Manga / Litchi Hikari Club

"With the birth of the machine, are we walking the path to our destruction?"

Manga adaptation of the Tokyo Grand Guignol production of the same name, detailing the story of a vaguely fascist-tinted club of nine middle school age boys in their endeavor to create life for their own purposes. Cobbled together of a mixture of human and robotic parts, the elegant machine Litchi is sent by the boys to procure a girl their own age for as of yet unknown reasons. A new theatrical play is in production based off the manga, and Usumaru Furuya announced a continuation series on his website that would reveal more about the cast.

The original manga is available in English from Vertical Inc as Lychee Light Club.

Not to be confused with Litchi Faye-Ling.

This series contains copious amounts of Gorn.

Litchi Hikari Club provides examples of: