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Harmon Rabb: And for that, you beat her to death?
Charlie Lynch: You have a problem with that?

Television has evolved a lot over the years. It used to be that you couldn't even say the word "damn" on the airwaves. Now you've got entire cable channels where people can say anything they want. These looser standards have also made it that much easier to showcase genuinely horrifying villains. These characters can be either recurring or, especially in the case of Crime and Punishment Series, Monsters Of The Week (no pun intended).

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  • Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: The Clairvoyant aka John Garrett is the Big Bad of the first season. Heading the Centipede Project as a powerful figure in HYDRA, the Clairvoyant has superpowered individuals abducted and experimented on, implants his soldiers with explosive leashes, which he utilizes should they fail him or outlive their usefulness, had Coulson tortured to reveal the secret of his revival, and frequently kidnaps and threatens the lives of the loved ones of his "employees" in order to ensure their complete loyalty. At one point he implanted a SHIELD Agent with an explosive leash and forced her to work for him, work that included massacring a subway train full of bank security personnel to get what they were guarding. Later he implanted an Explosive Leash in Mike Peterson as well, abducted his son, and turned Mike into the cyborg villain Deathlok against his will. Despite his cheery demeanor, the Clairvoyant has no loyalty or empathy for anyone, not even to his undyingly loyal right-hand man, Grant Ward, whom he nearly killed to further his own plans. Later, he would force Ward to attempt to murder his two friends, Fitz and Simmons, in order to prove he's not weak. Ultimately, the Clairvoyant's true interest was extending his own life, and once he'd achieved that he went on to plan world domination.
  • Alcatraz:
    • Kit Nelson is a Serial Killer despised by all the other hardened inmates in Alcatraz. He murdered his brother when he was an 11-year old boy by strangling him to death. He would later use his brother's death as a motif for all his subsequent murders. His pattern consisted of breaking into a young boy's bedroom at night and abducting the kid at knifepoint by threatening to kill his siblings or parents if he didn't comply, leaving a flower behind in his place. Then he would force them to take part in his late brother's favorite hobbies for a few days, and strangle them to death in a bomb shelter with murderous glee. He drops off the boys' bodies back in their bedrooms where he abducted them from.
    • Paxton Petty is a Mad Bomber who plants mines in public places to enjoy watching people be blown apart. During the Korean War, he planted mines in the local children's playgrounds to eliminate potential Child Soldiers, for which he went to a military prison. After getting out he starts to plant more mines around San Francisco to kill as many random civilians as possible, including in elementary school yards. He traps Hauser on one of the mines, but modifies the bomb such that the bomb disposal professional would inevitably die during the dismantling procedure no matter what they did.
  • All My Children: Michael Cambias is a cut above the typical Soap Opera villain. Coming to Pine Valley with a goal of taking over all the major corporations based there, he used spies and a seduction of Kendall (using an alias), exploiting her hatred of Erica Kane, with a goal of stealing top-secret formulas and documents. One of his spies, Lena, is also his lover, with orders to seduce Erica's daughter, Bianca; Lena winds up falling for her, but is forced to continue working for Michael due to threats against her mother. Kendall, meanwhile, finds out about the affair between him and Lena, deciding to become a double agent; when Michael catches her in his office, he attempts to rape her, but Erica stops him. After double-crossing him by pretending to leave her company, Michael tries to rape Erica, but Kendall returns the favor in stopping him. When he's thwarted from that, he goes and rapes Bianca—getting back at all three women in one fell swoop, as Bianca is simultaneously Kendall's sister, Erica's daughter, and Lena's girlfriend.
  • American Horror Story: Asylum is a dark series, but several entries stand out.
    • The Devil itself is called up in a failed exorcism and possesses an innocent young nun, driving her to uninhibited and lewd behavior as a start. The Devil begins murdering other inmates and sowing the seeds of chaos around the Briarcliff Asylum, solely For the Evulz. When it learns that the resident doctor is really a Nazi war criminal escapee, it's actually excited and murders a concentration camp survivor who might expose him. The Devil later confronts the Monsignor about his rather un-priestly ambition and to top it off, rapes him despite his vows of celibacy, solely to debase him.
    • The Serial Killer Bloody Face, AKA Dr. Thredson, is a killer of women who takes their skin and teeth and later frames an innocent man for his crimes. After killing the lesbian lover of the heroine Lana, Bloody Face keeps the corpse on ice to "help" with Lana's therapy, luring her into his home so he can hold her hostage and rapes her multiple times before trying to kill her. After her escape, she ends back in Briarcliff where he attempts to assert his hold over her again and eliminate her there. When he learns she's pregnant, he seems to relent, but when threatened he decides to murder her again without a trace of remorse and gloats to her before the attempt how he'll never see a day in prison with the insanity defense.
    • Leigh Emerson, another Serial Killer, murdered multiple families on Christmas while dressed as Santa Claus, children included. After the Devil frees him in Briar Cliff, he shows utter eagerness in resuming his rampages and attempts to rape Sister Jude. He manages to successfully pin the incident on her, presents himself as wanting redemption and convinces the Monsignor to baptize him, only to nearly drown him and crucify him before leaving to resume his murders outside the asylum.
  • Angel: Besides Angelus from Buffy the Vampire Slayer (see below), we have the following:
    • Marcus from season 1's "In the Dark" is hired by Spike to extract information from Angel on the whereabouts of the Gem of Amarra, a magical ring that gives Vampires complete invulnerability from harm and their usual weaknesses, such as sunlight. A man obsessed with the "art" of torture, Marcus is rumored to have inspired some of the more favored and gruesome techniques used through history. Serenely, playing Mozart in the background, Marcus falls into a rhythm of torturing Angel, impaling him with hot pokers then asking Angel what he truly wants. When Angel refuses to answer, the cycle begins again, each time with Marcus hoping to truly break Angel and lay his soul bare. He also burns Angel with sunlight and forces him to suspend himself in the air with his chains in order to avoid being incinerated. Marcus is also a pedophile who specializes in feeding on and molesting children, and, after Marcus betrays Spike and takes the ring for himself, the first thing he does with his newfound invulnerability is attempt to murder a group of boy scouts, only being stopped due to the timely arrival of Angel.
    • From season 1's "I've Got You Under My Skin," Angel and his gang try to exorcise a demon from Ryan Anderson that had been causing him to start fires and attempt to murder his own sister. The twist comes when after being ejected from the boy, the demon reveals that it was trapped inside the child's body and the boy was so twisted, cruel, and malevolent that the otherworldly monster was actually afraid of him. Angel barely manages to get to the boy's home to stop him from succeeding in burning his sister alive.
    • Billy Blim from season 3's "Billy" appears to be a normal young man, but he is actually a demon filled with an extreme power of misogyny and had the power to turn any man he touched or who came in contact with his bodily fluids into someone extremely savage and brutal toward anyone female. He had no real reason to be doing this; rather, he appeared to do it only for his own sheer amusement. The fact that the normally very cold and amoral Lilah took him out says volumes as to how horrible he was.
  • Are You Afraid of the Dark?: "Margot" from season 5’s "The Tale of the Night Shift" is a teenage girl who gets a job as a nurse at a hospital working on the night shift. We find out that "Margot" is actually a sadistic, ancient vampire who spends his time feeding on the hospital’s staff and patients, one of whom is a young boy in a wheel chair, and attempting to turn them into his vampire slaves. When confronted by the episode’s protagonist Amanda and her friend Colin, the vampire compares a hospital to a candy shop for him. When Amanda's recently turned friend Felix tries to help Amanda, the vampire attacks him too. During the climax of the episode, the vampire chases Amanda to the roof of the hospital and lifts her up, planning to drop her off and lick up what's left, all while relishing Amanda's screams, before deciding the old-fashioned way is a better way to kill. Even in this Nightmare Fuel-filled series, "Margot" stands out.
  • Arrow:
    • The Count from season 1's "Vertigo" and season 2's "State v. Queen" is a sadistic drug peddler who seeks to push a new drug on the street known as "Vertigo." To perfect Vertigo, the Count kidnaps people to be his test subjects. He then injects them with Vertigo to cause them excruciating agony before offering them a gun with one shot: they can either shoot themselves to spare themselves the pain, or shoot him for revenge. The suicide rate, after nearly thirty victims, is one hundred percent. The Count views this as making Vertigo even better, comparing it to a wine ripened with age, and plans to flood the streets with Vertigo as a whole. He later attempts to inject it into Oliver during their fight.
    • Barton Mathis from season 2's "Broken Dolls", best known as The Dollmaker, is an Ax-Crazy Serial Killer who enjoys targeting young women. After kidnapping them, the Dollmaker murders the girls and preserves the corpses by injecting them with chemicals. The Dollmaker has a particular grudge against Quentin Lance, the cop who put him away the first time. After his escape from prison, Mathis calls up Lance and forces him to listen as he kills a girl before he attempts to do the same to Lance's daughter Laurel.
  • Babylon 5:
    • Jha'Dur, known as Deathwalker, from season 1’s episode of the same name, is a Dilgar war criminal and the worst example her species had to offer. Known for performing gruesome experiments upon innocents, Jha'Dur finds herself upon Babylon 5 and when cornered, she unveils a grand scheme: to offer immortality to the other planets' governments. Earth accepts her offer and Deathwalker reveals the secret of immortality to Commander Jeffrey Sinclair: it would require cannibalism, forcing civilizations to fall upon and destroy each other. The sheer delight she took in watching others suffer was nearly unmatched in the series
    • Lord Refa, from seasons 2 and 3, started off as an Smug Snake who wanted to “return the Centauri to Glory,” but he's the one who started Londo off on his Start of Darkness, making him ask Morden, the Shadows' servant, for favors. He's the one who began the Narn/Centauri War and authorized the illegal weapons the Mass-Drivers used against the Narn Homeworld, killing hundreds of millions. Refa's only loyalties were to himself and his own ambitions and he thinks nothing of condemning countless innocents to death
    • Cartagia, the mad Emperor of the Centauri, from season 3, was a psychotic despot who let his whims dictate Centauri society. He authorizes the ethnic cleansing of Narn and when the Narn leader G'Kar falls into his clutches, Cartagia has him viciously tortured simply for fun even stepping in to do it personally, before opting to attempt to sacrifice his own race just because he feels he's a God and can do whatever he likes.
    • In season 4 Earth's despot President William Morgan Clark, while rarely seen, turns Earth Government into a dictatorship, has the Psi Corp Mind Rape as a form of interrogation, and forms the Nightwatch, a group of secret police to kill and torture political enemies. He has dissidents brutally tortured as procedure and bombs civilian colonies, including Mars. When his war is lost, he even tries to turn weapon systems to destroy Earth, solely out of spite.
  • Battlestar Galactica (Reimagined):
    • (John) Cavil aka Number One is the de facto leader of the Cylons and the first model of the Significant Eight made by the Final Five, the progenitors of the race. He proves to be a hateful being angered by his creators' decision to give him a human body. He kills his brother Daniel out of jealousy, wiping out the line. He wipes the minds of his five parents and reprograms his siblings to forget about them. Then he puts the Final Five on human worlds to witness the genocide he initiates against the Twelve Colonies and hunts down the surviving humans to spite them and to make them realize they should love him as the "prince of the universe" he fancies himself as. Despite professing to want revenge for the humans' enslavement of the Centurions, he promptly does the same thing. He uses a Scarpia Ultimatum to rape his mother and tortures and mutilates his father. During his time in the human fleet Cavil also killed a young orphan boy just because they were becoming friends, and at the end of the series tries to dissect little Hera Agathon to uncover the secret to Cylon procreation. He permanently boxes the Threes over the other Cylons' objections. When half of his brethren break with him over his enslavement of the Centurions and Raiders, he promptly wipes out the Sixes, Twos, and Eights, leaving only a handful alive. While John claims he wants to be a robot more than anything, he willfully succumbs to the lowest human instincts he so hates: vengeance, lust, and sadism.
    • Phelan, the ex-military mercenary turned crime lord from season 2’s "Black Market," runs the titular market and garrotes anyone who threatens his supremacy. When Apollo investigates the death of one of Phelan's competitors, the man pays him a visit, abducting the Hooker with a Heart of Gold Apollo had been seeing regularly and taking her daughter, warning Apollo that "I hear any more talk about Fisk I'm gonna send your whore back to you piece by piece, and then I'm gonna start on the little girl." As if that's not enough, in his headquarters he keeps a bunch of children locked in a cell. When Apollo confronts him and asks about that, he claims that some people are "demanding". When Apollo demands the kid back, Phelan replies, "Sorry, the little girl's been paid for. No refunds."
  • Being Human:
    • William Herrick, John Mitchell's sire, is a truly nasty piece of work. Initially hiding under a Friendly Neighborhood Vampire facade, Mitchell learns the truth when he sees that Herrick has kept a larder for the vampires consisting of homeless people and teenage runaways where they are fed on relentlessly with no time to recover. When Mitchell protests, Herrick puts him firmly in the 'minus' column and decides to kill him and everyone he loves. Later, Herrick casually slaughters a police station after he is resurrected and regains his memory. Before this, he stabs his pregnant nurse in the back, having considered sparing her but opting not to as he doesn't wish anyone to think he's gone soft. Even before he became a vampire, Herrick was a piece of work and was turned by his sire Hettie while trying to sell her to a brothel. Hettie looks ten.
    • Alfie Kirby is the ghost of a Serial Killer whose favored method of killing was to seduce women by pretending to be great with kids and then murder the families once they trusted him. He turns the housemates against each other through manipulation and shatters Annie the ghost her into pieces, before performing a celebratory Happy Dance and immediately trying to kill a baby.
    • Finally, we have Mr. Snow, the de facto leader of The Old Ones, the ruling class of vampires. Snow is so ancient he claims to have looked upon “pharaohs and the son of the carpenter.” First introduced when he forces a ship's crew to feed him a luckless young man with the chilling tonight "Someone Or Everyone," Snow planned to launch a full war to enslave humanity and in the timeline where he isn't stopped, personally drained the British Prime Minister on live TV. Snow would preside over a regime where humans were enslaved and drained, all with nothing more than cheery good humor.
  • Beverly Hills 90210: Douglas Atherton is a wanted rapist from England. He comes to America, renames himself Miles Cannon, and becomes a teacher to find new victims. At the end of season 2 he raped Naomi Clark, even telling her that because she lied about him sexually harassing her earlier, no one would believe her about her rape. After he is found out, he flees his apartment, only to confront Naomi later on and threaten her with a knife.
  • Blake's 7: Raiker from season 1's "Space Fall" is a sadomasochistic dictator to the prisoners. He keeps a keen eye on female convicts who can pass muster to be his sex slaves, who get dumped out of the ship when they reach the prison planet or en route. When our protagonist Blake takes over the ship, Raiker deals with this by executing the prisoners to get Blake to surrender, and then two more For the Evulz. He appalls even his fellow crewmates.
  • Blue Bloods:
    • Dick Reed, the serial killer/rapist from season 1's "Re-Do," is a thoroughly misogynistic Smug Snake who gets his conviction overturned because a lab tech screwed up the protocols. He scares his surviving victim into silence and lets one of his fanboys have her. He also beats his sister and ties her up for saying something she "shouldn't have." He shows zero remorse and no redeemable qualities and after slitting a janitor's throat, he finally attempts to perform his usual MO on Erin Reagan, the ADA who convicted him, before she is saved by Frank.
