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A manga of Black★Rock Shooter has been announced titled Black★Rock Shooter ~Innocent Soul~. Given description: "The story follows a girl in Hazama (Threshold), a world between Heaven and Earth. "Impure souls" those that could not ascend to Heaven with the burden of their own weight have drifted to this world of constant warfare."

There is also a separate published 4koma series. Titled Black★Rock-chan, it's really just an Affectionate Parody of the characters and setting; it stars a Pint-Sized Kid version of B★RS with a full-sized Dead Master acting like her mom.

Not to be confused with Black★Rock Shooter Innocent Souls: a fanmade play-by-post roleplay set in the universe of the manga.

Tropes found in this manga:

Alternative Title(s): Black Rock Shooter Innocent Soul