Nightmare Fuel / PONY.MOV

  • "Hey hey heyyyyy....what'd I tell y'all about COMIN' IN MAH SHED?!"
  • The face Applejack makes when she says "MOAR APPLES!!!!" in the first episode.
  • Derpy being shown to have been turned into a toaster.
    Spike: Oh my God, look what she did to Derpy!
  • The end of this preview for "SWAG.MOV" shown at Equestria LA. Most of it is showing much of the Mane 6 having gone through major Character Development in the time since "PARTY.MOV", Twilight feeling guilty for her screw ups in MAGIC.MOV, Rarity having escaped the Mexicans a (presumably) reformed mare, Fluttershy walking out of the rehabilitation clinic, also reformed, and Pinkie Pie apparently giving up her alcohol addiction, then we get to Spike, still poking at the Rainbow Dash corpse. Turns out the whole "Twilight-plays-Frankenstein" spiel had a delayed effect, because suddenly, Rainbow Dash wakes up screaming. Which causes Spike to scream in horror. And then guess what happens.
  • And now it seems an Eldritch Abomination took an interest in Jappleack... talk about Harsher in Hindsight.
  • A few of the faces Pinkie Pie makes in "PARTY.MOV" are rather disturbing. Specifically her mugshot, her coked up, and her glowing eyes on a night-vision camera.
    • Also, while she's on cocaine, she starts tapping with her hooves...and then her hooves sprout fingers which then start tapping.
  • Discord ripping off Rainbow Dash's wings in "SWAG.MOV". The fact there's no sound except for her screaming makes it worse.
    • What he says to Rainbow immediately preceding it:
    Discord: You cannot defeat me, rainbow pony. Your virgins will be mine... and your world will burn.