    • The Phantom, aka Donald Washington, from season 2's "The Life We Chose," is a cold-blooded crack dealer and murderer. He shoots detective Cruz and kills Detective Gates, who pleads that he has three kids, to which Phantom replies "Too bad for them". This shocks his cohort, who was only planning on robbing them. Phantom later kills his cohort, targets Ray Bell, a man who ratted him out to the police, and holds Ray's family hostage.
    • Yuri Denko, an arms dealer whom Erin prosecutes in season 2's "Working Girls," is a cold-blooded sadist who has no problem executing a man's wife in front of him in their living room over a business dispute. He then threatens the man's children in a courtroom outburst to scare him into not testifying, then has him killed after the threats scare him into running. He puts out a hit on the surviving witness, hounding her mercilessly, and went after her grandma back in Russia, too (the FSB got there first and protected her).
  • Blue Heelers:
    • Vincent Platt from season 3’s "Spider Man" and "Day of Reckoning" is introduced getting his kicks watching police divers fish out the body of a little girl who was kidnapped, raped and murdered, one of his victims, which disgusts Wayne. The police bring him in, but they can't get any evidence out of him so they cut him loose. He immediately kidnaps another girl, and when he's brought in he refuses to help, cries about his rights, then tries to bait Nick into attacking him by describing techniques on kidnapping little children and how sexually appealing they are. When that doesn't work, he tries to assault him. Nick then brings in the photo of Platt's victim, trying to appeal to some form of decency. Platt steals the photo, taunts Nick about the victim, declares he doesn't have a conscience, and brags that the police "will never find the little bitch.” Nick is so infuriated he tries to kill Platt, before becoming disgusted at what he might have done, but it gives Platt the idea to bash himself and make it look like Nick did it; this fatally backfires
    • Ashley Barker from season 12’s "Childs Play” and her boyfriend Luke Knight find young adults to have sex with, by force if they are not willing, then brag about it and Ashley videotapes it and posts it on the Internet. When Luke had picked out a girl, he genuinely liked her. Ashley reacts by using a pair of scissors to stab the girl. She then got Luke to slash her throat but he couldn't, so after he stabbed the victim until he got tired Ashley kept stabbing her even though she was well past dead before she and Luke made another girl Beth stab her as well. When caught, Ashley and Luke both mock the victim's mother.
  • Boardwalk Empire: While other gangsters have shown shades of ruthlessness and callousness, Giuseppe Colombano "Gyp" Rosetti from season 3 is an absolute lunatic of a mob boss who eclipses Nucky Thompson and any other gangster on the show for sheer, senseless and brutal violence. Introduced beating a man to death after the man fixed his car but made an offhand comment Rosetti interpreted as condescending, Rosetti soon all but declares war on Nucky and sadistically burns a man to death later after dousing him in gasoline. In an attempt on his life, Rosetti uses the waitress he was sleeping with as a Human Shield and soon beats a priest to rob his church. In a botched assassination attempt on Nucky, Rosetti bombs a restaurant on the Atlantic City boardwalk which Nucky frequents. Dozens of people are killed along with Nucky's mistress, which Rosetti taunts him with over the phone. When one of his men makes a comment indicating he knows more about nautical terms than Rosetti, Rosetti buries him up to his neck in the sand for the tide, but shows “mercy” when his bodyguard begs him to, as the buried man is said bodyguard's own cousin, by taking the shovel, walking to the man and then smashing his skull in with it.
  • Bones: The Gravedigger, aka Heather Taffet, is a dark cross between a serial killer and a serial kidnapper. The modus operandi is to sneak up on victims, knock them out with a custom-made stun gun, and bury them in a hidden container with 24 hours of air; either the ransom is paid, or the victims die. The Gravedigger's introduced by doing this on Dr. Brennan - not because Brennan is a threat, but just because. The Gravedigger also traps Dr. Hodgins at the same time (cutting the available air to around 12 hours) just because he witnessed the kidnapping. When reappearing, The Gravedigger then tries to similarly bury Booth alive to destroy evidence, plus tries to kill Brennan and Booth again. The Gravedigger also kills a private investigator with her stun gun because The Gravedigger thinks that there's a chance that he might find The Gravedigger in the future. Several of the other victims are also sought, with the cruel circumstances behind them all played up. In the end, The Gravedigger admits to just enjoying killing people and the effects that buried alive has on victims; the ransom money was immaterial.
  • Breaking Bad:
    • The Salamanca twins, Leonel and Marco, from season 3, are ruthless enforcers for the cartel. We get a hint of their viciousness when they decapitate an informant for the DEA named Tortuga and for a touch of black comedy put his head on a tortoise rigged with a bomb to catch the Federales. After arriving in America after the death of their cousin Tuco, the two slaughter every immigrant they arrived with, then kill an old woman to take her house as a base, and the police officer who comes to investigate. The two later stalk and attempt to murder DEA agent Hank Schrader, treating everything with nothing more than emotionless, single-minded ruthlessness.
    • Jack Welker, from season 5, leader of the Aryan Brotherhood, is just as nasty as any of the Mexican Cartel. Jack starts off using his prison connections to arrange the murders of ten prisoners Walter White is afraid will turn State's witness. Jack later kills DEA agents Hank Schrader and Steve Gomez with his gang and steals the money Walt had buried for his own after personally executing Hank. Jack keeps Walt's old partner Jesse Pinkman enslaved and chained in the meth lab to cook for the Nazis under threat of murdering his loved ones; this threat turns out not to be idle as when Jesse attempts to escape, he is forced to witness the murder of his beloved Andreawhile Jack informs him her son will be next if Jesse tries anything again. Even when Walt returns, Jack decides to kill him rather than bother with any other step and only stops to parade Jesse's poor treatment in front of him.
  • Buffy the Vampire Slayer:
    • Described by Buffy's Season 1 Big Bad The Master, one of the most ancient, powerful and evil vampires, as "The most vicious creature he'd ever met" Angelus set the standards for evil in the Buffyverse. For centuries, Angelus was the scourge of Europe with countless murders, rapes and torture to his name. Angelus kicked off a career in evil with the murders of his own family. Refusing to kill a longstanding nemesis vampire hunter, Angelus contented himself by murdering the man's wife and baby son, turning his young daughter into a vampire to force her own father to destroy her. His self-admitted masterpiece was seducing Drusilla, a pious, tormented girl with psychic powers, murdering her family and driving her to a convent before slaughtering everyone in the walls and turning her into a vampire to preserve his insane, broken work of art forever. When his soul is lost again, Angel delights in psychologically tormenting his former beloved Buffy's friends and family out of disgust for the human feeling Buffy gave him. The ultimate culmination of this was his brutal murder of Jenny Calendar, leaving the corpse for her lover Giles to find in a parody of a romantic rendezvous. Angelus's evil extended to his hope of awakening a demon to suck all of humanity into a hell dimension for eternal torture, solely for the fun involved.
    • Besides Angelus, Season 7's last five episodes introduced Caleb, the only villain in the series to rival Angelus in depravity. A defrocked priest turned Serial Killer of young women, Caleb uses the trust that people have in him to get closer to his victims, before torturing and killing them. In his first appearance, he guts one of the Potential Slayers and leaves her at the side of the road, as a message for Buffy. He then kills another one of the girls during a battle, mangles the arm of another, and puts out Xander's eye, cracking bad jokes the entire time. He also coordinates the actions of the Bringers, organizing the bombing of the Watcher Council's headquarters (resulting in most of their deaths), arranging the assaults on numerous Potentials, and trying to have Faith killed while she was in prison. A misogynistic sadist, who believes that all women are whores and deserve what he does to them, Caleb is The First Evil's right-hand man, and lives for the oncoming apocalypse, seeing the end of the world as a way to dispose of all those who do not share his mad religious convictions. He also gets a real kick out reenacting his murders with the shape shifting First. Perhaps the most frightening thing about Caleb, however, is that he is human, with nary a supernatural excuse, nor a Freudian Excuse, in sight.
  • Burn Notice:
    • Simon Escher was a Psycho for Hire for Anson's organization who had been betrayed by them. When he got out of jail in seasons 3 and 4, Simon embarked on a one man terrorism and murder spree, killing anyone in his way to get to Management, innocent or not. Simon's first appearance has him in a TV store, having shot the employee on duty dead and hacked all the Television in the store to show his grisly crimes, which includes bombings and shootings, and he forces Michael to help him by threatening to bomb a tourist hotel. The CIA later recruit him in the season 7 finale and brings him in on an op to bring down a terrorist network. After eliminating both the extraction team and most of the enemy's men, he tortures the one prisoner they had and kills him in cold blood.
    • Anson Fullerton, from seasons 5 and 6, is the leader of the Organization that burned Michael, which he founded with the old man known only as “Management.” He resurfaced after Max and Michael began researching evidence of more agents, killing the former and framing the latter. With the cover-up foiled, he then orchestrated a plot to gain leverage on Michael: tricking Michael's girlfriend Fiona into thinking she killed two innocent people and recording her confession to blackmail Michael into continuing to work for him and later disposes of a useless asset by blowing the man up in front of his family. Anson eliminates and manipulates more people, even revealing he was the one behind the death of Michael's father. His ultimate moment was trying to bomb a plane to kill one passenger. Anson thinks of everyone as an asset, and there's only one response a ruthless man like him has to one he deems useless.

    C - F 
  • Choujinki Metalder: God Neros, the Big Bad of this Tokusatsu series, is a truly vile Evil Overlord bent on imposing his twisted will on the world. In order to Take Over the World, Neros focused on mass starvation imposed on whole nations, along with genocide of humanity; Neros had even murdered a friend who had protested Metalder being used for evil purposes. Having no limits to depravity, Neros tried to force Metalder to do evil, and mentally tortured him before trying to finish him off.
  • City Homicide:
    • Dr. Sean Macready from season 1's "In the Hands of Giants" is a psychiatrist who kills over a dozen children by starting fires, each time making them look like electrical accidents. His motive each time is to punish his adulterous female patients, five of which later killed themselves, something he probably caused through his sessions with them. The one point of sympathy he gets is that his own children were killed in a fire when his wife was away with her own lover, but then it turns out that he started that fire as well. He dies at the end of the episode when he unsuccessfully attempts to pull one of his victims into the fire, after the other two had escaped.
    • Frances Deerborne from season 1's "Family Planning" murders her husband John's rich family, from his parents down to his younger sister, his kid brother, and the housekeeper, to ensure that he receives his inheritance. She also hired a man to rob them first, pretending to be in love with him, and killed him afterward. It is suggested that she intends to kill John later and make it look like an accident.
    • Daniel Worthington from season 4's "Flight Risk" is a misogynistic Serial Rapist who specifically targets strong women who he can't dominate in any other way. Worse, he drugs his wife and daughter during a movie night so that he can leave to commit his rapes, while ensuring that they'll provide an alibi for him. The only reason he fails to get away with it is because Claudia baits him during her interrogation of him, and he forgoes his overseas trip to target her.
  • The Closer:
    • Roger Stimple from season 3's "Ruby" is a child molesting landscaper who lures prepubescent black girls into his van to rape and kill, before burying them in the park he works at.
    • Judd Whaley from season 3's "The Round File" was a manager of the Summerview Senior Living Center. He had a Medicaid occupant die on him, and received a bonus for having a low occupancy rate as well as for having a paying resident replace him. Realizing the profit potential, Whaley would poison Medicaid Residents with no friends and visitors, and tries to frame a resident who gets suspicious. He expressed nothing but contempt for his victims with his "Who cares" speech, and even has the gall to try to bribe the police to drop the charges and let the witness investigating him stay at Summerview free of charge.
    • Phillip Stroh from Season 4's "Power of Attorney," as well as Season 7's "Hostile Witness" and "The Last Word'' is a truly Amoral Attorney who defends sex offenders, but who also happens to be a serial rapist. He has his client Chris Dunlap find him victims to rape, one of them fights back and is killed. When Dunlap is arrested he goes onto become even more brutal, strangling his victims with a chain, and trying to kill a man who witnessed the crimes. When arrested he offers his services to a fellow inmate in exchange for sendind letters, ordering several murders and threatening the witness.
  • Copper pulls no punches in showing the gritty, brutal days of Civil War era New York and this is reflected in some of the city's most vile residents.
    • Winfred "Winnie" Haverford, a pedophile and murderer, kills a 10-year-old girl in the pilot and rapes her corpse, an act that disgusts even the hardened Anti-Hero Kevin Corcoran. Winnie tries to track down the girl's sister, the witness to his crime, with intent of raping and murdering her to. He also visits a brothel to indulge his tastes in little girls. When his own wife discovers what he's done, she happily sells him out to Corcoran.
    • The Faux Affably Evil counterfeiter Philomen Keating, a ruthless gangster who despises centralized government, takes over a crowded police station full of cops and civilians. He proceeds to torture them physically and psychologically while having fun the entire time. Keating enjoys stripping them of humanity by injuring the police captain and saying anyone can save him, but they'll be injured in turn. When nobody steps up, he cheerfully mocks them on what they really are. He kills more innocent people, and at one point has a captive tenor sing a funeral dirge before slitting his throat in the middle of it just to see what it sounds like. When cornered by the police, Keating takes a little girl hostage with clear intent to kill her whether or not he's granted safe passage out.
    • Corrupt Politician and Corrupt Corporate Executive all in one, Brendan Donovan is the Tammany Hall Ward Boss for the Five Points who plans to create an aqueduct in New York. Cultivating a veneer of respectability, Donovan uses extortion and bribery to steal the lands of others, resorting to outright torture and murder if they refuse. We discover a variety of nasty and brutal beatings, tortures and murders Donovan is responsible for before we learn his plan: to level the Five Points heedless of the fate of its inhabitants, solely so he can profit from his new aqueduct.
  • Crossing Lines: "Desperation & Desperados" has Gian Carlo. Chief of security for Mafia boss Nicolo Conti, Gian Carlo is assigned to rescue Conti's kidnapped daughter, Angela, after brothers Antonio and Paulo raid Conti's drug stash and capture her. After executing the warehouse guard, Gian Carlo tracks the brothers to a marketplace and opens fire; when Paulo and Antonio manage to make their escape, Gian Carlo instructs his men to kill the witnesses, slaughtering twenty-five people—including two children—in an effort to keep it quiet. He follows the brothers to Slovenia and kills another nine people at a gas station, before cornering them at a hospital where he murders Paulo, two hospital workers and two police officers who try to stop him. He subsequently runs Angela and Antonio off the road, fatally wounding Antonio in the process, shoots one of his men when he objects to the idea of hurting Angela, tries to kill Angela herself while ranting about how she doesn't appreciate what he's done for her, and then dies in a shootout with the police. Leaving a trail of human wreckage—including forty-two dead—throughout Italy and Slovenia, Gian Carlo did more damage in an afternoon than most gangsters do in their entire lives.
  • Damages: Jerry Boorman from season 4 is a complete sociopath of a CIA agent and mercenary who will ruin lives for the purpose of saving his ass from being punished for the vile things he has done as part of the "War On Terror". His most notable moment of cruelty comes when he is torturing an innocent Muslim-American into taking the fall for a murder attempt he carried out, at which point he admits to the man he is torturing, that he doesn't give a damn about America and only cares about himself.
  • Deadwood: Season 3's Big Bad, George Hearst, slaughtered the Cornish workers in his employ for unionizing, cut off Al Swearnegen's finger as a show of power, and attempted to have Captain Turner kill Dan Dority in a public street fight that is long and drawn out, both to emotionally torture Al and demonstrate that Hearst holds all the power in town. He also hires an army of Pinkertons to terrorize the town, sending Odell Marchbanks on a dangerous quest to find gold which ends up getting him killed. He has the head Pinkerton Barret savagely beat Merrick in response to posting a notice about the poor working conditions of Hearst's employ. Hearst then orders the death of heroic prospector Ellsworth to force Ellsworth's wife to sell the land Hearst wants to him. To demonstrate his power, he also forces Al to murder his favorite prostitute for trying to assassinate Hearst. It's implied he may know Al killed a lookalike girl, but simply doesn't care, more than happy he broke Al completely.
