Mumbling Brando

They coulda been a contender. They coulda been somebody more original, instead of being imitations of Marlon Brando, which is who they are not.

A Mumbling Brando will tend to speak in a hesitant drawl, with a few non-verbal grunts thrown in.


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  • Alan Moore was sure to include a caricature of Marlon in D.R. & Quinch Go to Hollywood.
  • Done in MAD's parody of "The Godfather" ("The Odd Father") where someone says: "I can't believe it's Brando." Brando then mumbles, whereupon the other character: "NOW I believe it's him..."

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  • Stan Freberg's parody cover of "Sh-Boom" has a Brando-alike with an assistant named Stella telling the singers to mumble like he does, since rhythm and blues numbers are supposed to have Indecipherable Lyrics. It ends with a Stella Scream.
  • A stammering Brando was one of the impressions Sammy Davis, Jr. did during his rendition of "Because of You", along with Cary Grant and James Stewart.


  • In Bells Are Ringing, Blake Barton is an aspiring actor who talks like this all the time. Ella finds him in a whole Malt Shop filled with Brando imitators lounging around in motorcycle jackets and jeans. She herself enters this place with a leather jacket, flat shoes, and a bunch of marbles which she keeps in her mouth just long enough to introduce herself with a Stanley Kowalski-like cry of "Hey, Fellaaaa!" Her message for Blake is to stop mumbling and buy a suit if he wants to get the part.

     Video Games  

  • The Squidfather in Freddi Fish and the Case of the Missing Kelp Seeds is very similar to the Godpidgeon below.

     Western Animation  

  • The Godpigeon from the Goodfeathers segments on Animaniacs; he actually requires a translator (Or, in the shorts when a translator isn't around when he's talking, subtitles).
  • The Simpsons: Done in an episode where the Truckasaurus speaks in a Brando voice, only to be followed by a disclaimer: "voice of celebrity imitated".
  • When Ren and Stimpy are stranded on a tropical island, Stimpy is befriended by a Brandoesque native (who at one point mumbles "ack, I swallowed a bug.")
  • Pinky and the Brain depicts Napoleon in this manner, in a nod to Brando's role in the 1954 movie Desiree. He caps off returning to France with a Big Word Shout of JOSEPHINE!
  • The Critic includes regular cameos by Brando, although he is not specifically named. His voice is impersonated by Maurice LaMarche in this style.
  • Done for a No Celebrities Were Harmed version of Brando in the The Weekenders episode "Party Planning", where the girls obsess over a 1950's heartthrob actor named Nick Vance. His attractive "mysteriousness" comes entirely from the fact that he mumbles all of his lines, and nobody can understand a single word he says.
  • South Park: Geneticist Dr. Mefisto, along with his colleagues in the North American Marlon Brando Lookalikes Association (who unfortunately share an acronym with that other NAMBLA).