Nightmare Fuel / Poker Night at the Inventory

  • Max is the source of three of these.
    • First, his zombie exclamation of "Cheeeeeck!"
    • Secondly, the "Max and Crossbones" table. (A hint for this one: The Devil's Playhouse Episode 1 cliffhanger.)
    • Thirdly, "Make a calm and rational decision!"
  • "I. Do. Not. Lose."
  • There's also Heavy flipping the table in rage if he loses a hand, revving up Sasha and screaming in anger before the reveal that it was an Imagine Spot, with him plainly telling you to deal him a new hand.
  • Tycho's Slasher Smile, especially with lines like "That'll do, cards. That'll do".
  • Heavy's favorite story about a BLU Engineer and his wrench. Even the other players are creeped out!
    Heavy: I am reminded of time when Engineer kill my entire team.
    Tycho: Damn, Heavy. That' I'm...sorry to hear that.
    Heavy: I search entire base for him. He tries to kill me with Turret and Mini-Turret, but I crush his toys like they are made of paper!
    Strong Bad: Sound-a like-a some crappy toys, if you ask me.
    Heavy: Then I find him, hiding by Teleporter. I take his Gun away from him. He tries to hit me with Wrench. Haha! I take his Wrench, and then shove it down his throat, all the way to the handle.
    Tycho: Christ!
    Heavy: Then I rip off all his fingers, one-by-one. Let's see you build toys now! HAHAHAHAHA! THERE IS BLOOD EVERYWHERE, AND...HE IS CRYING! [Continues laughing] I THINK HE CRIES OUT FOR MOTHER, BUT...BUT...THE WRENCH IS STUCK IN HIS THROAT, SO IT SOUNDS LIKE- [Flails about and makes agonised choking noises] HAHAHAHAHAHA! Is this not funniest thing?!
    Strong Bad: ...that is some [bleep]ed up [bleep], man!
    • Also, he never specifies what wrench the Engineer was using at the time. Lets hope it wasn't the Southern Hospitality.
    • The look of horror on Max's face when Heavy finishes telling the story. It says a lot that Max is horrified by something.