  • Dexter:
    • George Washington King (born Jorge Orozco), aka the Skinner, from season 3, was known as "The Blade" while a Torture Technician in Nicagagua. While in pursuit of a drug dealer who owes him money, finds anyone who might have information about said drug dealer's whereabouts and questions them while cutting off their skin. One of his victims was an innocent boy confirmed to have died from the skinning process. When Dexter confronts the Skinner, he confirms that, despite the reasons the Skinner makes up for performing his grisly crimes (which are by no means a justification anyway), his only real reason is simply because he likes it.
    • Season 5's Big Bad, Jordan Chase (born Eugene Greer), directs a group of men to capture women to torture and rape for months before disposing of them in barrels. All the while, Jordan looks on, occasionally holding his watch to the women's ears and whispering, "Tick tick tick. That's the sound of your life running out." Watching the video footage they took of what they did to the women was enough to make Debra root for the people who were tracking them down and killing them (despite it being her job to catch the killers); Dexter himself admits that they sicken him. The tapes themselves, which the viewers listen to, are pure horror. When Dexter and Lumen (the last victim who managed to get away) finally have Jordan at their mercy, he taunts Lumen about what he did to her, mocking her for being so "pathetic" and "helpless".
  • Dollhouse:
    • From the first episode, "Ghost", there's the unnamed, pedophilic kidnapper whom is a serial rapist and killer of little girls. When twelve-year-old Davina Crestejo is abducted by him and his cohorts, the doll, Echo, is implanted with the artificially constructed personality of a hostage negotiator named Eleanor Penn, and sent by the Dollhouse to negotiate Davina's release. The personality of Ms. Penn was constructed partially from the memories of a little girl who was kidnapped as a child herself. When the time comes for the kidnappers to collect the ransom, however, Ms. Penn has a nervous breakdown upon seeing the face of one of the kidnappers and recognizing him as the same man who kidnapped her as a child. She then reveals this kidnapper's modus operandi. Kidnapping little girls, he ransoms them to their parents, then, after the money arrives, murders his partners and keeps the girls as his Sex Slaves, killing them when they grow too old for his tastes. When Echo informs his fellow kidnappers about what their partner's planning for Davina, they are so disgusted that they immediately try to kill him before allowing Echo to leave with Davina.
    • Joe Hearn is The Handler for the doll Sierra, and at first seems nothing more than a callous Jerkass who doesn't care when the dolls under his care die. He proves himself to be far more evil, however, when it's revealed that he's been taking advantage of the blind trust dolls are implanted with towards their handlers and, while Sierra is in her neutral child-like state, has repeatedly forced her to have sex with him. His crimes close to being discovered, he tries to convince his superiors that the doll, Victor, is the true perpetrator and argues to have him sent to the Attic. When Hearn himself is revealed to be the culprit, his boss Adelle DeWitt issues him an ultimatum, either be sent to the Attic himself, or rape and murder Paul Ballard's girlfriend Mellie to deter him from investigating the Dollhouse. Hearn chooses the latter, and sets to the task with apparent glee. However, it turns out to be a set-up planned by DeWitt who was so repulsed by Hearn's actions that she had arranged it so Hearn would be killed by Mellie, who is a doll herself.
    • Nolan Kinnard was one of the Corrupt Corporate Executives behind the Dollhouse program, and a psychotic Yandere who formed a disturbing obsession with a young artist named Priya Tsetsang. When his increasingly expensive attempts to seduce her fail, he tries, and fails, to flat-out rape her instead. In retribution for Priya's rejection, he arranges for her to be abducted, imprisoned in his hospital and regularly pumped her full of drugs which stopped her brain from producing adequate amounts of serotonin and dopamine. This caused Priya to suffer from visual and aural hallucinations, making her seem to the outside world like a paranoid schizophrenic. He then convinces the Dollhouse to take Priya on as an "altruistic" charity case, turning her into the doll Sierra, and, once they do, Kinnard frequently hires her out, having her imprinted with a personality that was hopelessly in love with him. He then uses this imprint to rape her over and over again, taking a picture of her after each engagement as a trophy of what he's done to her. When DeWitt and Topher Brink discover the truth behind Priya's transformation into the doll, Sierra, they are horrified and try to keep her away from Kinnard, only for him to use his pull with the Dollhouse to order her permanently imprinted with the love-struck personality to keep as his Sex Slave for the rest of her life. When Sierra is "delivered" to him, however, she reveals that she is imprinted with her original personality, slaps him across the face and tells him how much she hates him. In retribution, Kinnard beats her and comes after her with a knife, only stopping when Priya kills him in self-defense.
  • Elementary: Moriarty, aka Irene Adler, is a self-described "Assassin Pimp" who arranges murders both at the behest of others, and to fulfill a private agenda. In "M." Moriarty sends Sebastien Moran to kill two people by suspending them from their ankles and draining all of their blood, then betrays Moran to Holmes in the hopes that Holmes will kill him. In "A Landmark Story" Moriarty has Daniel Gottlieb shock a man to death by hacking his pacemaker, drop an air conditioner on another, and use killer bees against a woman with a severe allergy; by threatening Moran's sister, Moriarty is able to force Moran to commit suicide. Moriarty also has Isaac Procter kill a man who served as a Body Double, then sends assassins after Procter in "The Woman", before killing him personally. Outed in "Heroine" Moriarty kidnaps the daughter of a Greek shipping tycoon, in order to force said tycoon to murder two Macedonian nationals, all to prevent Macedonia from joining the EU, and make a large profit by investing in Macedonian currency. Couple this with the fact that Moriarty is responsible for causing Holmes's breakdown in the first place and that her crush on Holmes is more about viewing him as a piece of artwork than anything else, and there is no reason to consider Moriarty anything other than the very worst that Elementary has to offer.t
  • Fargo: Lorne Malvo is a mysterious stranger and hitman who, in his spare time, enjoys toying with hapless human beings and seeing how he can break them or turn them to the dark side. Lorne is a sadistic, ruthless and efficient killer who murders many people over the course of the series while steadily corrupting the hapless Lester Nygaard simply for his own amusement. After racking up a body count that numbers in the dozens, Lorne disguises himself as a normal man to get close to an assassination target. After becoming engaged to a woman who loves him as part of his cover, Lorne murders his mark and even his own fiancée with nothing more than wry amusement after Lester recognizes him. Combining utter heartlessness with dry humor and a fascination with the dark side of human nature, it's no surprise Lorne is frequently likened to a hungry predator.
  • Farscape:
    • Selto Durka from the first two seasons is a captain of the ironically named Peacekeepers who is well-known for being a master of torturing people and enjoying Cold-Blooded Torture far more than is healthy. He had kept and tortured Rygel for years before the story begins and years later, his presence utterly terrifies Rygel beyond reason. Durka enjoys torturing nearly everyone he sees, and when he captures Aeryn, he leaves a comm channel open so the rest of her crew can hear him about to torture her and burn her face off. Even worse, he tried to forcibly abort the living and sentient spaceship Moya's child so she'd be capable of going faster to take him to safety.
    • Kaarvok from season 3's "Eat Me" is a cannibalistic Mad Scientist with a hand-held cloning machine on standby. He's willing to do anything to ensure that he has more food...or family; he's forgotten that there's a difference. This includes cloning his victims (before killing one in front of the other), keeping Rovhu's traumatized Pilot alive so his regenerating limbs can be harvested for meat, and forcing members of Moya's crew to breed with his degenerate clone army just so he'd have something tastier than clone-brains to look forward to.
    • Tauza from season 3's "Incubator" is a Scarran noble who oversees their breeding program, where the humanoid Sebacean women are kidnapped (any families or loved ones with them are killed) and forcibly raped by Scarran soldiers. Tauza subjected 90 Sebacean women to this, with none surviving. One woman had a child, later named Scorpius. Tauza sought to purge the young half-breed of all "Sebacan weakness" by torturing him physically and mentally. Tauza lied to Scorpius, claiming he had a Scarran mother who had been raped by a Sebacean, but she later revealed the truth when Scorpius sought to rebel, showing him a video of his mother's violation to hurt him. Cruel, arrogant, racist and vicious, Tauza embodied the worst of Scarran culture, and under her hand for all his formative years, it's no wonder Scorpius developed a genocidal hatred of the Scarrans.
  • Fear Itself: Duane Mellor from this short-lived anthology's episode "Eater" managed to establish himself as more monstrous than a Wendigo of the same show. A Cajun Serial Killer and Eater, Mellor was arrested for torturing, murdering and eating vast amounts of innocent people, often keeping them alive for days so he could cut pieces off and eat them. Once captured, Mellor waits until the graveyard shift before using a voodoo ritual, devouring the souls of several officers with their hearts to take their forms and play a sadistic game of cat and mouse with the young female rookie cop on duty, solely because "I particularly like it when my prey is frightened." When his patience is exhausted, he simply goes for the kill. The only thing close to a standard Mellor showed was his disdain for being called a serial killer: He was An "Eater", big difference.
  • Firefly: Despite his initial appearance as an avuncular old man, Adelai Niska is quickly revealed to be the most vicious character in the series. A sadist with a love of personally conducting Cold-Blooded Torture on his victims, Niska is proud of his feared reputation amongst the criminal community and is obsessed with ensuring the horror stories surrounding him are all true. When he first meets the crew of Serenity in "The Train Job", Niska shows off the mutilated corpse of his wife's nephew to solidify his reputation in their eyes and to show them what price they'll pay should they fail him. After commissioning the crew to steal important cargo from an Alliance train, the crew is horrified to realize that what they've stolen is the medicine needed to treat a city full of sick settlers. In his next appearance in "War Stories," Niska carves up another failed employee, before getting his hands on Mal and Wash, whom he proceeds to torture for hours. Eventually Zoe, Mal's first mate and Wash's wife, offers to buy Niska's captives off of him, but Niska tells her that with the money she has, she can only afford one of them and tries to force her into a Sadistic Choice. When Zoe ruins his fun by immediately picking her husband, he responds by saying there is enough money for some of Captain Reynolds. He then cuts off Mal's ear and gives it to her. Niska spends the remainder of the episode torturing Mal to death, only to use advanced technology to bring him back to life so Niska can have the pleasure of torturing Mal to death for days.
  • The Following: Joe Carroll likes to envision himself as a Wicked Cultured chessmaster and architect of darkness and evil. In truth, he is a megalomaniac Serial Killer who killed 14 girls before agent Ryan caught him ten years ago, setting off their mutual obsession with one another. After escaping from jail by killing five guards, Carroll hunts down the only victim to escape him and brutally tortures her to death- first removing her eyes. It is revealed that Carroll has his own cult of serial killers he rules over, encouraging them to "write their own chapters" by committing murder and personally teaches them how to effectively kill a human being. Carroll casually discards his followers when he determines it's necessary, having no remorse leaving them to their fates or forcing them to give their lives for him. A consummate actor, Carroll manipulates his son Joey, with intention of raising him as a killer and refers to Joey as "his best trump card." For his ex-wife, once she rejects Carroll's designs on her by stabbing him, Carroll decides to kill her as well in front of Ryan. When he hears Carol blame herself for not seeing what Joe was sooner, saying she feels like she killed all the girls herself, Carroll seems to comfort her before killing a man in front of her to show her what killing someone is really like, telling her not to take credit for his deeds. Joe Carroll believes people are just pawns or characters in the book he writes and that he can do with them whatever he wants for a good story.
  • Fringe: Most villains have sympathetic motivations to their actions, with most having redeeming qualities. Nevertheless, with its initial Monster of the Week format, there have been exceptions.
    • Richard Steig from the Pilot is an employee of Massive Dynamic who was asked to steal research into airborne viral contagions - research that had been conducted by the scientists Walter Bishop and William Bell decades earlier. Stieg was able to manufacture a flesh-melting contagion that causes the infected individual's skin to decompose in a matter of seconds. The contagion was then smuggled onto Flight 627 in his twin brother Morgan Steig's insulin pen. He chose Morgan to show his "commitment" for potential buyers for the toxin. Everyone on the plane died when the toxin made them crystalize.
    • David Esterbrook from season 1's "The Cure" was the head of the pharmaceutical research division of the company INtREPUS. Esterbrook, to make money, created a program that would forcibly abduct and turn young women who suffered from a rare disease into unknowing radiation suicide bombers. He tested this on a cafe full of innocent people, causing their brains to boil and burst. After the first test, Esterbrook simply opted to repeat the process, showing no remorse or hesitation when confronted by special agent Olivia Dunham.
    • The artificially youthful Nazi Mad Scientist Alfred Hoffman from season 2's "The Bishop Revival" was an unrepentant Sociopath who survived the war and went into hiding. Decades later, Hoffman resurfaces with his greatest creation: a toxin he engineers to target specific genetic strains. He first tests it on a Holocaust survivor and her family at a wedding. He later tests it on a cafe to confirm its effectiveness and the fact he can use it to kill anyone not part of his "Master Race." Before Walter Bishop turns the toxin on Hoffman himself, Hoffman is about to deliver it at a human rights conference to kill everyone there.

    G - J 
  • Garo: The evil, power-hungry Barago was once a member of the Makai Knights, an order of powerful beings who defend humanity from the horrors in the dark. Nearly every horrible thing in the series can be traced back to Barago. He made the innocent heroine of the series into a vessel for a demonic being known as Messiah, which would allow Messiah to consume both the girl and then the world (for nothing more than his personal gain). He murdered series hero Kouga's father, and The Lancer Rei's family to manipulate them further in the future. To prove he has no attachment to humanity or human beings, Barago cuts down a mirage of his own mother to prove that his family means less to him than power. Barago is willing to allow humanity be devoured for his own gain, and carelessly uses and discards whoever is in his way. When one hero begs Barago to remember why he once joined the order of the Makai Knights, Barago's only response is to coldly say he can't even remember.
  • GARO The One Who Shines In The Darkness: This spinoff has Tousei Kaneshiro, a completely normal human who's just an evil monster. As a child, he turned his own mother into a monster and thought it was amazing. He later turned Sonshi, a noble defender of humanity and Makai Knight, into his own minion and forced him to eat a woman he had been sworn to protect, laughing all the while. Sonshi turned other good-hearted people into monsters that became his servants, using them to found Vol City, where he used his crippled father as a Puppet King and ruled from behind the scenes, allowing the Horrors to devour the innocent. He even forced the Makai Priestess Hakana to produce many Madou Horror seed against her own will. Upon stepping out of the shadows, he has the Kaneshiro family, even the children, killed and has Sonshi eat his own father. Using the fact he's a normal human as a shield, Tousei gleefully taunts the heroes about his atrocities and molests a woman he turned into one of his special Mado Horrors in front of them. Upon encountering him, even a horror comments it has never seen a human with such a black soul.
  • Goosebumps: Karl, from season 3's three-parter "Chillogy," gets sick pleasure out of physically and mentally torturing kids simply because it's his hobby. He transports them into his miniature town and personal playground Karlsville, where he toys with them before he plans to kill them. He manipulates Jessica into pursuing her own greed to sell more of his lemonade, then turns her into a pig and sends a mob of angry townspeople after her to serve her up to him for lunch. He plays a lethal game of baseball with Matthew where Matthew has to do such things as fight a team of monsters, dodge killer baseballs, and crawl over a lava pit to make it to the next base. His last victim is Matthew's brother Todd, whom he prepares to "make a citizen of Karlsville" by turning him into a small plastic figure who will be forever conscious. He delays Todd's fate as long as he possibly can to enjoy Todd's fear.
