Heartwarming / Poker Night at the Inventory

"It is not always easy being courageous without giant weapon, but you must try."

  • Strong Bad and Heavy's conversation about the nightmares Heavy gets. A little Narmy, yes, but the look on Heavy's face makes it kind of tragic.
    Heavy: Tiny Heavy
    Strong Bad: (Looking annoyed) What is it.
    Heavy: Do you get the nightmares?
    Strong Bad: I get the Jibblie Nightmares. There's this one where Homestar is a giant cheese blintz and Marzipan holds me at gunpoint and makes me eat him and (Stammers) Jibbliejibblie.
    Heavy: I am talking about visions of endless suffering. Dead doctors everywhere. Spy cannot be found.
    Strong Bad: No, but that sounds like the Jibblies, man.

    Heavy: I do not like this 'Jibblies'.
  • Max offers to protect the Heavy from ghosts, in case the Inventory is haunted. The Heavy's sincerely grateful response says it all.
    Strong Bad: I wonder if this dump is haunted.
    Max: Oooh I hope so. There's something about being able to terrorize a spectral being without it up and dying on you that I just love.
    Heavy: (scared) I do not like ghost.
    Max: It's okay, Mr. Weapons. I've got extensive experience with zombies and vampires. I can handle a little ghost.
    Heavy: (scared) You will take care of ghost for me?
    Max: You bet ya!
    Heavy: ... (relieved) I like you Tiny Rabbit!
    • Fridge Brilliance: Given the TF2 Halloween events, the Heavy has actually encountered ghosts.
  • If you beat the Heavy in the final round, he compliments you and praises your victory over him.
    Heavy: You are sneaky like Spy, and strong like Heavy. I commend you. [smiles widely]