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Heartwarming: PONY.MOV
Hard to believe that such a creepy series could have Heartwarming moments. Surprise, surprise!

  • Paco coming to Pinkie's intervention in PARTY.MOV. Even when he appears, he's sitting there swinging his legs and waves at Twilight and Pinkie. Also his fingers healed up.
    • For that matter, Spike being nice to Paco in SPIKE.MOV, considering how he's usually such a Jerk Ass.
  • In the opening of SWAG.MOV, Fluttershy has been rehabilitated from the asylum. It probably won't last, though.
    • SWAG.MOV manages to give such a brutal, twisted series as Pony Dot Mov a happy ending in it's own way.
    • The fact it's implied by the ending that the mane six are friends again is this too. It's also implied that Fluttershy remains sane in the new timeline.
      • Not only that, the interior of her shed now looks just like a nice cozy place to relax.
    • After Discord rips Rainbow Dash's wings off in their fight, it seems all is lost...then Scootaloo cheers her on, giving her the Heroic Second Wind she needs to beat Discord.
  • Rarity is seen hugging Sweetie Belle during the Final Battle.
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