  • Gramps: In this 1995 Made-for-TV Movie, a grandfather named Jack MacGruder‘s outwardly sweet side is a cover for a bloodthirsty sociopath who nearly succeeds in destroying his family, all to get at and rape his "precious" 7-year-old grandson, Matthew. About 40 years earlier, Jack was the autocratic head of his household and constantly came up with new ways to beat his wife when she stepped even a millimeter out of line. Finally, the wife works up enough courage to leave, taking her 7-year-old son, Clark, with her and divorcing Jack, who got no visitation rights to see his son. In the present, Clark tracks down his father and, hoping he's changed and gotten his anger issues under control, invites him to stay. Jack charms everyone with his guitar picking, but eventually, he unleashes his pent-up anger on innocent people. He breaks the housekeeper's legs with a baseball bat, smashes a fire extinguisher over the head of a police officer, runs down a teenaged girl with his car (and also does the same to his daughter-in-law), and kills his daughter-in-law's father after he gathers evidence to refute Jack's claim that the daughter-in-law was cheating on him. In the end, Jack kidnaps Matthew and one of his female classmates and threatens to throw them over the edge of a waterfall if Clark does not pay a $1 million ransom
  • Grimm: Oleg Stark from season 1's "Game Ogre" is an especially violent Siegbarste or ogre. A hitman for hire, Stark was arrested for a series of brutal murders and escapes jail years later to enact revenge, beating his guards into a coma. Stark hunts down and kills his lawyer, cutting out her tongue, as well as the jury foreman and the judge. The police find the judge's corpse with Stark having stuffed his gavel down his throat. Stark tries to kill the detective who arrested him by blowing up his apartment and when this fails, hospitalizes his best friend Nick to get his location. Even by the standards of the occasionally monstrous beings in Grimm called Wesen, Stark is known as an utter beast.
  • The Haunting Hour: Lilly D is a doll with a soul, but a soul of evil. She gradually turns Lilly into a doll to take her place among the family, and before she set that plan into motion, she turns Lilly's mother against her to the point where she says to the doll "I wish you were my daughter" right in front of the real Lilly. She later returns seemingly redeemed due to the love of a new girl named Natalie, but later she turns out to be jealousy-prone and attempts to drown a baby bird being nursed to health, pushes Natalie's handicapped grandfather down the stairs, and attacks Natalie with a knife.
  • Hercules: The Legendary Journeys:
    • Darphus from season 1's "The Gauntlet" and "Unchained Heart" (as well as an Alternate Continuity in Part 2 of season 4's "Armageddon Now) is the former second in command of Xena before her Heel-Face Turn. Darphus earns Xena's disfavor by sacking innocent villages and slaughtering women and children for fun. When Xena objects, Darphus stages a coup on her after trying to force her to murder a baby. When Xena survives the gauntlet to leave the army, Darphus tries to have her killed anyways. After being killed by Xena, Darphus is revived by Ares and carries on a brutal campaign of slaughter where he also has care of Ares' monstrous pet. Darphus feeds innocent victims to said monster and shows no hesitation in killing his own men as well just for displeasing him.
    • Mayhem from season 4’s "Prodigal Sister" is the leader of a renegade band of Amazons that routinely terrorizes the countryside in Greece and massacres entire villages, except for the little girls she turns into her weapons. Most Amazons who did raids would go for minimal loss of life, and are appalled by Mayhem's actions. She personally blinds Ruun, (just after killing his parents and kidnapping his sister who she turns into a mindless killing machine) who's only five years old. Fast forward years later, when most of the renegade Amazons have rejoined the Amazonian Nation, Mayhem still leads raids which Rape, Pillage, and Burn entire villages for fun. When confronted by Hercules, she laughs off that her actions will lead to an Amazon Civil War which will be crushed by the outside world. And finally, when confronted on what she did to Ruun and his sister Siri after she is beaten by Hercules she flat out says "So what, I turned her into the greatest Amazonian Warrior!"
  • Home and Away: Johnny Cooper and his group of surfers survive solely on the proceeds of armed robberies, and worse, he coerces his brother Rocco into helping them despite the latter's desire to go straight. When Rocco betrays him and puts him in jail, he has him killed by another member of the gang and then torments Rocco's foster brother after he is falsely convicted of his murder. A year later, he breaks out and attempts to kill Sally because she turned Rocco against him, while holding her brother hostage during the confrontation. Finally, he blackmails Sam into hiding him, possibly raping her offscreen at one point. Unlike villains like Sarah Lewis and Eve Jacobsen, there is never any suggestion of Johnny having a Freudian Excuse.
  • Horatio Hornblower:
    • "The Even Chance": Midshipman Jack Simpson ruthlessly torments his fellow midshipmen, both physically and psychologically. He is a sadistic bully who takes great pleasure in his evil games. He claims that he knows the guys' secrets and what gnaws their souls, and uses it as blackmail. He keeps beating them mercilessly. His abuse of Archie Kennedy is the worst as he is the one most terrified of him, and Simpson's mere presence gives him stress-induced Convulsive Seizures. Simpson is able to manipulate the situation and is never held responsible, and the others are punished instead. Later he tries to kill his shipmates in the middle of a raid by setting one adrift in a boat and shooting the other. When challenged to the Duel to the Death, he cheats and claims it was a misfire. Finally, when his life is spared, he's unable to deal with Cruel Mercy and tries to stab his opponent In the Back.
    • "The Frogs and the Lobsters": Colonel Marquis Moncoutant is one of the leaders of French Royalist troops who set on a mission to restore the monarchy in France during the French Revolution with the help of the British Navy. However, he doesn't care much about the cause and not at all about his soldiers. The fate of other aristocrats doesn't concern him either, but he's very proud that he's Blue Blood and he believes that common people are impossible to improve, comparing them to animals. He killed a mayor and nearly shot a child for singing Marseillaise upon his arrival to his village, and later he keeps gleefully killing off villagers with his personal guillotine one after another for no bigger offence than selling old bread. He never shows any remorse for his evil deeds.
  • I, Claudius: Emperor Caligula not only poisons his own father and assists in the murders of others, but when he inherits the throne of Rome, he turns the whole empire into a realm of terror and debauchery, having people murdered on insane whims (including his 12-year-old cousin and co-heir Gemellus for having a persistent cough), and forcing their wives to participate in twisted orgies against their will. He also cuts open his sister Drusilla to devour her unborn child. His child, no less.
  • JAG: Charles "Charlie" Lynch from season 4's "Nobody's Child" and "Goodbyes" is a remorseless psychopath who kills at the drop of a hat for any reason. He begins by stomping a young girl to death solely because he feels she may have disrespected him. After the murder, Lynch opts to target her sister for fun. While initially stopped, he later returns to kidnap said sister and hold her hostage to torment her mentally before he plans on murdering her as well. When questioned about his motives, he states he kills for fun and asks if anyone has a problem with it.
  • Justified: Fletcher "The Icepick" Nix from the season 3 premier "The Gunfighter" is a Psycho for Hire, wannabe gunfighter, and federal fugitive in the employ of Dixie Mafia boss Emmett Arnett. Arnett sends him to rob Delmar Coates, a very wealthy man. Nix proceeds to order a pizza to Coates' address. He then takes Coates and the pizza guy hostage, and robs Coates of his expensive watch collection. He then declares that he doesn't want to leave any witnesses, but that he'll give Coates a chance. He places a gun on the table between them, and has the pizza guy count down from ten. On "zero" they are both to go for the gun. Only thing is, Nix has an icepick under the table in his other hand. He impales Coates' hand when he tries to go for the gun, then kills him, then kills the pizza guy. He justifies this on the basis that they've seen his face, but as he admits, he could just wear a mask, but doesn't like to, as he's "too pretty". When Nix is prevented from meeting up with Arnett, rather than flee with the several hundred thousand dollars worth of watches he now has on his person, Nix kidnaps protagonist Raylan Givens's ex-wife Winona, and makes Raylan play his game, intending to kill them both the same way he did Coates and the pizza guy.
  • Juukou B-Fighter: The Big Bad of this Tokusatsu show, Emperor Gaohm, is a surprisingly monstrous villain in a rather lighthearted toku. Gaohm treats his people as disposable pawns, even equipping one of his minions with a suicide bomb, while costing many other minions their lives. Gaohm seeks nothing less than genocide of multiple dimensions, and any who aren't killed will simply be enslaved. He has a predilection for taking children of the worlds he attacks and transporting them to be used for slave labor. When pushed too far, he simply decides to kill everything on earth until the B-Fighters stop him.

    L - R 
  • Las Vegas: On a show whose antagonists are composed mostly of gambling cheaters, thieves, or con artists, Vince Peterson from the end of season 4 and the season 5 premiere stands out as the most depraved villain to appear. He's a billionaire gambler who travels around the world to have a good time. It turns out that this includes kidnapping, raping and killing women. He uses his money to get away with his crimes, cheery that it allows him to do whatever he wants. He asks Sam Marquez to marry him and sweetens the deal by agreeing to buy the Montecito... before drugging her, tying her up, stuffing her into a trunk case and taking her with him onboard his private plane. He takes way too much pleasure in letting Sam know that she isn't even close to the first woman he's done this to and looks forward to his victim pissing herself in fear because it will turn him on more. He further beats Sam up with his belt and prepares to rape her before she manages to kill him by throwing him off the plane. Sam spends the rest of the season trying to cope with the trauma.
  • Legend of the Seeker: Darken Rahl is an Evil Overlord who takes things as far as he can. Ordering a mass infanticide, Rahl kills any he deems a threat and tortures innocent peasants to keep his dark power. Rahl is also especially fond of blood sacrifices, using the blood for ink to pen notices and spells. Rahl also unleashes a plague on his own people in an attempt to blame the hero Richard and cause the people to turn against him. Throughout the series, Rahl is shown as nothing more than pure, unadulterated evil.
  • Leverage: Dr. Anne Hannity from season 3's "The Inside Job" wanted to kill off the world's wheat market with a super-plague, willing to starve the whole planet, so that her own plague-resistant super-wheat would make her and, by extension, her company money. She also threatens Archie Leach's family to make him help her, and tries to kill the Leverage team when they find her out, asking them how they would like to be killed ("Mister Voorhees is flexible.") On a show where most villains are interested in stealing patents and building strip malls she, and her Dragon, cold-blooded Security Chief Voorhees, really stand out.
  • Lie to Me:
    • Andrew Jenkins from season 1's "Blinded" is a Serial Rapist whose crime spree involved raping 12 women. When he was done, Jenkins would focus their gaze on him before he blinded them so he would be the last thing they ever saw. Knowing a copycat of his is out there and kidnapping a woman to blind and rape, Jenkins enjoys playing a twisted game with hero Cal Lightman as Lightman tries to save the woman. With a reach extending outside prison, Jenkins has a guard pass letters to his copycat by threatening the man's life and promises Lightman his copycat's next victim will be someone Lightman loves.
    • From the same episode comes Jenkins's copycat, Paul Russell, who is also a Serial Rapist who collaborates with Jenkins to gain as many rape victims as possible. Not content with just raping and blinding women, he married one of his victims later so he could always be close to one of his "masterpieces." Eventually, he also murdered one of his victims in his quest to become more famous than his mentor as a rapist psychopath.
    • Martin Walker from season 2's "Beat The Devil" is a Serial Killer and torturer. At first, he gains Lightman's notice when seeing photos of women being tortured arouses him. It comes out Walker is a vicious murderer who gets his kicks by waterboarding young women. He then forces them to dig their own graves before murdering and burying them in them. The waterboarding is related to how he allowed his sister to drown as a child, allowing her to drown merely because he wanted her bike.
  • Line Of Duty: Teenage criminal Ryan Pilkington, who initially appears to be a drug courier for Tommy Hunter, proves himself to be an absolutely vicious piece of work when he has drug dealer Wesley tortured to death for his failures. Kidnapping DCI Tony Gates, Ryan forces him to assist with Tommy's plans in exchange for not being framed for the murder of his girlfriend, Jacquelyn Laverty; he subsequently breaks into the home of a mentally handicapped man, robs him, and hides Laverty's body in his fridge. Coercing Gates into helping him kidnap DS Steve Arnott, Ryan tries to sever Arnott's fingers with a set of bolt cutters, before ordering his execution. Guilty of everything from harassing an old man to torturing his victims to death, Ryan is living proof that not all children are innocent.
  • LOST:
  • Lost Girl: Dr. Isaac Taft from season 3 proves Humans Are the Real Monsters in a show full of vicious Fae. Desiring to become a powerful Fae himself, Taft has multiple Fae kidnapped and subjected to hideous and torturous experiments before dumping their corpses into a mass grave. One of the few survivors is left mentally scarred and nearly insane. Taft captures the succubus heroine Bo's ex-boyfriend Dyson and has him experimented on as well, planning to blackmail Bo's current lover Lauren into experimenting on Dyson to transport his essence into Taft. Interested only in his own advancement, Taft believed that with billions of dollars, he could do anything he desired.
  • Madan Senki Ryukendo: Baron Bloody from this Tokusatsu series is a demonic robot scientist who, in his first appearance, sets up the death of Jack Moon in order to use his body in his own experiments. Later, it is revealed that he is responsible for the death of Koichi Shiranami's parents when they tried to stop him from blowing up Europe. When confronted by Koichi, he proudly takes responsibility and casually refers his parents as "foolish couple". Where the other villains still have some sense of humor in their plans, Bloody's plans are downright vicious.
  • The Man from U.N.C.L.E.: Season 3's "Five Daughters Affair" two-parter (later released in theaters as The Karate Killers) has THRUSH agent Randolph, whose plot involves releasing seawater-derived gold onto the market in order to create massive profits for THRUSH. His actions include seducing the wife of the doctor who created the method then killing her once he has no more use for her, gleefully taunting her before murdering her; poisoning the doctor; attempting to behead Illya in an ice-chopping machine; smacking around Sandy; and shooting an unarmed elderly man just for raising his voice to him. These acts, coupled with his general Smug Snake demeanor, cement Randolph as probably the series’s nastiest villain.
  • Masters Of Horror: This horror anthology series usually has various monsters and serial killers as villains, but there are those who eclipse any others on the show in terms of sheer evil:
    • From the premiere, "Incident On and Off a Mountain Road," the silent Evil Albino Serial Killer dubbed "Moonface" lives in a remote cabin in the woods. He periodically kidnaps people from the nearby road to brutally torture and murder them, taking care to dispose of their cars so no one will catch him. He typically uses an electric drill in his torture cellar to perforate his victims through the skull, eyes first. Then he crucifies the corpses and displays them around his lawn. He has also kept an elderly man captive for an untold amount of time to the point that the guy went completely crazy and became slavishly devoted to him. There are even some infant skeletons stashed around his cabin, still in their baby carriages.
    • From "Dreams in the Witch-House," the Wicked Witch of the episode habitually sacrifices babies for her magic rituals. She uses her abilities to force various men to kill them for her, destroying countless more lives in the process. She also uses a Shapeshifting Seducer trick to have sex with the protagonist by impersonating his neighbor, apparently to further mess with his mind for kicks. It's later discovered that there were at least 80 baby corpses hidden in the walls of the house going back all the way to the 1600s, so she has been willingly doing this for centuries and for seemingly no other reason than For the Evulz.
