Tear Jerker / PONY.MOV

  • This post on the Ask Jappleack blog.
    • And this one.
    • And this one. And if you've watched "APPLE.MOV", it's downright heartbreaking.
    • This entry. It features Big Macintosh and Jappleack saying a heartfelt goodbye to each other. Big Mac knows he's going to lose his sister by giving her an apple for her to go to that mysterious spirit, yet he allows her to do it if it would make her happy.
    • This entry, where Applejack shows Jappleack Apple Bloom, comforts her about her sister, and welcomes her into her family.
  • Seeing Fluttershy get laughed at in "SHED.MOV" during the flashback of the prom when she gets splashed with blood from Rainbow Dash's period is a tad sad.
  • As of recently on the Jappleack blog. You know the other planes such as Friendship is Witchcraft and The Mentally Advanced Series? ALL GONE.
  • In "SWAG.MOV" despite her...questionable methods, and Jerkass tendencies, Twilight genuinely did want to save Ponyville.
    • All of Rainbow's uncharacteristically kindhearted attempts at cheering her up fail to get through to Twilight. Indeed, Rainbow Dash spontaneously returning to life barely registers with her. She's that broken about it.
    • Pinkie Pie pouring out a bottle of alcohol.
    • From the same video, the scene where Jappleack returns. To those who followed the Jappleack tumblr, you know she has gone through such hell and back. And she's excited to tell the others she basically saved reality from an Eldritch Abomination. And what does every single one of the girls tell her? NOBODY CARES! Oh and Spike threatens to kill her.
    • Rainbow Dash getting her wings ripped off. Everyone, even Rarity and Fluttershy, are horrified by it, and Sweetie Belle just buries her face into the former's chest. And even worse, it doesn't get undone. This iteration of Rainbow Dash is permanently flightless.