Trivia / Poker Night at the Inventory

  • What Could Have Been: There are a bunch of unused sound files in the game. Among them, evidence of a phone conversation between Strong Bad and The Cheat. Strong Bad would've been asking The Cheat how to respond to The Player bluffing. More specifically, Strong Bad would've said the following:
    Hit him up on the twooo-way...get some tips to get the money go my way... Hey, da Cheat! The bozo across the table is a real bluffer. What do you reco-recommend? ... Whoa! I think we should leave his sister out of this. I don't want to start a fight and scare the other guys with my manliness. ... Oh, that's much better. Nothing convinces a man to play it straight like a reminder of the global economic crisis and the rising price of The Cheat litter. Thanks da Cheat!