Creator: Leland Orser

Leland Orser is an American actor born in August 6, 1960. He has been acting since 1991. He tends to play deranged, psychotic, and/or degenerate characters.

With so many tertiary roles in many major productions, he is a frequent subject for Hey, It's That Guy!.

Works he has appeared in:

  • 24: Martin Collier
  • Alien: Resurrection: Larry Purvis
  • Baby Face Nelson: Benny Bakst
  • The Bone Collector: Richard Thompson
  • Confidence: Lionel Dolby
  • Cover Story: Julian
  • Daredevil: Wesley Owen Welch
  • Dead Badge: Pellman
  • ER: Dr. Lucien Dubenko
  • Escape from L.A.: Test Tube
  • Excess Baggage: Detective Barnaby
  • Girl in the Cadillac: Used car salesman
  • Give 'Em Hell, Malone: Murphy
  • The Good German: Bernie
  • Independence Day: Tech / Medical Assistant #1
  • Invader: Michael Perkett, NASA
  • Morning: Mark (Leland Orser also acted as the director)
  • Ned & Stacey: Phil
  • Pearl Harbor: Major Jackson
  • Phoenix: Doctor Riley
  • Rebel Yell: Billy Idol
  • Red Ribbon Blues: James
  • Resurrection: Det. Andrew Hollinsworth
  • Revolution: John Sanborn, appearing in the episodes "The Stand", "Ghosts", and "Clue"
  • Runaway Jury: Lamb
  • Saving Private Ryan: Lieutenant DeWindt
  • Se7en: Crazed Man in Massage Parlour
  • Taken: Sam
  • Taken 2: Sam
  • Touch: Dr. Linus
  • Twisted: Edmund Cutler
  • Very Bad Things: Charles Moore
  • The X-Files: Jason Ludwig