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Manga: Kedamono Damono
A romantic comedy shoujo manga by Haruka Fukushima. The series focuses on Konatsu Narumiya, a high school freshman who manages her school's basketball team. When Konatsu goes to look for Haruki, a member of the basketball team, she finds out that he turns into a perverted girl at night. Haruki-as-a-girl then sexually harasses her, they wake up in the same bed, and Haruki admits that he knows Konatsu has a crush on the team captain. Long story short, the captain turns out to be a jerk, so Konatsu decides to go out with the ultimately well-meaning Haruki. Hijinks ensue.

The series was licensed by Tokyopop, but seems to be out of print.

This series provides examples of:

KarinCreator/TokyopopKeroro Gunsou
Kare wa TomodachiShoujo DemographicKilala Princess

alternative title(s): Kedamono Damono
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