Nightmare Fuel / Poker Night at the Inventory

  • Max is the source of three of these.
    • First, his zombie exclamation of "Cheeeeeck!"
    • Secondly, the "Max and Crossbones" table. (A hint for this one: The Devil's Playhouse Episode 1 cliffhanger.)
    • Thirdly, "Make a calm and rational decision!"
  • "I do not lose."
  • Tycho's Slasher Smile, especially with lines like "That'll do, cards. That'll do."
    • Tycho's bits about giraffes and hedgehogs can be this if you don't find them funny. To give some credit, those bits are legitimately disturbing.
  • Heavy's favorite story about an Engineer and his wrench. Even the other players are creeped out!
    Strong Bad: That is some [bleep]ed up [bleep], man!
    • Also, he never specifies what wrench the Engineer was using at the time, but it could have been the Southern Hospitality.
    • The look of horror on Max's face when Heavy finishes telling the story. It says a lot that Max is horrified by something.