Nightmare Fuel / Poker Night 2

  • The sequel's website's character page is animated using clips from the game. One charming instance has GLaDOS up in your face.
  • Brock's Twitchy Eye and Death Glare is a disturbing combination. Especially up close.
    So, you want this pot? Go ahead; take it from me.
    • There's also his response to being beaten by a particularly good hand. That is, to stab the table while choking out a "Good hand" in the midst of his restrained rage.
    • Also his Skyward Scream when you win his bounty item from him.
      • That's only if he's the last to be eliminated; otherwise, he just glares at you from his booth and growls.
  • Ash questions why Sam doesn't get an exorcist to deal with their possessed DeSoto Adventurer. Sam responds that it'd upset Max enough to twist his head and vomit. This prompts an amusing but unnerving sequence where a fiery-headed Max floats by while uttering demonic talk. Though it becomes Nightmare Retardant when he vomits offscreen.
    Winslow: I just had that cleaned!
  • If a player is the first to be busted in the Evil Dead room, Max awakens the Necronomicon by butchering the incantation. This drives the wicked tome to frantically fly around and consume the eliminated player. Though he'll return come the next game. Having it happen to Ash is particularly notable considering what he's been through.
    • The Evil Dead room itself has fitting touches, like the ambient background noises in place of music. Not to mention the Necromonicon's shrieks and murmurs heard right from selecting the cards, chips, and table.
  • Sam attempts to see if Ash or Brock know a good barber and bemoans that Max will probably have to cut his hair from now on. The camera focuses as Max slowly tilts his head and gives a closeup of his usual evil grin. What makes it particularly disturbing is how Max doesn't say a word during the sequence.
  • Claptrap's line about getting hell from a group of Kill All Humans robots and then trying to deny their existence can be a little jarring after hearing most of his conversations. Provided you aren't familiar with Borderlands anyway.