Funny: Board James

  • In the review for Dragonstrike, the narrator on the VHS tells James to check if anyone's watching, and Po passes by the window.
    • From the same episode, when James says he's going to turn off the TV and the announcer tells him not to.
      James: - (visibly freaked out) Oh shit!
    • Before that, there's the part where he lists all of the different "craps".
  • The Mr. Bucket review. Mr. Bucket is cornering James with no escape, and Motherfucker Mike comes in the room. You'd think he'll end up saving James, but then this happens:
    James: Get away from me! Suck HIS balls!
    Mr. Bucket: (turns to Mike) BALLS! B-B-B-B-B-B-BALLS! BALLS BALLS BALLS BALLS BALLS!
    • From the same episode:
      James: I turned you off!
      Mr. Bucket: But you turn me on!
    • Before any of that, the absolutely appalled looks on the faces of James and Mike when they watch an old commercial for Mr. Bucket.
    • Mr. Bucket, er, joining James in bed. Made even funnier by the fact that it looks like James has a massive boner.
  • From the Donut Disaster video.
    Bad-Luck Bootsy: I like my coffee how I like my women. *sips coffee* WITH MY DICK IN IT! *pelvic thrust* BOINK BOINK BOINK BOINK.
  • Pretty much the entire Doggie Doo video, but here are a few gems:
    Mike: So, how do we play this game?
    James: Who cares? It's a dog that shits!
    Mike: That's what I was thinking!
    (James takes out a can of brown Play-Doh)
    James (in dog-like voice): Woof-woof! I want some Play-Doh! Gimme some Play-Doh!
    Mike: Doggie needs some food so he can go poopies! Come on, doggie, let's go poopies!
    • But it turns out Play-Doh only makes the dog not work, so after getting another dog and feeding it properly (with the stuff that comes with the game):
    Mike: Doggie gonna do little doo-doo, or doggie gonna do big shit?
    Either Mike or James (not sure which) in a dog-like voice: DOGGIE GONNA DO A BIG SHIT!
    (The dog shits)
    • And right after they react to it:
    Mike: Ohhh, it's nuclear shit!
    James: What kind of toxic waste does this dog shit?
    Mike: Nuclear dookie!
    James: Nuclear dookie? It's nukie dookie!
    Mike (singsong): Nukie dookie, nukie dookie, nukie dookie!
    • And James summing it up at the end, more or less in his usual manner of reviewing:
    James: Now, seriously. It's a game... where a dog shits!
  • Although the much of the Dream Phone episode is pure Nightmare Fuel, James and Mike's reaction to Bad-Luck Bootsy's corpse is hilarious.
    James: Oh well, he's dead"
    Mike: Well, he's dead
  • From the Deadly Danger Dungeon episode, when James is showing off some of the other games he made:
    James: ...What in the unholy mother of fuck? What was I thinking to make a board game of Pit-Fighter?
    • Mike trying to get through the titular game James created and reacting at how unbelievably hard it is for a board game.
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