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The Nerd and Board James exist in the same continuity.
  • Some of the Board James videos take place in the Nerd's room, and in his review of Dragonstrike he had used similar powers as the Nerd.
  • Since Board James is basically an Author Avatar, you can argue that they have being seen together.
  • There's also the fact that Pat stole the Nintendo World Championship cartridge from James in this video , and days later he was contacted by the Nerd to ask him to bring it to his apartment.
  • In the Halloween episode of 2007 of AVGN, some of the Board James caps can be seen in the closet in which the Nerd keeps the Atari he gives to the kids.
  • Also, Board James appeared in Kickassia. Since the Nerd has also appeared in TGWTG, they obviously share the same universe.
  • Confirmed in the "Video Game Board Games" episode, which is a crossover between Board James and the Nerd. And reveals that they're actually the same person.

Bad Luck Bootsy's next appearance will have his face be covered in bandages.
In his first appearance, Bootsy accidentally gouges his own eye out when he overcranks Tornado Rex. In his next appearance, he's wearing an eyepatch, and at the end of the video, he gets spooked by the donut machine exploding and dumps his coffee all over himself. It goes without saying that in every video he's in, he's going to progressively dismember himself in various ways.
  • You were right! Bootsy appeared covered in bandages in the Splat! episode. Thankfully he didn't permanently dismember himself this time...

The Zelda board game will become Board James's ET.
Because if you notice the comments section of the videos, a lot of people ask for it since it appeared in the Heroquest episode. The same way everybody used to ask for the Atari ET to AVGN, and James used to taunt us a lot that he would eventually get to it in the videos.

Board James went insane after the Dream Phone episode.
During the ending you can clearly see him smiling and making faces at the camera, and he has a good point to be mentally unstable—he saw the corpses of both of his best friends and fought an evil toy phone. He was probably checked into a mental facility which is why there haven't been any new episodes, but that brings up this question: Was Board James the killer the whole time? Was the night just a figment of his imagination?
  • Jossed, at least as far as being checked into a mental facility. There have been two more episodes since after a two year hiatus, they were not in a mental hospital, and he still believes the phone was the killer, so he couldn't have been admitted and released. The question of him being the real killer is still up in the air, and indeed the Lie Detector episode seems to directly acknowledge the possibility.
    • Semi-Confirmed. Board James was meant to be in jail, but claims he used a "Get Out of Jail Free" Card in AVGN's review on AVGN Games.

The "Dream Phone" episode is not the series finale, and the series will be revived in the future.
Recently, an update on the Cinemassacre website advertised the DVD for The Angry Video Game Nerd and Board James. Said Board James DVD is labelled as volume 1, which contains every episode of Board James made so far. This could mean that there will be a volume 2, which means that more episodes of Board James will be made in the future.
  • Confirmed.
The Dream Phone Arc is split into three seperate timelines each one that leads up to the Ouija ending.
  • In the first time line, James is innocent, the bucket was real and he used supernatural means to bring his dead friends back to life.
  • The second timeline, James killed his friends after one two many times they pissed him off over cheating and klutzing on his board games. He felt guilty and brought his friends back to life.
  • None of the above ever happened, and James Hallucinated it all. His friends were never harmed nor did the phone and Bucket come to life. Hence why Bootsy's injuries are all no longer present.
Board James really did kill his friends after the Dream Phone arc and he is now hallucinating them being alive again.
  • At the end of the Ouija/Domino Rally episode, Board James still seems a bit...unhinged. He quotes Edgar Allen Poe, and his friends say the same signature lines as the hallucinations of Elvis and whoever that other guy was. I'm betting the next episode will proceed normally with the three of them playing, until the very end where it's revealed with a camera change of some kind that no one else was in the room all along.
    • Jossed, at least as far as the second part of the WMG is concerned. In fact, practically the exact opposite happened.
James didn't go insane after the Dream Phone episode, he was insane all along.
  • The final scene in the Full House & Urkel Games episode implies that Mike and Bootsy have never existed in the first place and were a figment of James' imagination. Right before they disappear, Mike tells James that he has no friends. Maybe nobody wanted to hang out with a grown man who still collects board games meant for children and plays them in his basement and as a result of being an outcast, James slowly went insane and his mind created Mike and Bootsy to fill the void of having no friends.
The entire series from Dream Phone onwards is Deep-Immersion Gaming.
Confirmed... In a way.
Mike is the real killer
.* Two reasons for this WMG...
  • The photo in 13 Dead End Drive showing Mike hanging Bootsy
  • James saying "You motherfucked me, motherfucker!" to Mike in Nightmare and Beyond, implying Mike might have framed him for something he didn't do
  • In the Nightmare episode If you pause the video at 0:04, the newspaper says that the killer was arredted thanks to information provided by "crime partners Mikey and Boris". Mike probably wasn't the killer, he and Bootsy just helped the police catch James. Thats why James tends to torture his "friends"
Dream Phone really was the killer.
Board James was in complete isolation for a very long time between Dream Phone, his AVGN cameo and Omega Virus. He began to experience more intense hallucinations, ocular and auditory. He really did kill himself, then began traveling between all the worlds from Hangman to 13 Dead End Drive to Nightmare to Candyland to the many others seen in the rest of Nightmare and Beyond. But despite being surrounded by his friends again, he was still experiencing hallucinations, including his friends disappearing, and seeing AVGN everywhere. He still heard the voices in his head saying he killed Mike and Bootsy in the first place.

But Dream Phone was the killer. At first he was absolutely sure - it was in his recent memory - but as time passed and he traveled further away from his original world, he became more and more uncertain until he thought he was the killer. Being completely sure of this, despite it being complete falsehood, he changes gradually into the cold-blooded sadistic murderous sociopath seen in Nightmare and Beyond.