Nightmare Fuel / Blade of the Immortal

  • Shira torturing two Itto-ryu fighters and a prostitute from the Yukimachi.
  • Hyakurin's torture and rape at the hands of the Itto-ryu.
  • Burando's experiments with the prisoners.
    • Burando's ultimate creation, Nue #1, is a primitive cyborg—metal plates fused into his skin across the back of his neck to make him almost immune to decapitation, a metal grill covering his face, large twin blades bolted to each forearm, an insane Healing Factor almost on par with Manji's thanks to the bloodworms infused in his body and utterly, psychotically insane!
  • Shira tearing apart three Shogunate officers was bad enough, but the fourth one gets it the worst...
  • The nightmarishly horrific Mutual Kill of Itto-Ryu warrior Kunimitsu Amon and Rokki-dan warrior Murasaki Shozo. When Amon forces his way into close range against Shozo, the midget torturer (who fights with highly corrosive acid) uses a hand-held pump to inject a large amount of acid directly into Amon's subtantial gut, almost melting him in half. With his dying breath, Amon grabs Shozo and forces him face-first into his melting belly, suffocating and burning him in turn until Shozo's half-melted skull emerges from Amon's disintegrating back!