    • From "The V Word," Mr. Chaney is a blood-thirsty vampire who sees his new transformation into a creature of the night as a great opportunity to murder people to his heart's content. He was also a pedophile before his undeath who sexually abused many boys at the school he worked at. He slaughters a mortuary's entire staff, turns two teenage boys in the age group he previously targeted to become his new obedient vamp minions and tries to force one of them to murder his little sister to prove himself to his new "master".
  • The Mentalist:
    • The nemesis of Patrick Jane is Red John (Sheriff Thomas McAllister), a sociopathic Serial Killer whose sexual perversions and sadism led him to torture and kill women. Early in his career, Patrick Jane, then a phony psychic, said he would use his "powers" to help the police catch Red John. Unfortunately, Jane made the mistake of insulting Red John on the air, which caused the killer to murder Jane's wife and young daughter. Years later, Red John is mostly "retired" from serial killing, but he still kills many, either to silence loose ends or to play mind games with Jane. Some of Red John's crimes include killing a teenage girl and kidnapping her twin sister to lure Jane into a trap; having Sam Bosco's CBI team killed; kidnapping Kristina Frye and brainwashing her into believing she's dead, all because she empathized with him on television; having Madeline Hightower's cousin tortured to death to get information on where she was hiding, then later sending a mole to kill her and her kids; trying to get Jane to kill his best friend and Love Interest, Teresa Lisbon; killing a woman because Jane had a happy memory of her as a child; and decapitating the therapist who helped Jane recover from his psychological breakdown following his family's death. Red John is also the mastermind of the Blake Association, a criminal conspiracy and protection racket for corrupt law enforcement officials and controls them from behind the scenes. In addition, Red John has his own devoted followers, usually comprised of psychotics and killers, that help him in his crimes or vice versa. However, their lives mean nothing to him, and he either kills them when they outlive their usefulness or drives them to suicide in order to protect himself. Overall, Red John is a raging narcissist with a massive ego and a god complex. He is driven by an intense need for attention and gets off on the power he has by holding thousands of lives in his hands.
    • Cale Sylvan from season 2's "Blood Money" distinguishes himself as a sociopath and a serial killer that just enjoys killing people. He makes his living as a hitman because, in the words of Jane, "If you love what you do, you never work a day in your life." Already connected by the police with the "mysterious" deaths of seven people (drowning, hit-and-run, etc.), his most recent victim is a DA, Kelly Flower. Sylvan breaks into her home and murders her, but not before videotaping her begging for her life to keep as a trophy. When Jane assesses he’s a sociopath, the CBI arrange a sting operation and send Agent Van Pelt to act as a buyer interested in procuring his services. Once he agrees to kill her target and shows her the video of him killing Kelly as proof that he can do it, he’s quickly arrested. When he is released, the CBI find him at his Murder House. Inside he’s watching TV, laughing and drinking, and as he’s doing so, a man is duct-taped to a table in the kitchen, gagged and screaming for his life. Eventually Sylvan gets up and plans to start cutting the guy up before the police arrest him. Before Sylvan can give any information on who hired him to kill Ms. Flower, he’s sniped from far away. Following his death, we see the CBI excavating his house where eight bodies have already been discovered in the front yard alone.
    • Tommy Volker from season 5 is a Corrupt Corporate Executive responsible for the slaughter of over three hundred Amazonian tribesmen when they refused to relinquish their land so he could use it for development of his geothermal project. When a journalist finds evidence Volker was behind the massacre, he manipulates an old friend into sabotaging her car. While his friend believed he was only pulling a prank, Volker intended her to die and had his assassin, Charles Milk, trail her. After her crash, Milk suffocated her, stole the evidence that implicated Volker, and Volker left his "friend" to serve as the fall guy for his scheme. At the same time, CBI Agent Teresa Lisbon convinced Volker's secretary, Rebecca Shaw, to provide evidence against him. In response, Volker visited Shaw that night with his assassin, and watched, smiling, as he strangled her to death. This apparently is a habit of Volker's, as he's also shown attending the strangulation of another employee who intended to reveal Volker's involvement in the Amazonian tribe massacre. Loyal employees fair little better with Volker as he has Charles Milk assassinated in a drive-by shooting, along with two innocent bystanders, when Lisbon got too close to Milk, and later promised to kill another of his hired goons just because the man was interrogated by the police. When Volker discovered a little boy had witnessed one of his crimes, he had no reservations in personally trying to execute him when other hitmen of his refused to do so. A cold-blooded sociopath, Volker was driven by nothing other than a disturbing mixture of greed and sadism.
  • Miami Vice: Elio Escobar from season 1’s “The Maze” is the most sinister, Ax-Crazy member of his drug dealing family. A murderer, thief, drug trafficker and vandal, Escobar murders a detective and has people taken hostage in a hotel, including a baby, with intent to murder them later. When he sees a girl he likes, Escobar tries to rape her. when his brother Georges sees this, he tries to reason with and stop Elio. Elio simply murders his brother in response to this. Even his brothers are disgusted by his utter psychosis.
  • Murder In Coweta County: This 1983 Made-for-TV Movie told the true story of John Wallace, a wealthy Meriwether County, Georgia land baron and moonshine runner who, in the 1940s, virtually ruled the county with an iron fist and had the sheriff in his back pocket. Wallace would brutally abuse his sharecroppers; such as when he put a man's hands and feet in doorjambs and slammed the door on them, all while appearing to be a kind charitable man. When Wilson Turner, who ran shine for Wallace, made a little too much money and made his runs a little too often, Wallace beats him severely and orders him off of his land. Knowing that Wallace had several judges in his pocket, Turner steals a prized cow from Wallace's pasture. Wallace then has Turner arrested, released "on a lack of evidence", then ambushed at the gas station. Turner tries to flee but soon runs out of gas, and is beaten to death by Wallace and his thugs. When Wallace is finally arrested and sentenced to death, his last statement is: "Almighty God, only You know my true heart. Prepare to receive me into Your House."
  • NCIS:
    • Kyle Boone from season 3's "Mind Games" was a Serial Killer who mainly targeted women. When Kyle was twelve years old, he murdered his mother and later devoted himself to starting a career in killing women. He would torture them to death, carved a heart shape in their backs, and would often take their tongues as trophies. When he was finally sentenced to be executed by the electric chair, Boone attempted to stay his execution and formulated a plan that involved setting up his lawyer Adam O'Neill as a copycat killer; Adam then kidnapped Agent Cassidy and attempted to torture her to death, though he failed. Boone was also convinced to take the families of his victims to the sites where their loved ones were disposed of. He took them all the way to a Virginia farm, only to dampen their hopes by showing that there was nothing in the barn other than the severed tongues of his victims.
    • Season 3's "Bait" features two goons of Colombian drug lord Carlos Mendez. Eighteen years in the past Angela Meyers testified against Mendez, and then faked her death while she was out sailing. The goons go to the high school her son Kody attended to strap a bomb to his body with the intention of drawing Angela out and killing her along with him and his classmates. This would ensuring that the authorities thought that Kody was to blame while Mendez got off Scot-free.
  • NCIS: Los Angeles: Marcel Janvier, AKA The Chameleon, runs several cartels from behind the scenes, and the closest thing to an MO that he has is that he acts as the driver. He kills people by incinerating them in their cars and plays a dangerous game of "hide and seek" where he forces people to act as him to lure them to dead ends, which often results in their deaths in the process. When infiltrating the NCIS, he murders and assumes the identity of a police officer to infiltrate the operation to capture him. In his final appearance, Janvier set up a family of arms dealers to be killed by the police and car bombs Agent Carter before allowing his own arrest to blackmail the NCIS by threatening to inform Iran of security flaws in the US. Marcel Janvier cares only about his own profit and has no regard for human life. With one of the highest bodycounts in the NCIS franchise, The Chameleon is one of the most monstrous villains the franchise has to offer.
  • Once Upon a Time: Peter Pan is the amoral, self centered, sociopathic boy of the original tale taken Up to Eleven and stripped of any redeeming qualities. Pan is a demon who sends his shadow to take children away from their homes and families to Neverland and once there, they are made his servants who are never permitted to leave. All who try to leave he has the shadow kill by taking out their souls. He has an extreme Lack of Empathy for anyone who isn't himself, only thinks about his own interests above all else, and delights in torturing and destroying others, mentally and physically, because it amuses him. Since he was dying along with Neverland's magic, his ultimate plan that was decades in the making was to absorb the heart of the child who is the truest believer in magic, so that he can become all-powerful and immortal, while the child dies in his place. That said child is Henry Mills, his own great-grandson. The kicker? Pan is in truth Malcolm, a cravenly, negligent Psychopathic Manchild who abandoned his son Rumpelstiltskin for the power of eternal youth. Unlike most villains on the show, Pan does not value family, as he emotionally abused and resented his son from day one since he hates the responsibilities of adulthood. To Pan, a baby is a "pink, naked, squirming little larva who eats away at his hopes and dreams." He even places more value and so-called love on his Psycho Supporter Felix, whom he kills without hesitation when it's needed to complete a curse, than he does for his own child and ultimately tries to kill his family just because he knows how much they mean to Rumpelstiltskin.
  • Once Upon a Time in Wonderland: Jafar is a true Bastard Bastard and Evil Sorcerer extraordinaire whose plan is to enslave three genies and use their combined magical powers to wish for the rules of magic to be changed so that he may become the all-powerful ruler of Wonderland. Cruel, utterly ruthless, devoid of empathy, and detached from humanity, not an episode goes by in which he does not threaten, manipulate, torture, murder, or all at once in order to get what he wants. Jafar's most noteworthy atrocities were changing the woman who loved him and taught him sorcery into his serpent staff, threatening to murder Alice's father in order to make her surrender her two remaining magic wishes, and not only murdering a young woman in cold blood just to get a reaction out of her lover, but later reviving her and making her fall in love with him right in front of said lover, who is powerless to stop it. Worst of all is that we're led to believe that he ultimately just wants love from his abusive father and wishes to change the rules of magic in order to force him to give him affection, but it's revealed that he really wanted to make his father love him so that the peace of mind and vengeance he'd get out of murdering him afterwards would be sweeter. In the end, all Jafar truly wanted was power to do whatever he pleased with.
  • The Originals:
    • In the struggles among vampires, witches, werewolves and humans, Monique Deveraux from season 1 stands out and shows some of the most ancient vampires that evil knows no age. A teenage girl killed in a botched Harvest Ritual, her aunt Sophie struggled to have Monique resurrected, and when she succeeds, Monique repays her aunt by murdering her and seeing it as another casualty of war. She would later go on to assist the witch leader Celeste, and after Celeste dies, does the same to their new leader Genevieve. Hardened by her religious loyalty to The Ancestors, Monique is willing to kill Genevieve, simply because they told her to, only relenting when they order her to kill Klaus and Hayley's unborn baby, and sadistically attempting to kill Hayley to induce a miscarrige. In addition to this, Monique scapegoats Davina, blaming her for the Harvest going wrong, simply because she survived and gets the other witches to do the same. When Hayley goes into labor, she and the other witches abduct her; Monique tells her that they will kill her baby and there is nothing she and Klaus can do about it. After Hayley gives birth, Monique slits her throat and leaves her to die While preparing the ritual to kill the baby, Monique talks to another Harvest girl about usurping Genevieve all together. When facing defeat, Monique attempts to stab the baby. While she does have a Freudian Excuse in being killed in a ritual and corrupted by the Ancestors, the other Harvest girls went through the same thing and didn't come out as evil or crazy as Monique. Sadistic and fanatical, Monique willingly reaches depths that most vampires, witches and werewolves in the conflict don't.
    • Francesca Correa from season 1 is a descendant of the thought to be extinct Guerra werewolf clan/crime family, but poses as a human to control their faction. Despite signing a peace treaty between werewolves, vampires, witches and humans, she helps intensify the conflict by masterminding the bombings on the home of the Crescent werewolves, with children in the home, in order to frame the vampires. She intimidates Father Kieran's niece Camille into looking for a key that might expose her family for what they are. Francesca is revealed to be in cahoots with the witches, and oversees the witch leader Genevieve, who makes the moonlight rings. In return for the rings, Francesca gives the witches Hayley so that they can kill her baby. With these rings, Francesca and her brothers massacre a small army of vampires and savagely maul Elijah. Francesca cares not for her family and minions, using even her brothers as bodyguards, claiming that she is the top dog and that it's her minions job to keep the fight from getting to her. She maintains control by running her werewolves as a gang, all while secluding herself to avoid retaliation. When the fight does go to her, she flees while Elijah kills her brothers.
  • The Outer Limits (1995):
    • Wayne Haas from season 1's "Living Hell” is a vicious serial killer who targets women. Several years before, he had a neutral transmitter installed in his brain which inadvertently allows Haas to share his thoughts with any person who possesses the same implant, although Haas is mistakenly believed to have since died. He's first shown chasing a woman throught the woods and killing her, before deciding to play around with the corpse when he notices his "audience," the episode's protagonist Ben Kohler. He later hires a prostitute, and for kicks, forces Ben to witness how he gruesomely stabs her to death in his bathtub. When Ben investigates Haas's apartment with the doctor responsible for the implant, Haas kidnaps her to cut out her brain and leaves Ben behind to take the blame for the other women the police claim he murdered over the previous months.
    • Karl Rademacher from season 5's "Tribunal" is the (former) SS commandant of an Auschwitz subcamp made up to look like a "model" camp for inspections by the Red Cross. When they leave, he usually has the prisoners gassed by the hundreds. The episode opens in 1944 as Rademacher makes his daily rounds to select a prisoner to execute in front of the rest, which he considers "the only joy I get from this miserable job." When he selects a random man, the wife begs him not to, so he selects her instead and shoots her in front of her husband and daughter. He later has the child gassed to death. He gives instructions to the prisoners to write letters to their relatives to tell them how wonderful they have it there. When one man objects, Rademacher orders him sent outside and shot, before amending the order so he can personally shoot the prisoner. After the war this unrepentant war criminal lives incognito for many decades in the United States. Rademacher's cruelty and brutality ultimately becomes his own doom when, thanks to a Time Travel device, he is sent back to his own camp dressed up as an inmate. When his younger version runs into him, he demands that the rowdy old man beg for his life before he kills his older self for being Jewish.
    • Season 5’s "Better Luck Next Time," which continues the story from that season’s "The Ripper", has two alien serial killers who have been living on earth for centuries, stealing host bodies and using them to commit murder after murder for amusement and boredom. Detectives Terri and Girard end up each working with an alien, both claiming they are officers sent to hunt down the killer. At the end, the truth is revealed: the two are partners in crime and have been playing the officers for fun with the only excuse being how bored they are as immortals. The two have been spending centuries playing their games and corrupting good people into killing their friends and partners out of paranoia; they plan to hijack Terri's body after she mortally wounds Girard and use her police connections to have even more fun. When Terri and her dying partner mortally wound both killers' host bodies, Terri opts to kill herself to prevent them from stealing her body, knowing they can't survive long without hosts and unwilling to allow them to continue their rampage.
  • Oz: Even in this Crapsack World, a few characters stand out.
