted to only losing six. And he was in full makeup when he admitted so.
      • "He's experienced about as much pain and suffering as anyone I've encountered, give or take...and he still has Hell to look forward to."
    • Gluttony is horrifying, and also large amounts of Nausea Fuel. It's worth noting that a ruptured stomach is one of the most painful deaths possible.
    • Greed; just imagine that you have to decide what part of your body is more disposable to pay the deed of one pound of flesh. And, then, having to cut it off yourself!
    • Lust was by far the most horrid. It doesn't matter that none of it was really onscreen.
      • How about the fact that the sex toy shop guy said he had made worse things?
      • That being said, the guy says he thought John Doe wanted the device for a performance art piece. Presumably the people he made worse things for were genuine performance artists.
      • Or the fact that the man that actually raped the girl to death was FORCED to do it. Think about that.
      • That man's entire performance really seals in the Nightmare Fuel. Just the pure terror in his voice as he recounts it... just... oh, man. The actor playing the man, Leland Orser, actually forced himself to hyperventilate during that scene to make it more believable.
      • Not only that, but the man's utter and complete lack of concern for the girl he just killed is its own bit of nightmare fuel. When asked about the girl he was forced to rape and kill, he actually said "the what?" in a shocked manner, followed by quickly skimming over her fate. It really shows how deep and widespread apathy is in this movie's world.
      • More likely, he's severely traumatized and trying to forget about it.
      • The fact that it was offscreen really only amplifies the feeling. With everything up until that point, you'd at least seen the aftermath, but Lust provided you all the details of what is quite possibly the most horrific crime imaginable (murder by blade rape), and left all the rest to the imagination of the viewer.
  • The disturbingly calm John Doe alone qualifies as this, especially if you have read the Graphic Novel. To avoid identification, he removed not just his fingerprints but his teeth.
    • Just the way he screams "DETECTIIIIIIIIIIIIIVE!" when he goes into the police station is chilling.
      • The scene is even worse on repeat viewings, as we see John Doe covered in blood and we know what he just got done doing to poor Tracy.
    • The Room Full of Crazy with his hundreds upon hundreds of journals is unnerving in its own right, especially when you learn that they're all real: a member of the crew actually wrote out all of them.
  • It's testament to the sheer atmosphere of the film that even the murder given the least screen time nevertheless succeeds in being immensely disturbing in its own right. The Pride victim has her nose forcefully chopped off, at which point she is given the choice of calling a hospital or killing herself. Guess which one she picks.
  • The last twenty or so minutes; a very disturbing end to a very disturbing film.
    • "What's in the box? WHAT'S IN THE FUCKING BOX?!!"
    • "Become vengeance, David. Become Wrath."