Nightmare Fuel: Board James

  • The Dream Phone review is almost entirely made up of nightmare fuel. The phone turns out to be evil and hellbent on causing terror for James one late night, Bootsy is hanged in a closet, and Mike is bloodily stabbed. Then we realize that the phone was the murderer the whole time. Don't ask us how that works.
    • Not only that, but there's a twist ending where James seems to have gone insane, which brings up this question: Was the phone the murderer, or did James go crazy and kill Bootsy and Mike himself?
    • This troper was even more scared when James thought the caller was Mr. Bucket.
    • It's really Nightmare Fuel in a sense more so than Mr Bucket. While James in the past has toted Mr. Bucket to be more comedy horror, the Dream Phone episode has very little humor that could be interpreted as scariness and creepiness.
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