    • Timmy Kirk is a sociopathic murderer who gets by in Oz despite his mediocre intellect and physical strength, due to his sheer ruthlessness and treachery. A flashback shows that he was incarcerated for homicide after putting a baby (implied to be his own) in a rat-infested dumpster, over the desperate protests of its mother. Initially a low-ranking member of the Irish gang, he makes a name for himself in prison by routinely betraying one gang for another. He seals Jeremiah Cloutier in a wall to die a slow and painful death in response to the latter casting Kirk out of his gang for his erratic behavior. After Father Mukada refuses to accept Kirk's reversion to Catholicism, Kirk responds by burning down Mukada's church in hopes of killing him. When Mukada survives the attack, Kirk continues to hound him with absurd allegations of sexual molestation. Kirk, by now facing execution, is simply happy that he might die knowing that the allegations could see Mukada permanently stripped of his priesthood.
    • Claire Howell is a sexually sadistic warden who rivals or surpasses the worst of the prison's inmates in cruelty. She is established early on as domineering and possessive, filing a false sexual harassment charge against Tim McManus, after he tries to get her fired for a savage beating of an inmate that left the victim comatose. It is then seen that she routinely forces herself on inmates, who know that their refusal would be met with violent reprisal. She develops an erotic fixation on Ryan O'Reilly, rapes him repeatedly, coaxes him into keeping quiet by killing a rival of his, and even offers to stop the abuse on the condition that she can target Ryan's mentally handicapped brother Cyril. She later assists in cutting Enrique Morales's Achilles tendons after he proves a nuisance to the prison management. Her one arguably good act-refusing to have an abortion after she becomes pregnant from one of her rapes is explicitly motivated by fear of divine retribution and does nothing to redeem her.
  • Passions: Alistair Crane is the megalomaniacal Big Bad driven by a need for control. His list of crimes seems completely endless. He has forced his grandson to rape his granddaughter, physically and sexually abused his wife, tried to kill everyone in his family, committed several counts of rape (including a 14-year-old girl), faked the deaths of two of his grandchildren, his daughter's lovers, his ex-wife, and her sister, left his daughter to believe that she killed her mother, arranged his daughter to have electric shock therapy, and tricked Whitney into believing she had slept with her brother. He committed most of these crimes for two reasons, to find a suitable heir or simply because doing things For the Evulz amused him.
  • Pride: The Big Bad of this 2004 BBC telefilm is Harry, an alpha male lion who leads a rogue pride known as “The Wanderers.” The beginning of the movie establishes him as a ruthless psychopath who leads attacks on other prides (including one belonging to the film’s heroine Suki) and murders lionesses such as Fleck’s mother. Harry knows that Suki is a vegetarian lion who abhors hunting other animals and he exploits this when Suki is fully grown and leaves her pride. After Suki gives birth to cubs fathered by Harry’s wingman Dark, Harry crosses the line by killing and eating all but one of her cubs. Harry uses that sole surviving cub (Rory) to blackmail Suki, threatening that he will make Rory “go missing” if she does not hunt for The Wanderers. As if that wasn’t enough, he plans out another attack on Suki’s pride and states that he wants to kill everyone within her pride. When Harry fights Suki’s brother, he finds Rory hiding and attacks him. At that moment, Dark realizes what the psychopath did to his cubs and shoves him off the cliff to his death.
  • Prison Break:
  • Psych: Mr. Yin (also known as Karl Rotmensen) is an even more depraved murderer than his former apprentice and daughter Yang. He introduces himself by murdering several people and arranging the corpses in a Yin/Yang symbol. A fan of Alfred Hitchcock, Yin murders a woman named Mary in a manner reminiscent of the famous “Shower Scene” from Psycho. Using this theme as a distraction, he kidnaps the hero Shawn's girlfriend and forces Sean to choose between catching Yin or saving her. When he reappears, he continues attempting to murder Shawn and everyone close to him. What makes him even more monstrous is his sheer pettiness. By his own admission he never loved his daughter, yet he was still angry when Shawn indirectly inspired her to finally stand up to him. He's not angry he lost his daughter, he's angry he lost a tool. It is also revealed that he's the one who made Yang the monster she was, making him responsible for all her murders as well.
  • Revolution: Will Strausser from season 1 is an utter sociopath who the Militia recruited from a room with padded cells. Strausser loves to talk about hurting others, particularly with knives. Strausser also absolutely adores torture: when Rachel falls into his hands, he spends a nice time participating in Cold-Blooded Torture while sarcastically informing his victims "I apologize in advance." He later attempts to rape Rachel and it is insinuated he may have done so previously. When one of his soldiers fails a task, Strausser simply stabs him to death. Strausser freely admits the only reason he's even in the Militia is to kill with impunity and does so whenever he can.
  • Ripper Street, set mere months after the rampage of Jack the Ripper, shows that he wasn't the only monster in Whitechapel.
    • Sir Arthur Donaldson from the series premiere "I Need Light" had an ambition: to be a pioneer in the history of film...specifically snuff films. To this end, he abducts women and drugs them, before having himself filmed raping and strangling them before mutilating them so they will appear to be new victims of Jack.
    • Claxton, from the third episode "The King Came Calling," is a Glory Hound whose only issue with the Ripper is that he took fame that Claxton felt was deservedly his. To fix this, Claxton began to poison his victims in a manner to simulate an outbreak of cholera. Killing many people, Claxton bragged when caught that he'd more than tripled The Ripper's total
    • Sir Victor Silver, from the eighth episode "What Use Our Work?," is a noble who hid a remarkably evil mind behind a pleasant demeanor. He had a business model of luring women to his family's estate before drugging them and having them shipped to South America for the sex trade. Silver was adept at gaining their trust before shackling them to a bed for days before drugging them and locking them in small boxes to be sent overseas.
  • Rizzoli & Isles: Charles Hoyt was Jane Rizzoli's Arch-Enemy, a necrophiliac Serial Killer known as the Surgeon. Preferring to target couples and loving to foster fear in his victims, Hoyt would rape his female victims, forcing the male to watch, then kill them both. Hoyt managed to kill three couples as well as a family. Forming an obsession with Jane, Hoyt murdered Alexander Ghent and kidnapped his wife to lure Jane into a trap to kill them both. He uses his scalpels to leave permanent scars on Jane’s hands. Though captured, Hoyt continued to be a menace through his apprentices. Hoyt would go on to temporarily break out of jail and murder one couple with his first apprentice, threaten to rape Maura Isles when she interviewed him while he was in custody, murdered the husband of his second apprentice, had his second apprentice take Jane's brother, Franke, hostage, and used his third apprentice to kill an inmate to lure Jane to him so he could have one last attempt at killing her before he died of pancreatic cancer. Just before his final attempt on Jane's life, he began to slit Maura's throat just so Jane could watch her best friend die before killing her.

    S - Z 
  • The Secret Circle:
    • Eben is the leader of the witch hunters. He's bad enough when we first see him in a flashback that reveals that he and his men murdered the members of the old Circle by pretending to want peace and tried to kill John Blackwell, but he gets even worse when he turns out to have survived the fire, only with nasty scarring, and proves bent on killing every witch alive, even those who have never heard of him, for absolutely n' good reason. He doesn't bat an eye at using magic provided by a resurrected and psychotic Nick to brainwash Cassie into trying to kill her father and to escape an attack by the Circle that should've killed him outright. Later, he summons and absorbs multiple demons for their power, no doubt driving him even crazier. This is after he sacrifices one of his own men to a demon and using him to lure Blackwell and the Circle into a death trap that just barely fails. According to another witch hunter, he's even killed off Isaac. Then he kidnaps Faye, fully intending to murder her and her covenmates.
    • We also have John Blackwell. Season 1's finale, "Family," reveals his master plan to use the Crystal Skull to kill all witches without Balcoin blood and create a truly dark Circle. He even tries to kill Adam, who's already dying from the spell, in front of a helpless Cassie and Diana.
  • The Secret Life of the American Teenager: Ricky's dad Robert "Bob" Underwood is one of the worst Abusive Parents in this Teen Drama. A vile Domestic Abuser, he physically and sexually abused both his wife Nora and his son Ricky for many years before he was convicted and sent to prison. After he gets out he discovers that his now-teenage son has fathered a baby with his girlfriend. He offers to sell the child, his own grandkid, to human traffickers to pay for his drug habit.
  • Shark: Wayne Callison is a Serial Killer who tortures women to death, hiding their bodies underneath the deck of his younger brother (whom he goaded into raping a girl at the tender age of 15). He then threatens Stark's daughter during questioning just to enrage the guy to the point of attacking him, then tries to get him thrown off the case for it. When that doesn't work, he drives his one escaped victim to suicide and uses a loophole from that to get off scot-free (for the time being).
  • Sherlock: Jim Moriarty is the world's only "consulting criminal,” a man hired by various people who need his genius to help them commit their own crimes. Throughout the series, Moriarty turns a dying, old man into a Serial Killer in "A Study in Pink" by promising to pay money to his children for each person he kills, manages to sneak the Black Lotus organization into London in "The Blind Banker" then kills their leader when she fails in her task, and sells information to terrorist cells. He does all of this to distract himself from his boredom and catch the attention of Sherlock Holmes. In the first season's finale "The Great Game", Moriarty decides to play a little "game" with Sherlock, selling out his clients and challenging Sherlock to solve the crimes they committed. For incentive, he kidnaps people, including one young child, and straps bombs to them that will detonate if Sherlock doesn't solve the crimes in the allotted time. When one of his victims, a blind, traumatized, old woman only begins to describe the sound of Moriarty's voice after Sherlock solves the case, Moriarty detonates the bomb, killing her and eleven others. In the season 2 finale "The Reichenbach Fall", Moriarty sets about his plan to destroy Sherlock's reputation and life. He pulls of several heists, and escapes justice by threatening the jury. He has a man that looks just like Sherlock kidnap the 7 and 9-year-old children of the Ambassador to America, and then kills his accomplice after he outlives his usefulness. He then feeds the children chocolate laced with mercury to kill them if Sherlock can’t find them. In the end, after framing Sherlock as a master criminal who committed both the crimes Moriarty was blamed for and the cases Sherlock himself solved, Moriarty threatens to set his assassins on Sherlock's only three friends in the world, John Watson, Greg Lestrade, and Mrs. Hudson, if Sherlock doesn’t commit suicide. Moriarty was ultimately a man so committed to winning his "game" with Sherlock, that when Sherlock points out as long as Moriarty's still alive, he can force him to call off the assassins, Moriarty responds by merrily eating his gun to give Sherlock no choice but to kill himself. Moriarty was the dark reflection of Sherlock: a sociopathic genius that would let nothing stand in his way to escape from his excruciating boredom.
  • The Shield has a Crapsack World of corrupt cops and horrible criminals, but Armadillo Quintero, a vicious Mexican drug lord who compensated for his youth with his cruelty, puts many of them to shame. Quintero is introduced by uniting several gangs under his control by having their leaders "necklaced": imprisoned in tires and burned alive. A Serial Rapist, Armadillo tattooed the symbol of a dove onto the faces of each victim. He even did this with the 12 year old sister of one victim. When he returns later, Quintero uses minors as drug mules for his heroin. When he discovers his brother Navaro may be "greenlit" in prison to testify against him, Quintero has his own brother murdered with no remorse.
  • Skins: Dr. John T. Foster from season 4's "Effy" and "Everyone", Effy's counselor after she attempts suicide, reveals himself to be a twisted Stalker with a Crush for his teenage patient. Knowing Effy's mental issues, Foster steadily makes them worse while alienating her from her family and friends to break her down to virtually a Blank Slate to rebuild as he likes. When her lover Freddy stumbles upon Foster's secret, Foster ambushes him with a baseball bat and beats him to death before attempting to manipulate Effy further into his clutches. When Freddy's friend, the delinquent boy Cook, discovers the truth of Freddy's death,
Foster attempts to murder him as well.
  • Sleepy Hollow: The Pied Piper from season 2's "Go Where I Send Thee" is an extremely sinister demon who is known for mass slaughter of soldiers and for what it does with children. Each generation, the Piper preys on a daughter of a specific family. The child, when she is 10 is kidnapped and taken to the piper's lair to await its fate (which is usually her bones being made into the Piper's instruments). What's worse, however, is what happens when the child is rescued. Out of nothing but spite, the Piper proceeds to infect all the child's siblings with a fatal illness to force the parents to either return the chosen child to the Piper or watch their other children die. While the Piper was betrayed by his employer, his Revenge by Proxy far outweighs this excuse (not to mention, considering he seemed to enjoy killing and made A Deal With The Devil beforehand, he was psychotic from the start). Even in Sleepy Hollow, the Piper remains one of the worst Ichabod has ever faced.
  • Smallville:
    • Brainiac has no emotions and is fond of skewering people through the head and draining the info from their brains. Despite being nearly equal to Clark in power, he prefers to perform complex manipulations to make others do his dirty work for him (including infecting Mrs. Kent with a deadly disease just to trick Clark into releasing General Zod from the Phantom Zone), putting Lana in a coma to force Clark and Kara to help him, giving Clark's secret to Lex, bodyjacking Chloe and using her as part of a plot to brainwash Doomsday, and trying on three separate occasions to Kill All Humans via deadly viruses. In the Wonderful Life episode, without Clark to stop him, Brainiac triggers a nuclear holocaust, saying the world is now perfect for Zod, Zod's consort Supergirl, and himself to rule. That's not getting into his cannibalism of the silicon in peoples' bodies when he needs to rebuild himself, or his condescending personality, or the fact that Bizarro, Lex, and the various other villains who appear are all disgusted by him. He eventually Heel Face Turns, but since this is due to being reprogrammed and not because of a moral choice on his part, it doesn't count.
    • LX-3 is a failed clone of Lex Luthor who was so depraved that even the LuthorCorp staff at Cadmus Labs felt the need to incarcerate him. Accidentally freed by Tess Mercer, LX-3 beats her and handcuffs her in place, tries to kill the five year old LX-15 then grabs a blowtorch proceeds to set fire to the lab, slaughtering all the other clones while claiming that "There can only be one Lex Luthor!" Making his way to Metropolis, LX-3 wires the Daily Planet building to explode, planning to crush hundreds of people in the streets below, then journeys to Smallville where he kidnaps Lois Lane, ties her to a stake, and sets the field around her on fire. Confronting Clark, LX-3 gloats that Clark can save the woman he loves, or the citizens of Metropolis but not both, sneering that Clark's pride will be the death of him yet. Almost out of time thanks to Clone Degeneration, LX-3 spends his last moments trying to force Clark into violating his moral code by killing him. Not bad for a one episode villain.
    • Desaad is one of Darkseid's Co-Dragons, and unlike his underwhelming master is determined to live up to his reputation, unnerving even his fellow dragons, Granny Goodness and Gordon Godfrey. Operating a chain of BDSM-themed nightclubs, Desaad uses them as a front to corrupt the minds of his clientele, making them susceptible to a mass Mind Rape by Darkseid. Anyone who cannot be corrupted is gruesomely murdered, as Desaad uses his telekinetic powers to induce hemorrhaging and implode their internal organs, leading to an agonizing death from internal bleeding. Having disposed of several FBI agents who were investigating him, Desaad kidnaps Chloe and subjects her to an extended Mind Rape, attempting to turn her into one of Darkseid's minions. When she proves resistant, Desaad tries to kill her, tries to kill Clark when the latter intervenes to save her, and then turns Oliver Queen/Green Arrow into a minion of Darkseid after provoking the archer into brutally beating him. Incarcerated under Belle Reve, Desaad breaks out, gives the now mind controlled Oliver a Gold K ring, and tries to force him to depower Clark, so that the future Superman can be slain and the end of the world ushered in. Devoted to freeing Darkseid and bringing about The End of the World as We Know It, Desaad is equal parts Torture Technician, cultist, and Serial Killer.
