Tear Jerker / Black★Rock Shooter

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     2009 OVA 
  • Her song...that is, applied to this anime. (Said by many to be tears of GAR.)
  • The ending moments of the anime must have jerked tears out of some, what with Mato finally realizing how important Yomi is to her and her meeting with her other self, Black★Rock Shooter.
  • During the Cool Down Hug, DM's expression as she tries to pull away from BRS is pretty painful, and all the more touching when BRS stoically refuses to let go. And then only a smiling Yomi is left.

     2012 TV Series 
  • Yuu, who is Strength, brings the saddest moments of the series. Her smiling sadly when she tried to talk to Kohata without Mato and got ignored gives a different impression on a second viewing.
    • How did her death did not make it in here? First, we learn that she's been fighting hard for Yuu all this time, ends up gaining emotions, going into the real world, and then pulls a Heroic Sacrifice. This troper shed tears. Poor Yuu/Original Strength. Luckily, She gets better.
  • When BRS fights Dead Master in episode 2, and she suddenly begs her for help.
  • The entirety of Yomi's downward-spiral.
  • When Mato asks everyone where Yuu is, only for them to say they have no idea who that is. While Mato tries to figure out what is going on, she realizes to her horror that her own memories of Yuu are fading. She rushes to Yuu's house, but it is gone.

     Black Rock Shooter: The Game 
  • The "........" mission in Moscow. All of your military buddies just died in the last chapter. Your outfit has been blown to pieces and your weapons are broken and unusable. The game makes you walk a limping BRS/Stella slowly through a blizzard. There is no music. Every couple of minutes that you drag her, it cuts to a scene of her calling out for her military buddies and emitting a completely bone-chilling death wail before simply collapsing from sheer exhaustion and sadness.