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Manga: Marginal
The whole world is agitated. Holy Mother, the only individual capable of producing children, is aging and the future seems uncertain. In such circumstance, a group of people from the desert appear in the city, who show special interest in the Sanctuary. And why in a medieval-looking world do modern inventions such as helicopters exist and why do the people fear them?

Marginal is a BoysLove manga by famous creator Moto Hagio. The series stands out by intricate plot in a rich sci-fi and dystopian setting. At its core, the story explores the relationship between sexes, the role of reproduction in human's perception of the meaning of life, and the role of science in civilization. Also expect a lot of twists.

Marginal presents examples of:

  • Ancient Conspiracy: The Marginal project
  • Artificial Human: Kira and hir siblings, products of Ivan Alexandr's Mad Scientist-dom
  • Deliberate Values Dissonance: The disappearance of women has created institutions that readers in the real world find cringe worthy (but normal to the inhabitants of Marginal) to emerge.
  • Hermaphrodite: Kira
  • Lover and Beloved: In a world with no women, the relationship between adults and teenage boys is this.
  • Mad Scientist: Ivan Alexandr. How he goes on and on about the role of the womb is creepy
  • One-Gender Race: On Earth, women lost reproductive capability because of a disease, resulting in a world with only men.
  • Two Lines, No Waiting: The story goes back and forth between the people who assasinate the Mother and the mysterious boy they found, and the fall-out after the assassination in the city.

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