  • Sons of Anarchy:
    • James "Jimmy O" O'Phelan, season 3's Big Bad (he also appears near the end of season 2), is a member of the True IRA, a Northern Irish terrorist organization and criminal syndicate mainly involved in gun running. O'Phelan previously ran current SAMCRO member Chibs out of the IRA and stole Chibs's wife and daughter (Fiona and Kerianne), years later threatening to dump Fiona and marry Kerianne next to Chibs's face. He goes rogue in the third season after receiving a demotion back in Ireland. He tries to kill all of SAMCRO and SAMBEL in an explosion, and after his family escapes his wrath he kills an IRA member in a failed attempt to get them back before torturing and executing another one to find Jax Teller's kidnapped baby son Abel. He murders the adoptive family Abel was placed with and takes the child to ensure his escape to the States, before exchanging him for another hostage whom he later kills. Aside from his bodycount, O'Phelan stands out among the show's many gangsters in that he has no real loved ones note , shows no remorse for any of his crimes, and only ever displays purely selfish motives.
    • Season 6's "Sweet and Vaded" bring us Venus's Evil Matriarch Alice Noone. It's revealed that when Venus, as Vincent, was ten and confused she was part of having Venus constantly drugged and raped, and from there it grew into a lucrative child porn ring. Alice later kidnaps Venus's son, drugs him, and is going to have him raped. When SAMCRO track him down to the studio they are sickened by portraits of the children that Alice had taken to be raped, the videos on the computers and a video camera aimed at a crib. When Alice arrives, she threatens that Venus is a freak and Venus's son is going to kill himself over it, until Jax blows her brains all over the wall. Venus is left a wreck over the emotional torture, and the Dirty Cop says he would have killed Alice if Jax hadn't.
  • The Sopranos:
    • Livia Soprano stands out even in a world of brutal gangsters. Livia derives little pleasure save to hurt and makes others miserable, even telling Tony's wife he'd get bored with her on their wedding day. Livia psychologically tortures Tony as much as she can and has a hit put out on him in revenge for trying to put her in a nursing home. Her abuse of Tony has been there for years. She even tried to stick him in the eyes with a fork when he was a child.
    • Richie Aprile sticks out as the most crazy and evil gangster in a world of crazy and evil gangsters. Impulsive, violent, greedy and callous, Richie at one point paralyzes a man with a car solely for perceiving disrespect. He's such a loose cannon that Tony has to stop him from killing gamblers at their casino for no reason. He also beats his fiancée for nothing more than saying she'd accept his son for being gay, which culminates in her snapping and murdering him herself.
  • Spartacus: Blood and Sand had some very nasty customers...
    • Tullius from Gods of the Arena is a greedy, sadistic, smug, Faux Affably Evil, power-drunken aristocrat. He first orders Batiatus to get a No-Holds-Barred Beatdown for refusing to sell Gannicus to him, after Batiatus had been nothing but respectful to him. He manipulates Titus into crashing his own son's plans. At the orgy, he challenges Gannicus to a swordfight that Gannicus, as a slave, cannot win, and has the balls to mock him for it. He confirms his status as a dog-kicking juggernaut in Episode 4 when Gaia, in order to help Lucretia, offers herself to him. At first, he accepts and has sex with her-then he cheerfully kills her, just to make clear that, as an aristocrat, he can do whatever he wants.
    • Cossutius is the worst example of unchecked Roman excess. A Smug Snake aristocrat, he extorts a favor from the House of Batiatus by requesting a “show” from a virgin slave girl. He selects the girl Diona as he knows he can hurt her more and forces her to lose her virginity to a brutish, dirty, filthy gladiator, mocking Diona all the while as an 'example' of how ugliness and beauty co-exist before anally raping her during her ordeal. Cossutius later shows sheer glee at Diona's execution and at a Roman party is the first to gleefully torture a bound Gladiator for nothing more than entertainment.
    • Nemetes is a sign that not even the rebels are devoid of evil in their ranks. Initially a callous Jerkass of the German warriors, then the Rebels have taken a Roman city, Spartacus does his best to insure the prisoners are treated with every respect and courtesy. Nemetes kidnaps a Roman Domina and rapes and tortures her for sport, prostituting her to be tortured or brutalized by soldiers he knows will go for it. When Julius Caesar is disguised amongst the rebels, Nemetes demands he show his loyalty by hurting the brutalized girl even more, which horrifies even the hardened Roman and forces him to deliver a Mercy Kill. When Caesar sheds his facade and puts Nemetes at sword point, Nemetes simply tries to bargain to betray Spartacus and turn over all the armies and civilians with them to the Romans if he can escape; an offer Caesar rejects.
  • Spooks
    • The first episode, "Looking After Our Own," has the far-right white supremacist Robert Osbourne. Planning a series of race riots to force Parliament to crack down on immigration, Osbourne also viciously abuses his wife Claire. When he realizes MI-5 is watching him, he has their contact murdered. Osbourne is revealed to be connected to a human smuggling operation so he can choke off the asylum centers- with the immigrants occasionally thrown into the ocean. When he catches the agents after him, Osbourne shows what a monster he is by torturing Helen. First he forces her hand into a deep fat fryer. Then her head.
    • Mohammed Rachid is a radical mullah who has taken over a Mosque in Birmingham England, from the kind and moderate Imam who founded the Mosque. Rachid hates all Westerners and uses the Mosque as a recruitment ground to convince disaffected Muslim teenagers to become suicide bombers. When Rachid discovers one of his young followers is a mole for MI-5, he has the young man beaten with sticks and thrown out a window. Rachid sees his suicide bombers as disposable pawns in his mission against the West and has no intention of endangering his own life for that mission. Rachid's ultimate target for his suicide bombers is a playground full of children.
  • Stargate SG-1:
    • Anubis from seasons 5 through 8 is by far the most evil and dangerous of the Goa'uld System Lords. He was banished by the other Goa'uld for actions they considered unspeakable even by their evil standards. (This is a race of megalomaniacal Puppeteer Parasites who think nothing of torturing their dethroned rivals to death, then bringing them back to life and repeatedly doing it again.) He tricked Oma Desala, a wise higher-dimensional being, into helping him ascend so that he could become an immortal Energy Being, making sure to rub it into her face how she is unable to stop his evil acts. His subsequent plans after his return include repeatedly annihilating civilizations and replacing the Jaffa warriors with mindless super soldiers. After his stable form is destroyed, he starts possessing random people to hold him until their bodies completely decay after a few days. His ultimate plan before he finally got taken out was to wipe out all life in the galaxy with an Ancient super weapon — all of it, including his own race and his army — so he could use the Ancient knowledge he retained to recreate a galaxy's worth of races that would unquestionably worship him as a god.
    • The next Big Bad, Repli-Carter, betrays both Fifth and Carter in very short order, manipulating Carter into feeling sympathetic because Carter believes Fifth was cruel to Repli-Carter. She was merely using Carter's torture experience as grounds to manipulate her. Then, she killed Fifth, not out of vengeance or emotion, but to fuel her ambition to consume the galaxy. When the real Carter showed signs of sympathy, Repli-Carter coldly and calmly, with a strangely static and uncaring version of the mannerisms real Carter would use when comforting someone, told her that Fifth wasn't worth any empathy because he was weak. She then set about wiping out the Milky Way, with her army devouring God knows how many people, ships, and planets. Eventually, she captured and attempted to torture one of Carter's best friends. Despite claiming that the real Carter's emotions and memories weren't meaningless to her, and having 'given her word' that she wouldn't invade earth or kill Daniel Jackson, she promptly did both. So, in short: in the few months she existed she killed her fellow replicator and creator, Fifth; psychologically manipulated and tortured her human progenitor, Samantha Carter; committed galactic genocide; captured and killed one of her progenitor's very best friends and tried to conquer their home planet; and all this in the image of a beloved galactic heroine, with just a little more ambition and a little less sentiment.
  • Stargate Atlantis (a spinoff from SG-1):
    • Michael Kenmore is a former Wraith who was turned into a human by the Atlantis expedition through a retrovirus cure. After he discovers his true origins, he escapes back to the Wraith and kidnaps Teyla, the sole person who connected with him, to feed on her. He reveals the location of Atlantis to the Wraith but realizes that they will kill him for still being partly human, so he turns to Atlantis to defeat the hive. With the whole hive converted but the Wraith slowly regaining their memories, Michael takes charge of the insurrection and kills another Wraith who might have blown the lid on their plan. Michael escapes, becoming an Evilutionary Biologist who tries to create a perfect race that will be mindlessly obedient only to him and wipe out everything else. He first creates monstrous, Xenomorph-like soldiers by allowing Iratus Bugs to drain human test subjects to death. He later finds a suitable middle stage between humans and Wraith which he dubs Hybrids. He releases a virus on several inhabited worlds that kills most humans and makes the survivors poisonous to all Wraith who feed on them. He creates a clone of a recently deceased Atlantis team member, then tortures and experiments on him for months. He kidnaps Teyla's whole tribe to experiment on them and turn them into Hybrids, including her boyfriend Kanaan. He kidnaps a pregnant Teyla to harvest her baby's unique DNA for his Hybrid project and plans to kill her after delivery. Finally, he briefly takes over Atlantis itself, where he tries to kidnap Teyla and her baby again and blow up everyone else on the base out of spite. When the pair escape, he decides to leave them to their deaths as well before attempting to decapitate an unconscious Ronon to take his head as a trophy.
    • The Wraith "King" or "General" from season 3's "Sateda" is one of the worst Wraith lords that Atlantis has ever encountered. He's a sadistic Blood Knight who commands one of the strongest Hiveships in the Pegasus Galaxy and terrorized their sector even while the rest of the Wraith were hibernating. His unprecedented rule over a Hiveship, which among Wraith derive their legitimacy from being ruled by a Queen, confirms him as a tyrant or even of having murdered his Queen to usurp her place, an extreme taboo among Wraith. Having already participated in the harvest of dozens of planets for centuries, he destroyed Ronon's homeworld Sateda, annihilating the entire population. Ronon's wife was killed in front of him when the Wraith started bombarding Sateda's hospitals. He made Ronon a "Runner", implanting him with a tracking device so his soldiers could hunt Ronon from planet to planet for sport, wiping out any human settlements that offer Ronon shelter as well. He promises the survivors of one such settlement that if they capture and return Ronon to him, he'll leave their planet alone forever. They do so years later, but he harvests them all anyway. He returns Ronon to Sateda specifically to watch him die there, boasts how many of his fellow Satedans he devoured, and organizes a hunt for Ronon by sending in increasingly bigger groups of Wraith hunters while watching the show from his ship. When this fails, he tries to beat Ronon to death himself and feed on him.
  • Star Trek: The Original Series: Melakon from season 2’s “Patterns of Force” was a devotee of Nazism introduced to his people in an attempt to soften it by a former Starfleet officer named John Gil. Shunning the attempt to water down Hitler's philosophy, Melakon decided to embrace Hitler's path. He overthrew his mentor and formed a fascist regime on his homeworld Ekos while trying to organize a new holocaust on a neighboring planet called Zeon. Before murdering his mentor, Melakon was denounced by him as nothing more as a self-seeking adventurer, a traitor to his people and all they stood for.
  • Star Trek: The Next Generation:
    • Data's brother Lore is a thoroughly unsympathetic android who kills his creator, reprograms his brother to follow his every command, and threatens to set teenage Wesley on fire. He summoned the Crystalline Entity to his creator's colony when the other colonists petitioned Noong to deactivate him out of fear that he would turn on them, and since then, he's been on quest to wipe out all organic life from the universe. If he ever shows affection, it's just to manipulate Data into collaborating. He also tried to make the Borg an even greater threat to The Federation than they already were. Given everything else we saw of his true nature, it's obvious that he mostly did it for his own sick amusement.
    • Kivas Fajo from season 3’s "The Most Toys" is a Collector of the Strange who wants to add Data, the only known android in the galaxy, to his collection. To do this, he poisons the water supply of an inhabited planet so he can capture him. He treats people and sentient beings like property. Then he talks very matter-of-factly about how he'd like to try out a particularly cruel Death Ray called a Varon-T Disruptor — illegal in The Federation because of how slowly and painfully it destroys the body from the inside out. He later does use it on his girlfriend, who is really more of a broken, codependent slave. As far as Star Trek's villains of the week go, he's one of the worst.
    • Jev from season 5’s "Violations" was a serial mind rapist. Jev was part of a Ullian delegation, led by his father Tarmin, that specialized in telepathic memory retrieval, a process that restores lost memories. Jev first assaulted Counselor Troi by using his telepathic powers to rewrite her memories of a romantic moment between her and Riker into a rape and then replacing Riker in the memory. She fell into a coma after a mental attack. Later he assaulted Commander Riker and Dr. Crusher, making them experience their worst nightmares to keep them from exposing him. When Troi regained consciousness and can't remember her attacker, Jev "helps" by using the memory retrieval process and uses it to frame his father Tamrin, who is arrested. Then he goes to Troi's quarters, ostensibly to apologize for his father, but really to rape her again. This time she's able to hold him off long enough for Worf and his security team to arrive and he's finally brought to justice.
  • Star Trek: Enterprise: Season 3’s Xindi Arc is already dark, but Commander Dolim stands out as one of the darkest villains on the show. Commander Dolim was the leader of the Reptilian faction of the Xindi civilization. When inter dimensional aliens known as the Sphere Builders want to conquer the future by making sure The Federation never exists, they lie to Xindi, telling them that humans will destroy their civilization in the future. The Xindi launch an attack on Earth, which causes the deaths of 7 million humans. While most of the Xindi leaders express regret over what they have done, but see it as a necessary evil to save their civilization, Dolim revels in the fact that he helped to kill so many humans, gloating to Archer that he personally selected the pilot of the probe that attacked Earth. When Archer presents evidence that the Sphere Builders are lying, many of the reasonable Xindi leaders are convinced, but Dolim will not even consider the evidence. Dolim kills Degra, the Xindi primate scientist who designed the sphere probe, for helping Archer and promises to hunt down Degra's family after he has destroys the Earth. Dolim also uses torture to get cooperation from Archer and Hoshi. Dolim loses any pretense of noble intentions when the Sphere Builders convince Dolim to continue with the mission to destroy Earth, promising him they will make the Reptilians rulers of a new Xindi Empire if he succeeds. The Reptilians and Insectoids hijack the Sphere probe, with the intention of using it to wipe out all life on Earth. When his Insectoid allies begin to question this mission, Dolim has their ship destroyed without a second thought, believing they were no longer necessary.
  • Supernatural: Many villains come very close to this trope. After all, they are, for the most part, monsters, and that's what they do. As a result, it takes a special kind of evil to actually qualify. Fortunately (or unfortunately, as the case may be), several of the Big Bads and their flunkies are able to provide just that kind of evil. Here are the assorted bastards:
    • Alistair is Hell's Grand Inquisitor, and is responsible for supervising the torture of newly arrived souls. When Dean arrives in Hell, Alistair tortures him for thirty years, offering to stop if Dean will accept his offer and torment other souls on Alistair's behalf. When Dean accepts, one of the seals imprisoning Lucifer is broken, a fact that Alistair frequently taunts Dean about during their subsequent encounters. During the hunt for Anna Milton, Alistair captures Ruby and begins cutting pieces away from her with her own knife, before trying to overpower and murder Castiel. He kills several Reapers later in the series, and does his best to kill Sam and Dean and banish Castiel, before being finally put out of commish. An utterly sadistic bully, Alistair is rivaled only by Lilith when it comes to being the worst demon in the series.
