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Manga: Kyou No Go No Ni
Kyou no Go no Ni (or Kyō no Go no Ni) is the debut Japanese Seinen Manga series created by Koharu Sakuraba, originally serialized in Kodansha's Bessatsu Young Magazine from 2002 to 2003. The twenty-two chapters were later collected together in a single bound volume along with two extra chapters and published on November 11, 2003 by Kodansha.

The Manga would later be adapted into a five episode OVA running from March 24, 2006 - March 21, 2007. Even later, a full TV Anime adaptation would be developed (unrelated to the OVAs) consisting of 13 episodes between October 5, 2008 - December 28, 2008.

The story of the Manga and adaptations follow the lives of Ryōta Satō and Chika Koizumi, both now in their fifth grade of elementary school in class 5-2 together with their group of friends. The stories cover their many misadventures and complications as they go about surviving in the fifth grade and avoiding the problems that plague them at every turn.

Kodansha has announced that Xebec will be adapting an OVA version of the Anime in 2009, directed by Tsuyoshi Nagasawa, featuring the same cast as the Anime.

The series provides examples of:

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alternative title(s): Kyou No Go No Ni
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