    • Lilith, the queen bitch of Supernatural, is the oldest demon in existence, and easily the worst. She massacres a police station, killing everyone that Sam and Dean had just finished saving, uses her position as the holder of Bela's contract to try and force her to kill Sam, and keeps a personal chef on hand to prepare human infants for her to eat. She also has a thing for possessing little girls, destroying their families from the inside out for her own personal amusement. In the season 3 finale, she holds a family hostage (killing the grandfather for making her mad), and has Dean dragged off to Hell, laughing the entire time. Reappearing in season 4, Lilith reveals that her current plan is to free Lucifer, bringing about The End of the World as We Know It. When she discovers that freeing Lucifer will ensure her death, she tries to back out, offering to put off the apocalypse if Sam and Dean will let her kill them. Defeated by Sam in the season 4 finale, Lilith goads him into finishing her, knowing that her death will result in the deaths of all humanity.
    • The leader of the Leviathans, commonly known by assumed name Dick Roman, wasted no time in establishing himself as one of the worst Supernatural's ever had to offer. Not content with simply lurking in the shadows to feed on humanity, Roman planted his minions in key positions, killing and devouring every human in the way. Taking control of a major company, Roman began to place chemicals in corn syrup to render humanity helpless as cattle for the Leviathans to feed on. The Winchesters, who he knew could prove an issue, he framed for a nation-wide killing spree. Other monster species were seen as 'competition, ' with Roman planning to exterminate them as well after manipulating them into helping him. A Bad Boss even by the show's standards, Roman was known to devour his minions in a fit of rage or 'bib' them: forcing them to devour themselves. Few villains on Supernatural have managed to inspire the same fear or hatred as Roman did, and his killing of Bobby Singer only deepened the hatred the Winchester brothers had for him.
    • Abaddon was one of the Knights of Hell, demons handpicked by Lucifer to be his strongest and most evil enforcers. She was trained by Cain, the original Knight, but when he fell in love with the human Colette he grew tired of his evil ways and atoned for his crimes. Abaddon tricked Cain into murdering Colette with the First Blade to spite him for choosing a human over her, earning his undying hatred. After millennia of rampaging across the Earth under Hell's banner, she kills a priest in 1958 who was investigating a demon cure before possessing Josie Sands instead of her companion Henry Winchester to infiltrate the Men of Letters. Abaddon notes how Josie is secretly in love with Henry and takes her as a vessel solely to hurt them both. She wipes out the Men of Letters completely in a massacre before traveling into the future where she kills Henry anyway after going back on a deal she made with Sam and Dean. After learning that Hell has been brought under the command of the more pragmatic Crowley in her absence, she sets out to remove him from his position to become Queen of Hell and start a new blood-filled reign of terror on Earth, with torture, murder, and baby-eating in abundance for all her minions. After Crowley regains his human emotions, she kidnaps his son Gavin from 1723 and proceeds to torture him in front of his father. He caves in to her demands and helps her to defeat the Winchesters, but then she decides to kill both Crowley and Gavin anyway.
  • Tales from the Crypt: While Tales from the Crypt tended to play a lot of its horror for camp or Black Comedy, Howard Prince from season 4's "None But The Lonely Heart" is an exception. Prince is a charismatic young man who courts older, richer women and gains their affection. However, once they've tied the knot, Prince poisons them and cruelly leaves them to die as he reaps their riches, all while playing the part of the grieving husband before he starts the process over again. His Faux Affably Evil persona makes it all the more cruel. And he's willing to kill anyone else who might pose a threat to his operations, as even his own partners in the scheme aren't safe when Prince becomes paranoid over someone discovering the truth of his actions.
  • Teen Wolf:
    • Gerard Argent from season 2 kills an innocent Omega werewolf, and declares that all werewolves in Beacon Hills to be hunted down and killed regardless of their innocence. He claims to be doing this to avenge his daughter Kate, but it's clear he has a different agenda. It's heavily implied that he brainwashed Kate into the racist werewolf hunter she is and had her seduce Derek and burn down his families house, and when his daughter-in-law Victoria is bitten by a werewolf, Gerard forces his son Chris to kill her. He also manipulates his granddaughter Allison's grief to brainwash her as he did Kate, turning her into a ruthless werewolf hunter herself. Later in the season, he kills the Kanima master and takes control of the beast, and uses it to threaten an unwitting crowd at a lacrosse game, unless Scott brings him Derek. In the season finale, we learn Gerard's true motive — to become a werewolf himself to cure his cancer, and possibly take over as Alpha. He uses the Kanima to take everyone hostage even saying he would kill his own son to help his own survival. When that plan falls flat, he orders the Kanima to kill everyone. In season 3, we learn in his past, when the werewolf Deucalion wanted peace between werewolves and hunters, Gerard kills Deucalion's pack and the hunters who agreed with him. Gerard also blinds Deucalion with flashbang arrows and frames him for the death.
    • Darach ("Jennifer Blake") from season 3 killed twelve innocent people in cold blood for power. She tried to kill Danny just because he had info that might endanger her, as well as setting up Psychic-Assisted Suicide on four traumatized teenagers including the main character. Boyd died partially because she insisted on maintaining her facade. She never shows the slightest remorse, but keeps on pathologically justifying herself. When Chris Argent confronts her on her murders she smiles and says that they are "sacrifices." For all her eloquent speeches that she needs to stop the Alpha Pack for the good of many she never interferes when they hurt people. She is out for revenge and her own interests and would stop at nothing to achieve it.
    • The Nogitsune possessing Stiles, also from season 3, mentally and emotionally torments him, forces him to torture his friends, and go on constant murder sprees. In its first murder spree, it was summoned by Kira's mother at an internment camp to avenge her American lover, but instead massacres the internment camp, prisoners and guard's alike, before finally being subdued. In the present, he takes control of the Oni and one of the first things he does is kill a girl named Allison. He later leads the Oni on a massacre at the local hospital and police station. In the final showdown, he plans on having Scott kill Stiles, citing it as the only way he can be defeated, simply because it sees it all as a game.
  • The Twilight Zone: While most of The Twilight Zone lacked anything resembling pure evil, Gunther Lutze from season 3's "Deaths-Head Revisited" was the exception. A former Nazi concentration camp captain at Dachau, the opening narration describes Lutze as existing only to give pain; an animal strutting in a black uniform, walking the earth without a heart. Lutze revisits Germany, and plays a game where he mentally torments a woman at a hotel who recognizes him and is utterly terrified. After this, Lutze visits Dachau, reminiscing about his atrocities and flashing back to the times when he had innocent victims hanged, shot or experimented on as if those were the best years of his life, until he is confronted by Dachau's "caretaker," a former inmate named Becker. Lutze had murdered so many he can't even initially remember he actually killed Becker years ago before he is confronted by the ghosts of his victims. While The Twilight Zone often had Smug Snake villains to receive a comeuppance, Lutze was the most singularly vile. As the ending narration by Rod Serling states, he is representative of a time when a group of men tried to turn earth into a graveyard, and into it they threw away their compassion and humanity.
  • Twin Peaks: Killer BOB (Beware of BOB) of the Black Lodge was once a vicious Serial Killer who liked to rape and murder young women. Since his death, BOB became something more. An inhabitant of the Black Lodge, BOB accesses the material plane by possessing hapless humans and forcing them to commit murder, rape and general horror in order to delight and nourish himself. Responsible for the murder of Laura Palmer that drives the series, BOB committed the deed by possessing Laura's father Leland when Leland was a child, resurfacing to have Leland molest his own daughter through her youth before using him to finally rape and murder Laura. When cornered, BOB forces Leland to kill himself. Ending the series by possessing the hero Agent Cooper and laughing maniacally after appreciating his healthy, handsome young body, BOB remains one of the most twisted products of even David Lynch's mind.
  • V (the original): Diana is a remorseless commander of the Visitor invasion forces and by far the worst one seen. During the first occupation she planned the entire operation and was the real powerholder in the fleet. She engineered the genocide of the human race and invented both the process of harvesting humans for food and the mind-raping "conversion procedure". She personally oversees these tortures, during which the victim is haunted with vivid nightmares until they've either been brainwashed into obedience or rendered a vegetable, simply because she enjoys them. She performs lethal experiments on captured prisoners, kills her own superiors to take their place and orders Brian to implant Robin with his alien fetus as an experiment, leaving her a traumatized wreck. As the Visitor fleet is leaving, she goes ahead with trying to irradiate the Earth with an atomic bomb even after they've already lost and despite John's disgust with her pettiness. After being captured for war crimes, she escapes back to the fleet and launches a second, much more destructive invasion of Earth.
  • The Vampire Diaries: Markos from season 5 is the leader of the Travelers, a subculture of witches restrained from using magic. Markos planned on undoing the spell, along with every spell cast by a witch, including the Other Side - a afterlife for supernatural creatures. His destruction of the Other Side began with his resurrection, at the price of the sacrifice of his own minions. Centuries ago, Markos placed a curse that certain generations of the descendants of Silas and Amara will be their exact doppelgangers, so he can use their blood in a ritual. After Tyler Lockwood is possessed by a traveler named Julian, Markos demonstrates the results of his curse by having his most loyal minion Sloane, drink Tyler's vampire blood and the doppelganger blood, knowingly allowing her to die. Markos later abducts the current doppelgangers, Stefan and Elena, and has them tortured for more of their blood and leads the Travelers in a mass ritual to possess the population of Mystic Falls, disposing their original bodies to make the change permanent. In the season finale, Markos has Tyler/Julian thrown across the barrier of their spell to kill them both, after learning that Julian killed Stefan when Stefan was still useful to them. When Markos suspects a plot to kill him, he keeps Caroline's mother Sheriff Forbes close to him, and pins her down in his dying moments. After his death, he attempts to resurrect himself by forcibly passing through Bonnie. While most villains on this show have honorable or sympathetic qualities, with only his goal in mind, Markos has no such qualities.
  • Veronica Mars
    • Mercer Hayes from season 3 stands out as one of the vilest rapists in the setting whose crimes are not treated as backstory. He selects college girls with his accomplice who sets it up for him to drug random girls at the local parties, creating a panic on the campus. He rapes the girls in their dorm bedrooms and shaves their heads afterwards just to humiliate them further. His reasoning for his depraved activities amounts to "getting into a girl's pants the normal way takes too long" and he doesn't see his accomplice as anything but a useful tool, beating him when the guy starts to worry that they'll be caught for their crimes.
    • Lou "Cobb" Cobbler, the Big Bad of the movie, was a drug dealer in Neptune High. After graduation he gets invited onto a boat party by a group of friends for his supply, but when Susan Knight starts to overdose he lies to the others that it's nothing to worry about. When Susan dies the others panic and he advises them to dispose of the corpse. He then uses this information to blackmail Gia, Luke and Carrie for ten years. Gia Goodman, the girl he lusted after in high school, is forced to have sex with him whenever he wants and live in an apartment without any blinds or curtains so he can ogle her all day from across the street. When Carrie breaks down, he murders her in her own home and uses Gia to frame Carrie's boyfriend Logan Echolls for the murder in a state with the death penalty. When Gia finally confesses all of it to Veronica, he snipes Gia through the window without a flicker of remorse or regret and tries to murder Veronica to cover it all up.
  • Walker, Texas Ranger: Victor LaRue is the worst in a show that did not believe in giving villains subtlety. A lunatic who kidnaps and kills others seemingly at random, when LaRue captured Alexander Cahill amongst other hostages, he attempted to rape her. In his second episode, LaRue is released from prison and begins stalking Alex to drive her insane. He attempts to rape Alex again before he is arrested. In his third and final episode, LaRue gets a gun at his trial and murders his own lawyer, the judge and the bailiff, taking the courtroom hostage. While waiting for Walker to arrive, he presides over the court as a “judge.” In his insane whims, he orders a divorced couple to get back together for their child, but when the child contradicts LaRue, he decides to “reopen” the hearing, planning to murder the kid. LaRue kills his other ally when the man is disgusted by this. Finally, he attempts to rape Alex for the third time before Walker busts in and guns him down.
  • Warehouse 13: Paracelsus is an alchemist born in the 16th Century who desired immortality and tested his experimental Philosopher's Stone on his brother's own family to see the results despite knowing the danger. In an effort to achieve immortality, he was responsible for the destruction of a whole village, claiming "sacrifices must be made." Paracelsus was frozen in bronze for centuries until being awoken in 2013 when his brother's family was tired of their immortality and wanted him to remove it. Paracelsus attempted to kill his brother, killing his wife instead. Escaping, Paracelsus went around to hospitals to cure people, but later drained all of them of life to fuel his immortality.
  • The Wire: Marlo Stanfield from seasons 4 and 5 is the only completely unsympathetic and irredeemable character in the show. Introduced as an up-and-coming drug lord, Marlo runs his territory with ruthlessness and unrelenting brutality. When Stringer Bell, the Number Two in the Barksdale organization, approached him with an offer to join the Co-op, a coalition of drug lords who teamed up to share their product to increase their profit and end the violence between their factions to deter police attention, Marlo refuses, taking the offer as a sign of weakness. Marlo and the Barksdale wage a bloody gang war with each other, which claims many lives, until Marlo eventually ends up in control of West Baltimore's best territory. Among Marlo's crimes are having his lieutenants torture, and eventually kill, Blind Butchie to get at his friend Omar Little, having Junebug and his family killed because there was hearsay Junebug called Marlo a "dick-sucker," ordering Snoop to kill his 14-year-old soldier, Michael on the suspicion the kid talked to the cops, and murdering his mentor, Proposition Joe, when he learns everything he could from him. Marlo then usurps Joe's drug connections and disbands the Co-op, becoming the biggest drug kingpin in Baltimore. The most horrifying reveal about Marlo is the discovery of his tombs, where it's revealed that he's been having his soldiers, Chris and Snoop, murder people then preserve their bodies with quicklime and seal them up in vacant houses. Over twenty people were found in this manner, and not just rival criminals. One of his most pointlessly cruel acts was after he deliberately egged on a security guard in a convenience store by stealing something in front of him. When the guard caught up with Marlo, he told him he had a family to support, and asked for nothing other than to be treated like a human being. Marlo responded by having him killed for "talking back" and hiding his body with the others. In a crime series where even the most despicable criminals were humanized and sympathetic to some degree, Marlo Stanfield was just a power-hungry sociopath whose mere presence darkened an already pessimistic show known for its Grey and Gray Morality.
  • World Without End's TV adaptation:
    • Ralph Fitzgerald, the sadistic would-be Earl of Kingsbridge, shows how cruel he is when he kills a man simply for challenging his authority in public. When a woman insults Ralph and wounds his bride, he responds by raping her and is condemned for it in court, only to escape by taking the King's pardon to fight a war in France. Ralph returns even crueler than before, taxing and working the townspeople brutally and confiscating their lands. He blackmails a woman into sleeping with him in exchange for her husband's lands but reneges on the deal anyways. He then petitions the queen when he is ousted so he may attack Kingsbridge himself, and then blackmails a woman into marrying him. Ralph leads the attack on Kingsbridge, intending to kill everyone there and tries to kill his own brother who is defending the city.
    • Brother Godwyn is a Holier Than Thou hypocrite who seeks to rise to control of the Kingsbridge priory no matter what. Godwyn blackmails his way into his position, and has his mother murder her brother so he is unopposed. He sabotages any attempt to help victims of the plague and tries to have his own cousin Caris hanged as a witch. When this fails, he later attempts to rape her and begins hanging women in the town he views as "whores." When he learns Ralph Fitzgerald is his half brother, he turns on his mother as "just a whore," and during the sack on Kingsbridge attempts to murder Caris with his bare hands.

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